Supreme Lord: I can extract everything!

In a world where the interstellar era has brought both promise and disappointment, Michael Fang dreams of becoming a Lord in the mysterious realm. He longs to explore ancient ruins of fallen civilizations and build a territory loved and supported by his subjects. But his aspirations are shattered when he realizes that he is nothing special and just an ordinary boy in a world full of heavenly prodigies. That is until he stumbles upon the Gate leading to the Origin Expanse, a mysterious realm that promises to change everything he thought he knew about himself and his destiny. With newfound power and unwavering determination, Michael vows to turn his misfortune into opportunity, no matter how perilous the path is. "Watch, and witness as I extract everything!" Follow Michael Fang on his journey through the Origin Expanse as he battles through obstacles and enemies to achieve his dreams and become the Supreme Lord he was always meant to be. ** Discord: https://discord.gg/Zr8QvWJKVT

HideousGrain · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
938 Chs

Move Forward

Michael saw the regret in the High Awakened's eyes before the last traces of life in them dispersed. The Kalivera was no more than a lifeless body now that he was dead.

'No matter what happens, I won't die with any regrets!' He swore in his mind.

In the first place, it was much better to regret what you have done than regret what could have been done. At least, that was what Michael thought. 

It was not his motto, but he liked that mindset quite a bit. After all, it was much better to be proactive and give your best with everything you do than regretting having done too little, or nothing at all.