7 -His First Fight-

"Ding!! You will need 50 EXP to save your progress and 20 EXP to load your progress at any given moment."

"Thank you purchase…"

After that, he returned back to the status screen and found a small rectangle button with [save/load] written inside it in yellow clour. Getting excited, Long Jun clicked on it, and a prompt appeared instantly.

The secondary window was exactly like a retro game save/load screen. With a pure black background and yellow lines drawn parallelly. Numbers were written at the beginning of lines. But right now, only '1' was glowing brightly with the rest grayed out. It means, only no 1 saving slot was available for him to save.

A smile stretched on his face as he eagerly clicked on it.

"Do you want to save the current progress? You will be charged 50 Exp points…"

Kenshin selected 'yes.' The moment he did so, a flash of light emerged from his system, blinding him for a second. When he eyes returned, he found nothing that's changed except for a simple line on the number 1 slot with an image of the forest's entrance.

"Hmm! That's it?" Long Jun found it hard to believe. After all, something game breaking like saving and loading in real-life, should have something more while operating. Why did it end with just a flash of light?

'Did I got cheated? No, I don't think so…I must check it out…' thinking of experimenting, he closed his system and walked further towards the forest. With his cultivation level, even his normal walking pace was faster than a normal human's running speed. Within a few seconds, he had already arrived a long distance away from where he stood before.

"Hmm! This should do…" Long Jun opened his system and clicked on the save load panel. Then he clicked on the '1' slot as another prompt appeared with two lines written on them.

"Do you want to override your save?"

"Do you want to load your previous save?"

Reading the two lines, Long Jun smiled. The answer was obvious. He clicked on the second line.

"20 EXP deducted from your total exp." After that, a blinding flash of light emerged from the system again. This time when he opened his eyes, he found himself standing in the same place as before, the same entrance where he saved the progress. Not only that, he had marked the movements of the trees in the next few seconds, and this time, he observed, they are exactly the same.

"So I really came back in time…wow!! Man, this is so sick…" Long Jun couldn't contain his happiness. Not only he got a ground-breaking system, but he also received an even more ground-breaking function. With this save and load system, it would be just a matter of time before he becomes invincible.

"Hihahahahhahahah!!!" Long Jun couldn't contain his laughing at all. He was just that happy for his future prospects. A minute later, he composed himself and entered the forest. With his saber in his hand, he didn't fear anything. Now, this save/load function provided another form of protection to him.

While walking merrily, he suddenly heard bushes rustling. Turning around, he found a huge black wolf with red eyes glaring at him with saliva dripping from its mouth. This wolf was called iron-furred wolf, pretty well known for its iron-like hard fur, giving him an extra layer of defense. It's a medium rank 1 beats, with power equivalent to a Martial Disciple.

Long Jun wasn't worried about a simple Martial Disciple, they would die from just one punch from him. What he knew about this demon beast, they never hunt their prey alone. There was also a saying that if you spot one, then the rest must have already surrounded you. And it was also rumored that the combined strength of these wolves wouldn't lose out to a level 1 Martial Elder.

Pretty scary monsters, but to Long Jun, who was a level 3 Martial Elder, it was nothing but child's play. From what he learned about Martial artist's level barriers, by passing through every major level, they would receive a huge boost ranging from twice to ten times increment in their power depending upon their foundations and luck.

It was also the reason why some of the Martial elders could kill martial disciples with a casual punch or kick. The Long Jun of this world had a pretty stable foundation. The torture he endured since his childhood by his father made his cultivation extremely sturdy. That's why with every major level up, he received no less than 8 times of power increase. Although he couldn't get the title of 'invincible in the same realm,' he could, nonetheless, come to a draw with someone stronger than him.

Long Jun circulated his qi and formed a saber qi to throw at the wolf. The saber qi flashed through the air and cleanly bisected the wolf from the middle.

"+5000 EXP."

After that, Long Jun clicked on the 3rd Ranked beast hide Chest plate and adorned it. Instantly a few notifications popped up.

"You have equipped 3rd ranked Beast Hide armor."

"+200% DEF."

"5% chance to trigger Beastial Roar that causes nausea and soul injuries to the opponent."

"DUR: 15,478/20,000"

After wearing the armor, he felt a strange power coursing through his body, giving him another layer of protection. Exactly at that moment, with a loud wolf howl, more than twenty wolves jumped out of the bushes, completely surrounding him from all sides.

"Oya! Haha, so much exp…" Long Jun laughed like a manic and jumped at them with his saber poising to kill them all.

Suddenly a wolf from behind the front lines jumped at him with his mouth agape, ready to tear off his neck. Long Jun calmly sidestepped and slashed with his saber. The saber was just an ordinary with no special options, but the materials it was made from was extraordinary. It perfectly bisected the wolf from the middle. Blood spurted out, but none of them fall on Long Jun.

He had already moved to a different location and killed two wolves in front. Using his toes as a pivot, he twirled around with his saber to kill a group of wolves that jumped at him. Then he rolled back and killed two who were preparing to maul his left hand. Suddenly a wolf sneaked at him, Long Jun sidestepped and grabbed it by its neck with his left hand and slammed it on the ground, creating fissures form the impact. The wolf died just like that with its internal organs rupturing from the impact.

"+4210 EXP."

"+5000 EXP."

"+4789 EXP."

"5000 EXP."

Experience values poured in with none exceeding 5000 and not going any lower than 4000. Long Jun felt it was worth the effort to come to this forest to level up. He also observed that his Saber Mastery was quickly increasing in its proficiency value. Soon enough, he would be gaining a level on it. At the same time, Weapons Mastery was also gaining EXP fast.

Sometimes later, Long Jun calmly sheathed the sword and moved on deeper into the forest. Behind him lay a trail of blood and dismembered parts of a fearsome wolf tribe that terrorized this part of the forest for who knows how long.

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