1298 Great Minds and Fools (Part 2)

"Can Onyx sleep with me? There's plenty of space in my bed." Aran asked.

"I don't think that either the floor or the bed can withstand her weight, sorry. Besides, where is she supposed to do her business here?" Those words made Aran turn pale.

He loved Onyx, but the stench of her droppings was much deadlier than her bite. At least for him.

"Good night, Uncle." Leria yawned as her eyes became droopy from the warmth of the woolen blankets.

"Good night, Lith." Aran fell asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow.

"Good night, kids." Lith tucked them in and kissed their forehead before closing their door.

A sudden noise from below woke up the kids and swept off his face the kind expression that he had until a moment back.

"What was that?" Both children came down from their beds, running to the safety of Lith's legs.

"It's nothing, someone must-" A violent thump followed by a man screaming cut him short.

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