57 XII Galdirth City

Galdirth City.

Beneath the mountains, a large and vast city could be seen after crossing one of the subterranean passages that led to the city, and extended for some tens of kilometers. The entire city was carved into the mountain's own rocks, looking like a giant sculpture of a city.

An one armed young man entered entered the Galdirth City together with two girls and one man and the first this he saw was a large stone chart telling about the city and from this, he understood more about the city. This city is part of the fifteen Underground cities created on the Star Continent to be a place where all sorts of races could live without needing to submit to the humans and every underground city created in every world is under the protection of Hades, God of the Underworld.

Among the races living here, there are many bestial tribes that have escaped from the slavery of humans and are living here while multiplying their descendants with the humans being part of the thirty main tribes.

In the years when the bestial races who had come from the abyss was being pursued by the humans, there was a beast king who wielded the power of time that came here together with the other families from the abyss outside the universe and wanted to kill all humans.

However, they was repulsed by the united power of the Prime King and the Gods Amon, Odin and Zeus and all of this happened countless eons ago even before the Arcane Age. From then on, the abyss experts had made a pact with the Prime King where Hades was in charge of creating cities all around the universe where the the beasts would live.

But If it were not because they were suppressed by the number of humans and gods living on this universe, The bestial clan would not live in such a hidden place. However, there is no place available for then to live in the continent, so they can only remain here.

At this time, Shadow was also surprised with the information on the stone and she murmured with her eyes narrowed.

"So they actually signed a pact with Prime King when I was sleeping. It seems like I need to get out of this nasty seal before something worse happen." Shadow was in deep thought, because only she knew her family would not give up so easily.


Elijah was dining alone in the inn, thinking deeply about everything he had seen in that dream. Though the dream had ended the moment he saw Chloe, everything was so real as if all this had actually happened.

Leaving the inn, he saw Ava waiting for him at the entrance. Looking at her excited face, he knew se has found something good.

"What did you discovered?" Elijah asked looking at the crystal that served as the sun for the city.

"When we were walking on the streets we found that the faction Order of the Blacksmiths had someone specialized in the forging of body parts to be used as implants, maybe he can make a new hand for you." She spoke while giving a quick look at Elijah's right arm which was without a hand.

"Okay, i will go look for this person later. Did you and Eve discovered something about Cosmos?"

Cosmos was the name of the organization he had saw on his dream and where the wife who had betrayed him was part of. With the help from Ava, Zaid and Evelynne, he discovered that Cosmos has a branch Galdirth City that was abruptly rising in these last few hundred years. However, compared to other older forces on Galdirth, it was severely lacking.

"I don't know why you asked me and Eve to do this, but i have taken a few photos of their base like you asked." Then she took out Elijah's smartphone from her pocket and passed it to him.

Ava found really strange the way Elijah has changed, not only his disposition, perception, aura or wit, all of them had changed very much since he wake up on the forest after the battle with the Crescent Moon King when he lost their hands.

Picking up the phone and looking at the photos Ava had taken from the base of the Cosmos, he saw a few buildings, hooded people and then he suddenly stopped his movements, his eyes revealed a plenty of complex emotions as he looked wide-eyed at screen. Seeing his intense reaction, Ava inclined to his side and saw a beautiful curved figure, with a veil covered her face only revealing two penetrating, crystal-like pupils caused even her to be surprised. This woman wore a sleeveless white silk dress, a flesh as white as snow but her beauty was the reason Elijah was like this, the true reason was the red mark with the form of a star on her left arm, even if she looked younger and more beautiful than what he saw on the dream, he knew it was the same woman who was his wife on that strange dream.

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