Supreme Emperor of Mist
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Supreme Emperor of Mist


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What is Supreme Emperor of Mist

Read Supreme Emperor of Mist novel written by the author yanglin on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Eastern Fantasy stories, covering romance, adventure, reincarnation, harem, cultivation. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


This book is going through a Rewrite. Please start reading chapter 253 onwards if you don't want to go through the earlier chapters that didn't get edited and amateurish. - A new synopsis will be added later after the initial preparation and rewriting are done. Do look forward to it because I can assure you that the storyline is much better compared to the earlier 250 chapters. - (This synopsis does not apply to chapter 253 onwards. Take note) It was a cultivation world where the strong preys on the weak. The cycle continued, but neither factions nor dynasties managed to overcome the corrosion of time. - Qin Lan was a youth in his fifteen years old. Playful but socialized well with people of his age, this third young master was well respected wherever he goes. But little did they know that he's considered trash when it comes to cultivation. - But everything changed when he steps forward to fight for a righteous cause and protecting his household servants. - His memories before his current reincarnation came back. - He was the Sect Leader of Kuangshan Lu Sect. He's also the founder of the Misty Sea Eternal Dynasty. Furthermore, he's the third Supreme Emperor in his most glorious era. - And once again, the forgotten Supreme Emperor of Mist shall make his way towards the top of the cultivation world once more. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/8xJYvgAnpf


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This is your author, Yanglin of Mountain Reliance King. As I am writing a shameless review for myself, of course, I would have to mark myself full score to compensate for my fragile heart of effort put into the book so far. With forty-three chapters so far, I believe that my slow but steady effort should have created a proper background for this book to continue without feeling too rushed and rigid to the point it missing the slice of life that supposed to be included. The novel Lan Xian Di, aka Supreme Emperor of Mist, touched on the story of Qin Lan as he followed his own belief to walk the path of cultivation once more as he unlocks the memories about his first, second, and third reincarnations. It won't be a rushed story for sure, as I'm intended to make this more of a slice of life novel. As I am still inexperienced right now, the story might seem lacking in picturing many aspects of the story. But I'll put effort as it goes to make this novel better in each chapter. Another part to take note of is due to my OCD health issue, this author of yours will always have difficulty completing a chapter properly. Often, it's because my idea and writing don't match one another in the expected 1500 words and above. It is also my biggest trouble so far as once in a while, producing a chapter end up as a hurdle to me for days and weeks. But I'll try my best to continue. Webnovel did offer me a contract early when we're at around fifteen chapters, but I hesitated as I'm worried that I couldn't perform as required. Of course, signing one would be great because it means my book will be valued greatly. I'll end this review here as today is counted as one of the best days for me so far. Do expect a chapter update soon. Wish me better, and stay safe, everyone. I hope you'll continue to support me as I try my best to complete this work. Thank you. Mountain Reliance King, Yanglin


Just saw this beautiful piece. .. for one's who have not tried it yet do give it a try.. .There are few mistakes but they don't really count.Its not like we the online authors go for multiple editing.We need to be real badass for writing something here straight from our minds. So cherish the writings. Keep it up author!!!


It is a peaceful novel ... The MC is not ambitious, arrogant, bloodthirsty, or even cold ... He actually a peaceful and easygoing person ... Of course this don't mean he is weak, No he is strong but because he always fight with peoples who is higher than him in cultivation level he appears to be weak ... Anyway The MC lifestyle is considerably less aggressive and he care more about his subordinates and frinds more than his goals ... He don't feel offended over little thnigs and can ignore the ignorant people easily without losing his temper ... [Though his relationship with the ninth prince look like the backstory of novel with MC (or his father) who worked hared with his best friend (the crown prince) and faced everything together and in the end when the best friend ( the crown prince) become the King he becomes paranoid about his best friend (the MC or his father) so he decided to kill him mercilessly just to protect his throne.] For other characters inside the novel .... Will .... They aren't bad but Mr. author don't give them enough exposure they mostly feel secondary characters and even thier development is always behind the scene and we don't even get know how they get stronger or if their any secret they have or what is their opinions on the major decisions of the MC or how is thier daily life is,...etc. The plot of the novel is actually like any other chinese novel when the MC become to strong to his current place he will move to the next station. Lastly, the harem members of this novel ... Until know their only one confirmed (Hu Jia "his legal wife") and one potential wife on the way (Zhou Mei "His business partner") ,and lastly the lesser potential one(Lu Qing Yun "His frist female servant"), The harem here is slow paced because the MC is content with his wife so if those potential harem members don't actively pursue him then he will not even think inappropriately about them. And here I will recommend this novel for those who want less violence and more schemes ... also It's more likeable for anyone who want to pass his free time.




Sad to see that the HDE is ended prematurely due to personal matter. Still, I like this author's writing style. It is suitable to my taste, perhaps due to me being a Malaysian too. Story wise, good start. Author made his MC start with being crippled as he went through series of confident set back to cultivate again. I hope the plot would get mature faster seeing that MC is in fact an expert and the mentor of a supreme emperor. I'm also looking forward for MC love interest, because you did not went further down the emotional road in your stories before. The fact there's some little thoughts related to xiao-ke and his grandfather made me notice authors effort in putting more effort in dialog and relationship into his story. cultivation wise, it wasn't very deeply introduce yet. I am still wondering how the story will goes from the flesh - bone - spiritual root layer. But at the same time, author hinted that there's the rumors of Pericelestial after Precelestial, so I guess that's gonna be where Jindan stage come. Overall, good start, I would say. As long author willing to keep the story goes and interesting, I'll follow without regret. it was a great experience so far since The Jade Realm, Uncle Store in Apoc, and Heavenly Dungeon Exploration.


Cool read. Great worldbuilding elements going on. The concept and the fantasy like elements blend nicely with the cultural aspects of the novel. In addition, the characters names and overall profile matches the culture presented here. I myself am trying to get used to novels with characters that have Eastern names, but that doesn't affect the overall reading experience. Rather, I'm impressed with the overall writing the author has. Hopefully the author can finish the novel because I am intrigued how it will all end.


author has a good command of language, a few grammatical errors but of course it is a new novel and will be edited. An interesting plot of cultivation that has a lot of potential to become one of the greatest on this site. the characters, and their backgrounds are well thought out, and definitely will keep a reader intrigued. best of luck to the author, keep writing🤗


All good, I am fan of cultivation novel so if you are as well this is worth your time. i am following author from previous two books (sorry for late review)but his novels have lot of potential. What else we can want rather than super strong mc on his journey to the top. Already rooting for new chapters....




Story is good and quality too. We have nice character interactions a bit more background information about the world would be nice. Update is slow but as always, quality over quantity. Progress of the story chapter wise is okay though.


Premature, but I'm sure its pretty exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp


Its a nice read but it neads heawy editing. it's realy raw. There are a lot of details that i cant be sure what it is but if you edit it a bit i can write you a good review.


This needs more love it's one of my favourite reads at the moment its much better than a lot of the other cultivation novels out there hopefully it gets the attention it deserves


Não espere muito mas pode ter pontos divertidos. Porém para alguém reencarnado deixa muito a desejar, o mc age mais como serviçal do que alguém com experiências. Não se foca em ficar forte. A hierarquia do cultivo parece confusa e não parece condizer com as habilidades usadas.


not bad but the writing quality is atrocious. it's worse then quiet a few MTLs I've read and all this could be easily fixed if the author used grammarly or something similar. I wanted to give the book ago but the mistakes are a bit to numerous for me as of right now. I'll pick this up if the earlier cheaters end up being edited or something but till then, this one isnt for me. good story from what I've read tho, just too many errors for me to read since correcting the spelling un my head kinda takes out the joy of reading.


lets gooo............................................................................................................................


is there is hareem ,hope not cz i hate it ? is mc cold and ruthless or he forgive his female enemy cz she's pretty or he helps every one that he meets and spend ressources and time just for someone he just met ihope there's non from the above cz im just sick of those novels


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