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Great fantasy story full of mages and magic using beings. The Author does a fantastic job of combining a fairly complex magic system with a pretty simple concept of power levels. The Author uses this to write battles with realistic (in terms of the world) twists and out comes. When the MC and an antagonist come to blows and their of “equal strength” the MC does win just because of some “MC plot-armor bullsh*t” it’s because the Author laid down the groundwork for why he learned and obtained the skills and abilities to pull through. Even when someone does manage to seemingly pull some solution out of their a*s it’s because the Author left the information and reasonings behind in primitive chapters that were (mostly on purpose) meant to be overlooked as unimportant. Characters and character development is always one of the most important things to look at for in any story. In this both aspects are pretty straightforward. The MC has a lot of dark sh*t happen to him in the prologue & start of the series and that leaves us with a very untrusting and paranoid protagonist who is also severely protective of those who are are close to him. The main theme of the story is that the MC is going about his life while gaining strength in various ways in order be able to protect those he cares about and fulfill a few spoiler related goals while his interactions with those around both help and hinder him from slowly opening up to others. The Author does a good job of providing scenarios that that the MC has to contemplate while balancing his law of the jungle and his moral/human side in order to survive both physically and mentally. This series is not a “black & white” story by any means and would recommend it to any high fantasy loving reader.


Great book, great writing and superb character development. The journey we experience along with the MC from the baby arc in the beginning through the academy arc. The book stays consistent with writing and develops the world beautifully. We experience the MC gradually develop into what is considered a healthy and fulfilled person while also searching for meaning to his existence. 5 stars all day long


Awesome, just it. It's an isekai novel, but different all I've read before. I'm really enjoying. The form he organizes the world, all the things. Everything has a good structure and is working very well. The way that the people live with magic, all the society is built around it. Not just it, but the kingdom organization, the army, all the secret societies. It's all wonderful. Any chance to see it in a manhua?


Shameless 5 star review from the author, lol. Please read my work and share it if you liked it, thanks. :) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


Supreme Magus is one of the best mage development fantasy story that I encoutered among my readings. The author has created a mana and spell system very complex and detailed, and the characters are varied, well though, and lovable. The world is also very well designed, with complex political situations and ominous but mysterious threats. I am a fan ! The development of Lith as a magus some time make me think of the Harry Potter series, but with a ***** point of view and a less manichean approch.


This story starts quite sad, so I really hope that after reincarnating the mc will find some happiness. I like that the mc isn't an hypocrite self-righteous mc. Cuz when life doesn't give you a fair shake, being tough and just is the right way. Law not always means justice (I really hate when society doesn't condemn a murderer for his "silly mistake"). The story is well written and easy to read, I look forward to reading the new chapters.


Overall, the book has an overwhelming sense of self. This isn’t a story that follows every other trope or timeline, but one that follows its own path. Not only that, the story is consistent and makes sense, the foreshadowing is used correctly, the characters have shown steady, fluid development, and the world is created well. 5/5 stars deserved. This could be published as a paperback eventually as a bestseller if wanted.


one of the best novel I have read so far, and I read a lot. story development is good, even tho the world building can be a little bit better, but so far so good. character design, is stable, meaning that the MC character, decision, temperament are align with his origin, and age. world background is alright, only lack of its size, since it kinda small for me. total score 4.8


Reveal spoiler


Very original beginning where MC is designed before his death, no classical "ugly/boring/untalented dude got hit by a bus, reincarnated to different world - ok now I will be strong (here barely MC introduction starts)". No plot-armor popping in every hard fight with miracle power-up friendship power. No harem-king ****. My very first review about book, don't want to spoil so all I can say is - It's worth your time. My second best webnovel here right after ISSTH.


One of the best original novels on this site... even though there are thing that I like and diskile in this novel, overall, is a good read to me. (SPOILER ALERT) What I like: - very good pacing - very good grammar - smart and calculative mc - ruthless mc - hardworking mc - solus (really usefull companion/ai/equipment) - nana (his 'magic mentor' i really enjoy the interations with the old perky magician lol) - character grow (we can see how the characters grow along with the progress of the novel, even though its more mc focused, but i dont have any problems with that) What I dislike: - the nobles/young masters trope - his older brother, that seems going to be an annoying factor through the novel, or at least will come back and bite him in the a*s... - the 'hidding true strength and look like a scrub' trope... ( well i can understand the hiddind strength part since its logical when you are at the bottom, but so far we have a somewhat ugly mc, i mean every one in his family is somewhat decent and only him and his father seem to be the ugly ones...)(note: he seems to get better looking with each increase of his magic core, but it seems that at best he will be average, which i will be ok with, as long as he doesn't remain ugly lol) Even though the beginning of the novel may seem slow, or somewhat confusing, it works as an introduction to the mc personality, and help us understand him better, so I suggest that u should read at least 10 chaps before diciding if u like it or not, thats what I always do.


Been reading supreme magus since the beginning. It’s beautiful and well thought out. The author has a great grasp on English. The character progresses through a type of cultivation. But most of his progress is through hard work and learning from his mistakes!


This is the only second novel I wrote the reviews for. After reading countless transmigration novels. This novel is the better written and more believable. The character grew step by step and was able to overcome the challenges through trials and errors, and efforts rather than plot armour. The world stage setup is also good and within believable spectrum. In short, its a fantasy but no absurd. The language is good. The use of words shows that research on the type and descriptions were made. This is a good read.


the mc and many other character inside the story are simply too shallow, to the point that i found it impossible to connect to them. moreover someone whose total age is over 30 and had been holding back emotion such as anger and hatred shouldnt be so emotional and babylike like the mc. the english was filled with numerous typo, even my 3 stars are only there because this is a chinese novel platform, which lowers my the standard of english fluency.


I have found yet another gem to my collection! 💎 Can't find any negative critice except for maybe the seemingly slow story development. But I think people should known, that this are one of those novels, that if you begin to read it... you find yourself waiting for more chapters sooner than later 😅 And if I would describe the mc, I would describe him as both calm and agitated at times, but I personally think his agitation is reasonable. Well... and if you wanna know more, I highly recommend you give it a try 👍


Reveal spoiler


One of the absolute most promising novels i have read lately. The author sets a solid foundation for his magic system and we can even see character developments (although more with side characters, the MC is likeable from the very start). The MC being a cold, rational and calculating individual leads to many funny (in crude ways) and truly satusfying moments. An absolute must for anyone who wishes to read a story with credible developments in both the MC and the world he was thrown into.


More credit to an amazing author that really builds on his world with so far 400+ chps in doesnt contain an ounce of scrap fillers. Good sized arcs and well fleshed out stories and characters, truthfully the only novel that keeps me using the webnovel app which says a lotsince i really hate the recent changesto it.


I'm not going to pretend that i'm good at writing reviews, but here i go. I like the story so far, the MC shows some real growth and isn't all about justice. Instead he is very self-centered and willing to do anything to protect his loved ones. He'll torture people for information or just because he wants revenge. And although he is pretty damn strong, he isn't overwhelmingly strong. It's a nice change of pace from the OP hero MCs. The world in general is well build. The magic isnt very special but it's well written and thought out. This novel is the reason why I bought SS for the first time. All in all a very enjoyable read.


Story that I used to like a lot. You can read what to like here from other comments and before chapter 400 or so its all true. But as it goes on after the school ark it starts to unravel: 1. Solus is developing slowly put certanly to anoying bich who blames all her issues on mc 2. Mc is nerfed before all adversaries so cant belive his level development or can now any random chicken fight even with him? 3. In social gatherings nobles all lick mcs feet as he is so great mage and healer but outside of it no nobel seems to know how good he is so they can act as aganosts 4. Story starts to go round and round one arc similar to the next ones 5. The good worldbuilding from before starts to be demolished bit by bit