1432 Gravity Fusion (Part 2)

By the end of the lesson, Lith and Solus had yet to jump on the second leaf successfully. The others had tried and failed several times to cross the pond, but it was only a matter of time before they succeeded.

As for Quylla, Invigoration didn't work on her anymore. Sweat drenched her body faster than the self-cleaning properties of her Featherwalker armor could cleanse it, leaving her in a sorry state.

Faluel had to forcefully stop Quylla's senseless training before her core ran dry. Only then did the Hydra notice that the floor near Quylla's right hand was covered in more dust than the self-cleaning spells of the lair allowed.

"What the heck have you been doing until now?" Faluel asked.

"I learned how to manifest the fire element of Spirit Fusion." Quylla said while placing a pebble as big as a pea in her palm and pulverizing it with the sheer strength of her grip.



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