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Supreme Gambling Master


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Unexplained changes underwent Eoliv .( Another planet ) Voids and dungeon s appeared along with vile monsters all over. Oceans spread. Mountains grew overnights Earthquakes separated the land. Yeah, Chaos was an understatement. Because suddenly the world of Eoliv had become ruled by Games. Every law, King, politic, all was decided by a game of wits. Where you could either win it all or lose it all. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After being betrayed and getting abandon by her so called family. Eleanor is left to face the dangers of the world. WHAT WILL SHE DO? " I wanna sleep, damn it" { ignore} Given a seemingly useless ability left orphan with two little brothers Has jerk good for nothing father who goes off with his mistress and her 3 annoying kids. And the only way to get money is to disguise herself as a man to enter dungeons Watch as she goes from a weak doormat to a everlasting queen in this new world " Don't worry deary, consider yourself unlucky. I won't lie, i do most in fact hate people like you. But, i hate losing even more" - Eleanor " Win, I don't have to win anything. I just won't let you win. Simple , Right? " - Eleanor ------------- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx---------------------- -- SIDE NOTE THIS IS A ORIGINAL FANTASY NOVEL SOMETHING STUFF MAY GO UNEXPLAINED FIRST NOVEL HOPE YOU LIKE AND COMMENT SEE YA MUNCHKINS ~ * _ *~ P.S. Updates once or twice a week Cover Art Creator ~ Unknown ( Not mine, fit with theme) I take no credit for it. Found image in Pinterest.


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