1 Chapter 1- One day I will


"Demons have appeared, lord save us!" someone cried in fear

The whole capital was in chaos; human warriors were fighting with the demons, civilians running for their lives.

The cries of men, the screams of injured children, and the thunder of steel striking steel. Pain from a dozen wounds barely registered, being drowned out by the heightened, throbbing ache from the shattered hand which hung trembling on the right side. Above the lower scent of sweat was the acidic smell of all-pervasive fear, carried aloft from clashing bodies that howled amidst a sea of scarlet liquid which drained from humans and demons alike to soak a once vibrant field of yellow flowers.

In a remote area, far away from the capital, stood two men and a boy .

"You have to escape, my son," said one of the men with a serious expression.

"But father, they will kill all our people. Papa, you are one of the strongest saints in the whole human race. Can't you defeat them or at least save some of them." cried the silver-haired boy with a tear in his eyes.

After listening to the words of his son, the black-haired man said, " I can, but I can't protect the whole race. When the higher demons come, we don't stand a single chance to defeat them, let alone me. Before they come, you have to leave, or you will die with us. I can't leave with you because of the responsibility to protect my people, but uncle roger will take care of you, and you have to listen to his commands."

"But father..."


"Hurry, they are coming; you must leave now. I will not listen to your plea. Go now." cried his father

"Father, just let me say the last word."

" Ok, be quick."

Facing his father's head, he said, " Why didn't humanity's strongest saints didn't show up to help us? father."

Catching a glimpse of his son's pleading eye. one of the strongest saints said, " when the lion comes to hunt the group of deers, the once united deer species just scatter around due to fear. Son, we, the human race, are the youngest race out here. Older races never gave us sufficient time to awaken our true potential and didn't let us grow and flourish in unity. They used the divide and rule strategy and divided us, thus friction formed between us.

Do you know why some of our kind follow their commands, son? It is just for the power, for the wealth."

After a pause, he continues, " Due to this, the human race has lost its precious gem, humanity. They sell themselves to other races so that they can secure themselves. I am not saying that the human race had taken the wrong path but other races deprived us. They don't give us the human race enough time to stabilize our hearts, to feel dao, to eradicate our heart devil. We failed to unite the human race. And the most important thing we never had a Supreme ruler in our race who can control and secure the path for the human race".

"My son, you are the most talented human we ever had since the birth of our race. You have the greatest potential in your body and soul. Demons, elf, blood monkey, vampires, dragons, divines, and other supreme races fear your potential. You have the halo of a ruler. You are born to govern the world. Remember, the king never loses; he just dies, and my son, you are the last hope for the human race. Many saints know this, but they fear you will die at an early age, Divine race may just cut the root of their threat in the early stage, and we can't resist them. That's why' they never come. Remember, you have to live for us, for me, for the human race."

"Goodbye, my son, remember to be a good boy and don't annoy uncle roger," solemnly said one of the most powerful saints.

After some time, his father's image started getting blurry.

Seeing his father leaving, the handsome boy cried and said to heaven while facing the sky, " ONE DAY I WILL FATHER, one day you will feel proud of me, that day I will take the revenge of you, mother, sister, and the whole human race. I will father...".


"Again, I have seen this scene many times in my dreams but can't remember the face of the warm looking man. The only thing I recall was that handsome looking man words "one day I will," said the fat boy

After seeing the clock, kritos' face becomes pale. He remembers that he is now too late for his breakfast. Father, mother, I am coming...


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