1 Merit Point System

"Ahh! My heads' hurting so much!! Damn, I shouldn't have drunk that much last night." Rubbing his scalp, Long Jun sat up from his bed. As he did so, he felt something weird coursing through his body, but he chucked it up to his hangover and groggily stood up.

"Ah! Master, you shouldn't wake up…you have yet to heal completely." A very soft feminine voice entered his ears, making Long Jun even more puzzle. Shaking his head, he decided to listen to the voice for the time being and sat down on the bed while thinking, 'Exactly what I drank last night? It still giving me hallucination in the morning.'

Long Jun continued to massage his head, but instead of feeling a bald head which he had expected, he felt smooth and silky hair instead.

'huh!!' he suddenly stopped his actions and remained motionless. Then slowly he ran his hand across his head, feeling the same silky smooth feeling, he became frantic and ran his hands even more vigorously than before. At this time, his grogginess instantly vanished as he tried to gain his senses.

"Oi, Oi! Are you kidding me? Is this true?" Long Jun shouted while continuing to run his hands across his head. Widening his eyes, he couldn't help but shout, "Did I, this baldy Jun, finally managed to grow some hair??" as he said so, he grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled on it. He initially thought that someone had pranked him by passing a wig on his head, but when he felt pain upon his pull, and a few strands of silky long black hair came out, he had no other way but to believe it.

"This! Th-is is hair! Silky smooth, long…black…ahh…my hair!! Ohh, how I missed thee…" Long Jun cried like a little girl, with tears rolling down his cheek as he cradled his hair like it was the world's costliest treasure.

Back when he was only a 12 years old brat, he had applied a hair gel of shady origin to make himself look cooler and woo a few girls. It backfired, making him go bald within three years, and hence started the saga of Baldy Jun. Every time he would see someone with lush hair, he would go crazy and would often have murderous thoughts.

But now, he had these long luscious hair, how can he not be happy? He had already lost all hopes to ever have this kind of hair.

"But how did I grow hair?" as he asked this question, he was suddenly assaulted with a massive headache. Unable to hold his ground, he nearly fell down, but at that moment a soft hands came and supported him. Long Jun didn't realize his body being pressed to a very soft and curvaceous body as he was laid to his bed and made to sleep on it.

The next time when he woke up, Long Jun saw a very beautiful young girl sat beside him while tenderly massaging his head. She was so beautiful that it was impossible to move eyes off her. With long black hair tied in a neat bun and black eyes on her moonlight pale face, she looked extremely charming. She was wearing a red Chinese dress that covered her body pretty well and also wore a pair of training pants.

Seeing this girl's worried filled eyes, Long Jun couldn't help but sigh. He now knew who this girl was. Just now, when he hit with the headache, he had received a set of memories that weren't his own. It belonged to another young man who shared the same name as him.

Currently, he was in a place called Divine Lower Domain, which had five massive continents with each being as big as an Earth. Before this, he was a normal university student who lacked hairs on his head. after having a drinking party with his friend, he somehow ended up in this strange world into the body of this young Sect Leader of a depleting sect.

In this world, Cultivation means everything, and this young man was a genius in the craft. He inherited the sect from his father who chose to go into a close door cultivation session. But he couldn't break through and died due to cultivation deviation, and somehow this matter became public.

Within a year, the sect lost all the talented and promising disciples, being poached by other sects. Even all the elders, be it outer or inner, everyone left the sect, with few even stealing some of the sect exclusive items. Now, the only one who left in the sect were him, this young maid girl named Ling'er her father who happens to be the stable owner of the sect and the grand elder and a few loyal disciples.

Earlier that day, a few of disciples were taken by a small clan in the foot of the mountain the sect was in and to spare them, he had gone there. After being mocked by that small clan's members for the whole day, he returned with the sect disciples. That night, when he was taking a stroll inside the sect, he secretly overheard those three disciples whispering about how it was their plans all along to humiliate the sect master.

Unable to take it, he came back to the room and committed suicide by exploding his DanTian. He died, and Long Jun of the earth took his place inside his body. Now here he was, laying on his bed and being massaged so tenderly by 'Long Jun, the sect master's' personal maid.

'This is too depressing!!' Long Jun, though. Out of all things, this kind of novel scenario happened to him. Not to mention he was not reincarnated to a body that had a time limit hanging on his head.

'Thankfully, I gained hair while the cultivation didn't vanish…or else it wouldn't have been really more depressing.' Long Jun accepted the situation. While he was unconscious, he was pulled into his subconscious and had enough time to panic and come in terms with his current condition.

"Young Lord, you are awake. How do you feel now? Grand elder said you have suffered from cultivation deviation, so you need a few days of rest to properly move around." The girl, Ling'er blabbered nonstop like a chatterbox.

"I am fine. Thank you Ling'er for taking care of me." Long Jun smiled and thanked her before sighing again. At that time, he began thinking 'Now that I have reincarnated into the body of this young sect lord…I am way better than those typical MCs depicted in novels…but did I really gain anything as a bonus?'

After coming in terms with his reincarnation, Long Jun's thoughts ran wild. Back on earth, he was living a mundane life with occasional interesting things happening to him. He was just a medical student about to pass his last year. Althgouh being a doctor, didn't sound bad, for Long Jun, it was not something he wanted.

As such, Long Jun started to concentrate on his body. Among many memories of the previous owner of this body, there was a skill called [Soul Search]. It's a skill that would allow a cultivator to repeatedly nourish his soul with his profound qi and at the same time, search it for any blemish.

In this world, everyone is capable of cultivating. A process, where one would take in the heaven and earth qi and nourish their body and soul. Their goal was to one day break through the cycle of samsara and become an Immortal.

The journey of cultivation starts from Qi gathering stage, going through Body Tempering, Martial Disciple, Martial Elder, Martial King, Martial Spirit, Martial sovereign, and Nascent Soul Realm. These are the known levels in Divine Lower Domain with each realm having 9 stages.

The owner of the body he was occupying was a Martial Elder realm expert. The owner was only 22, so being a martial elder at such a young age was considered a pretty genius to many. But, looking from a broad scope of things, this cultivation realm wasn't the strongest, and the speed was not the fastest. This Long Jun, he could never be called a genius in front of some of the true geniuses that roam in this world. Some cultivators and broke through the Martial Spirit realm at his age. In front of them, how can he be called a genius?

The current Long Jun didn't bother with such things. He didn't care if he was a genius or not. The fact that his starting line was already this strong made him extremely happy. Its as if he was a VIP player of a recently launched MMO game, staring out with strength and equipment better than others.

Using this skill called [Soul Search], he scanned his own soul. Clearly, seeing his soul felt a little weird to Long Jun. As a medical student, he had read many controversial theories about the existence of a soul or not. And now after coming to this world, he finally confirmed that there was indeed something called a soul in one's body. But unlike what depicted on various books back on earth, the soul wasn't an identical image of himself, but rather a ball of bright light, bursting with never-ending vigor and light.

"So this is the so-called 'soul' the root of many controversies back in earth!" Long Jun muttered as he continued his skill to scan the whole thing. He had already forgotten about his earlier motive, now he was more curious than before, wanting to see the true miracle of a soul.

Suddenly at this moment, a beeping noise rang on his ear. He was very familiar with this kind of tune, it definitely belonged to a mobile phone's notification ring.

[Conratulations Long Jun for initializing the Merit System]

[Initialyzing Merit system…Success…]

[Host Long Jun has 0 Merit Points.]

[Current status…]

[Long Jun][Human]

[Cultivation: 3rd Level Martial Elder]

[STR: 3,500][DEF: 4000][AGI: 2200]

[EXP: 24578/400,000]

[Profund Qi: 50,000][Regen: 2000/hour]

[HP: 100,000]

[Cultivation technique: Fire Dragon's Breathing Method]

- Yellow ranked cultivation technique

- +50% Fire attributed attacks

- +200 resistant to all fire attributed attacks

- +1000 profound qi/hour

- +500 EXP/day

[Martial Skills]

- Scorching Palm Lv 5 [+20% Attack Value; 100 Profound qi per use][Yellow Rank]

- Fire Saber Qi Lv 2 [120% Fire Damage; 500 profound Qi per use.][Yellow Rank]

- Light Wind Steps Lv 5 [50% Agility increase; 100 profound Qi per use][Yellow rank]


Cooking Lv 4; Singing Lv 3; Qin playing Lv 3; Talisman Refining Lv 2; Weapon Refining Lv 2; Meditation Lv 6; Painting Lv 4; Sword mastery Lv 4; Weapons Mastery Lv 1; Sweeming Lv 3; Boxing Lv 5

[Body Type: Yellow Rank]

[Title: Sect Master of Long Sect]

[Sect Status]

- 15 Disciples [5 Martial Disciple ranked, 8 Body Tempering ranked, 2 Qi gathering rank]

- 1 Elder [Martial Spirit 5th Rank]

- World Power ranking: 0 stars

- EXP Gained: 10,000 EXP/day

[Merit Point]

- By performing deeds that are deemed as worthy and beneficial to heaven and earth, user Long Jun can earn points called Merit Points.

- Merit Points can be exchanged for anything, starting from power, level, pills, martial skills, armors, and even heavenly bodies and godly abilities.

- Merit points can be gained by helping people, punishing crooks, killing the evil, vanquishing the devils, and many more.

- Current Merit Point status: 0


1. Snake Skin Robes [unranked][no prporties]

2. Dragon's eye amulet [Heaven ranked][sealed]

3. Mythryl Sword [Earth Ranked][+20% attack value]

Long Jun's mouth hung loose…unexpectedly something like this popped up by his random search.

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