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The Yang Family courtyard, under an old locust tree.

Almost all of the Yang Family's members gathered here. Everyone's face was covered with anxiety and restlessness. After the video on UU was spread, every one of them saw it.

"Is Xueqing crazy?"

"We let her take care of father today, but this happened?"

"If anything happens to father, she can't escape the responsibility."

"Father is almost a hundred years old, isn't she a bit foolish?"

"I can't let Xueqing be responsible for this in the future."

Such voices resounded endlessly.

At the gate of the yard, there were a few juniors standing and they had been observing the two ends of the road in the front.

Out of blue, one of the juniors exclaimed loudly.

"Father is back! Father is back! But what's the matter with him? You guys stop arguing, come and have a look! Father's situation is a bit odd!"

After that, everyone froze for a second first. Then, they rushed towards the gate quickly.

But what they saw almost scared the shit out of them. Their old lord was actually standing on a hoverboard, riding towards this side with a little thing that seemed to be a mouse on his shoulder. This really made them dumbfounded.

"What's with this situation?"


"Why is the old man playing this stuff on the road?"

While stunned, they did not know what to say for a while. Fortunately, some people reacted quickly.

"Shit, grandpa, you hurry down. This thing is for us, children to play! How can you use this thing?"

"Father, this hoverboard is easy to fall down. Come down quickly! If there is unexpected misfortune later, how will your juniors see people in the future? My heart will really die of guilt!"

A child of the Yang Family who ran in front swiftly rushed to the side of Yang Song. Then no matter what the situation was, he quickly helped him off the hoverboard, "Grandpa, you can't do this kind of dangerous thing in the future again."

"Father, is there any discomfort in your body?"

"Father, your reckless action almost made your child die of a heart attack!"

"Father, let's take a break first."

Looking at the anxious younger generations, Yang Song was a little dumbfounded.

He understood that these juniors were doing good for him.

But now, the real situation was different. After a night of cultivation, his body was now very good, he could also eat anything he wanted deliciously. Was it really necessary to pretend to be old-fashioned and staggering in front of everyone?

If he really did that, what was the meaning of such a life? Anyway, no matter what, that trend must be stopped.

"Don't make a noise. Didn't I just ride it for a while? Now, even three or four-year-old children can ride it. Why can't an old man like me ride it? Humph, I'm almost a hundred years old, what kind of things have I not seen? Do you really take me as a three-year-old brat?"

Yang Song waved his hand, pushed away the younger generation who was holding his arm, and said with dissatisfaction.


"You can't say that, father!"


This group of people was taken aback by what Yang Song said. But in their hearts, what the old man said seemed to make quite a bit of sense.

Then, a few more seconds, they reacted again.

"Father, this is different. You are old and in poor health. If you accidentally fall, it will be difficult to heal.

"Yes, you cannot do this anymore in the future."

"We are only a few days away to celebrate your 100th birthday. If something happens before that, what should we do? How can we meet people?"

Yang Song suddenly felt a bit of a headache with these guys. So he compromised, "Okay, okay, I won't do it in the future."

"At most, when I ride it again, I won't let you see it!"

When they heard the first half of the sentence, everyone was relieved and felt that the old man was only a bit playful today, so he would pay more attention to it in the future.

But the second half of the sentence almost made everyone spray out blood on the spot. Their eyes were full of resentment and helplessness.

"Isn't it just that I came back with a hoverboard? It's not a big deal. Why are you looking at me like this? What's the situation of my body, your father knows it very well. Getting closer and closer to the birthday banquet, I keep feeling better and better. You don't have to worry too much. If you really feel that it's not right, you should prepare more supplements from the abyss and let me eat more at that time. Maybe I can live for a few more decades."


When the Golden-Eyed Mouse on Yang Song's shoulder heard this, its eyes lit up promptly.

After Yang Song finished speaking, with one hand behind his back and the other on his walking stick, he ignored them and walked toward the courtyard.

"Dad, dad… you finally stopped…"

From a distance, the voice of Gong Xueqing, who was running panting, came at this moment. Her clothes were soaked with sweat.

After she saw Yang Song being surrounded by a group of Yang Family members, his body was not in serious trouble, and the hoverboard was also taken away, the breath handing in her heart finally came out.

She suddenly felt that the world was quite beautiful at this moment.

"Xueqing, you finally came. You are too slow even though you are not as old as I am. Okay, I am back now, and I will not go out again. About the affairs I told you, you can do it quickly and buy back all the medicinal materials I want."

Yang Song stopped, turned his head, and glanced at Gong Xueqing who was sweating profusely.

He found that the Yang Family's members were not particularly friendly when they looked at Gong Xueqing, so he said in an impatient tone.

"Okay, okay! Dad, I will buy medicinal materials for you."

Gong Xueqing was a wise woman. Knowing Yang Song was still there, she nodded quickly before she turned around and ran. She knew very well that if she did not leave, everyone would definitely find trouble with her for a while.

After Gong Xueqing left, Yang Song found that Yang Haodong was also in the crowd. That guy opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but he restrained it in the end.

"Haodong, come with me. Other people can go back quickly; this old man is absolutely fine."

After leaving these words behind, he did not care about them anymore.

"Okay, everyone should go back! With me here, father will be fine."

Yang Haodong shouted, and then hurriedly followed Yang Song. After the Yang Family's members heard Yang Haodong's assurance, they quickly dispersed.

In the lobby.

"Haodong, just now, I saw that your expression was not quite right as if there was something to say. Did something happen?" Yang Song put down the walking stick while he asked.

His eldest son was sixty-five years old this year, but because of his years of martial arts training, he looked very strong and young at the same time. In addition, he was the military governor of Tong City. He had a steady and domineering temperament.

Unfortunately, as his martial arts training had reached a certain stage, it was difficult for him to continue to improve. Therefore, he spent most of time managing the martial artists in Tong City instead, resulting in the stagnation of his improvement in strength in a long time.

"There's something…" Yang Haodong appeared to be hesitated.

Yang Song started, "If you have something to say, just say it. I'll be a hundred years old in a few days. What kind of storms have I not encountered in the past? Why should you be hesitating when you are in front of me?"

"Okay!" Yang Haodong took a breath. Seeing that Yang Song's body still looked healthy now, he said slowly, "Didn't I rush back to the Military Governor Mansion yesterday? There was news from above that when Third Brother was in the abyss, something went wrong in the middle of the process… Father, he may not be able to rush back on your birthday."

"What happened to Haoxi?"

Yang Song's pupils shrank slightly. His third child, Yang Haoxi, was the best talent among his descendants.

He had reached the 5th Tier Master martial artist in his forties this year and might enter the 6th Tier at any time. If something happened to that fellow, Yang Song would really have to vomit his old blood.

"Dad, don't get excited… I mean, don't get nervous. There's no news that Third Brother had any accident in the abyss, it's just that they lost his contact. It is said that they were going to the abyss together to perform the mission. When Third Brother went missing, there were also a few other people with him," Yang Haodong quickly sped up his speech when he realized that Yang Song's mood was not right.

"Wait, let me think about it!"

Yang Song took two deep breaths. After calming down for a few seconds, he, who was very worried in his heart, immediately seemed to have thought of something, and asked in a deep voice, "By the way, did I not ask you about the Grandmaster yesterday? How's it going?"

Yesterday, the system was activated without notice, saying that someone had become a Grandmaster martial artist. At that time, Yang Song thought about it and found that none of the martial artists he funded had any hope of becoming a Grandmaster.

Now, there was news that his third child was missing in the abyss.

The abyss had always been an extremely mysterious existence, full of unknown dangers, but also hidden various opportunities against the heaven.

The seven Grandmasters of C Country could achieve this strength was more or less inseparable from the abyss. At this time, there was news that Yang Haoxi was missing in the abyss.

Was it possible that he got a great opportunity inside that mysterious and perilous place?

An extremely bold idea appeared in Yang Song's mind on the spur of the moment!

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