264 Entering the Creek of Affinity Mystic Realm (3)

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"Yes, it's enough to bring us." Leng Qingtian nodded in agreement.

"Lass, after we enter, we have to gather materials for artificing. I heard there are a lot of them," Old Zao reminded. There were so many artificers in their team that there weren't enough materials to go around!

"Not only artificing materials. We also need to gather herbs," Leng Ruoxue added. She had long thought about not letting these go.

"Yes. You and Little Brat Liu are alchemists!" Old Zao agreed. In every world, alchemists, artificers, and beast trainers had very high statuses, so these things were very important to them.

"Grandpa, let's prepare over the next few days!" Leng Ruoxue reminded.


"Yes, we have to bring a lot of food," Leng Qingtian said.

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Food again! Leng Ruoxue was at a loss for words. Why can't Grandpa forget about preparing food wherever he goes?

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