33 Chapter 33: Test Number 2

Zelphyr followed Auras small figure as they proceeded through the large doorway. The doorway in question was as large as the vault like door after the reception area. It was evident that something interesting was planned for such a colossal section.

As they traversed, silence dominated the room, until a small scuttling sound was heard from their right.

As Zelphyr turned, he saw a large cube made of reinforced glass that seemed to be strengthened from the rare metals of Yggdrasil. Such enclosures were often seen in raid dungeons with the theme of a necromancer, after all, it was specially made to contain dangerous beings.

Alas, the emptiness of the cube gave off a melancholy and lonely atmosphere. The floor seemed to replicate a desert environment, yet there was no large creature within the tank.

A frown sat upon Zelphyrs face as he approached the enclosure. Aura following behind, remaining silent, as did Albedo.

The mosquito, as Zelphyr had decided to name Alette in secret, seemed to be looking at the glass with even more confusion than she did the rats.

As he got closer, it finally dawned on him as to why the resident of the cage was missing. In the far corner from him, sat a strange oval like object that was approximately a meter tall. It had a strange camouflage design mimicking the foliage of the forest floors. Had it been in a forest and not a desert like environment, Zelphyr doubted he would have taken any notice of it.

The more he stared at it, the quicker Zelphyr began to realise the life-energy signals coming from it.

'I see, it's an egg... However it's energy signals are fairly weak for what seems to be a large creature'

As he was evaluating the situation of the egg, Aura finally stepped forward to give her report after deciding her Lord was done observing.

"As you may know Lord Zelphyr, that's an egg. I think the Dryads of the Great Forest called it a 'Forest Wyvern' egg. But yeah, apparently it is considered part of the dragon lineage here"

Zelphyr nodded from the information. It explained why such an out of place egg was here.

Originally, Zelphyr assigned them the task of collecting a reptile egg for this enclosure, however he never thought that they would grab hold of a Wyvern egg so close to Nazarick.

"Does that mean that the Forest is home to this Wyvern species?"

Zelphyr questioned with an intrigued smile.

Aura shook her head with a hint of disappointment as she saw the expectation on her Lords face.

"No My Lord, this particular species tend to mate and lay their eggs in the forest, but then leave their young immediately. Their actual nests seem to be located high in the grassy mountains. Its quite strange considering they just drop of their kids like its not their business"

Zelphyr sank into contemplation as he started to draw up plans for the future.

"It's no matter, wyverns are nothing more than large lizards when compared to true dragons. If my estimations are correct, level 40-50s should be able to handle them well."

After saying that, he turned from Aura to the egg once more.

"Aura, why is this eggs energy level so low? It seems to be struggling to stay alive."

Aura showed a wry smile as she looked at the egg with exasperation.

"It was like that since we were first given it. Apparently it is something to prevent the eggs from being preyed on by predators or something, according to the Dryads that is."

Zelphyr nodded his head at the surprisingly advanced survival dynamics of the wyvern race. Then again, it was in the same bracket as the dragons of this world. It is highly possible that they have evolved at a much stronger rate than other creatures.

This would be good news as it was what Zelphyr was looking for.

From what he had gathered from the information regarding species such as goblins and ogres, they have not evolved once even within the past 200 years. While that is a short frame, it is strange that no small changes have occurred even after such a time period. Thus, Zelphyr decided to create this facility to see if evolution can be forced or at least influenced by external means.

It was a pretty abstract and likely useless endeavour, alas, should it succeed, the possibilities are endless.

"Very well, I want regular reports regarding these two experiments to be delivered to me. Even the tiniest of changes needs to be recorded. Continue with the plan until a change is shown, then come and get me. This is very important for Nazarick Aura"

Auras usually carefree expression tensed and adopted a serious look as she nodded to her Master with the weight of her responsibilities sat nicely on her shoulders.

With their trip to the 'Evolution Chamber' over, Zelphyr and Albedo left to visit another denizen of Nazarick. One who was imperative to its working.

Zelphyr teleported to the 7th Floor with Albedo a step behind. As they walked, he felt the happiness radiate from her body as she wore a soft smile whilst watching Zelphyr back.

Of course, Zelphyr did not mind being watched so intently, especially by someone he had already deemed as his own. In fact, he was already thinking about what he and Albedo could do in their private time.

'I suppose I should work out the finer details with her regarding my plans... I would rather their not be a civil war among the females of Nazarick'

Zelphyr resolved himself to put in place a structure that kept some resemblance of order to his future relationships with the women in his life.

With his thoughts absorbing his time, Zelphyr and Albedo quickly found themselves outside an inconspicuous room on the 7th floor. Without hesitation, Zelphyr opened the door with confidence fit for the owner of Nazarick.

"At ease Demiurge"

The moment he entered the room, he noticed a large table with maps and counters placed in various locations. Upon a closer inspection, these counters seemed to have indicators on each of them.

'It is nice to see how serious he acts, he really is quite the reliable fellow if you overlook his peculiar interests'

Demiurge maintained his kneel even after Zelphyrs words and only raised his head when he felt his Lord sit on the chair.

Additionally, the subordinates behind Demiurge remained kneeling with earnest expressions. The current members within the room was Zelphyr, Demiurge and Albedo, alongside the Evil Lord Envy and a Hanzo with a black and yellow striped ascot around his neck.

Zelphyr did a slight double-take as he looked at the out of place ascot on the Hanzo.

'A strange choice, likely Demiurge's choice seeing as he himself is fond of formal wear. Maybe I should get Chief Blacksmith to make some sort of hand guard to symbolise the leaders position'

Such random thoughts circulated within Zelphyr as he adjusted his position on the chair and waited for Demiurge and Albedo to seat themselves.

The room remained silent before Zelphyr spoke.

"You two may rise too, I am thankful for your loyalty and dedication"

With those words, the two rose from their kneel and moved to stand at the side of the room in silence.

"Now then Demiurge, I trust you have been well?"

Zelphyr spoke with a slight smile.

"I am thankful for your concern My Lord. Your humble subordinate has been well and has been dedicating himself to further your goals"

Zelphyr nodded his head as he heard the loyalty in Demiurges voice.

After all, it was always possible for a betrayal at some point, however it was reassuring to see the fervent devotion of his more intelligent subordinates is still burning as brightly, if not more brightly than before.

"I am aware. You have executed my orders brilliantly Demiurge. I will remember to reward you when our situation has stabilised more."

Demiurge lowered his head once more to express his gratitude.

"Your gratitude is already enough My Lord, I, Demiurge, Floor Guardian of the 7th Floor, promise to contribute further for the benefits of Nazarick"

Zelphyr waved his hand lightly with a short acknowledgement before continuing on.

"Now then Demiurge, onto the reports about the developments in the Human Village known as Carne as well as the new infiltration squads"

Demiurge straightened himself out with a final correction of his glasses.

"Yes, the infiltrations have been carried out successfully. It took some time to infiltrate the Slane Theocracy due to a few abnormal members among their ranks, however even they were not alerted. It seems that due to it's internal situation, they have their security much higher than normal. Nevertheless, we have managed to get in and set up an information line with each team."

Zelphyr smiled broadly as he heard the success of the teams. While they had already planted spies, these specific teams were assigned to spy on the governing bodies and figures at all times, rather than the countries themselves. As a result, the security around them was much higher so it took longer for Nazarick to establish a secure line.

While it is true that to the average person in the New World, the denizens of Nazarick are beyond comprehension, however the presence of former players means that there is always the slim chance of these lower beings actually endangering their mission.

"Very good. Summarise the key points of each report and pass them to Albedo, she will then report to me. Additionally, I would like you to do a verbal report on a monthly basis to me."

Zelphyr knew of Demiurges zeal and desire for acknowledgement, thus he decided it would be best to allow him to make at least one report in person on a frequent basis, rather than pushing him away.

"As you command, My Lord"

With the information situation resolved with relative ease, Zelphyr moved onto the other subject they were due to discuss. Carne Village.

Since his original trip, Zelphyr had not been back and had not influenced it at all. The most he did was place sentries and scouts in the surrounding areas that kept the area safe whilst monitored the actions of the villagers.

"Yes Lord Zelphyr. It seems that a few families have left the village in hopes of the capital whilst the remaining residents are following the instructions of the village chief and his assistant. It seems they are prioritising rebuilding the houses as well as restoring the scorched farmlands."

Zelphyrs eyebrows rose as he heard the mention of an assistant.

"May I ask who this assistant is, I do not recall seeing such a person, what about you Albedo?"

Albedo thought for a moment before shaking her head.

"My apologies Lord Zelphyr, I do not remember the faces of any of those lower lifeforms"

Zelphyr shook his head in exasperation at her brutally honest response.

'I guess that's another one of her charms... maybe?'

"It seems to be a girl in her mid-teens with blonde hair, the report states she goes by the name Enri Emmot"

This time a bright smile bloomed on his face as he heard the news. After all, Enri seemed to have assumed an important role within the village without the manipulation of Nazarick.

"That is quite the good luck. I happen to have high hopes for Enri."

Demiurge tilted his head in confusion while a demonic rage started to burn within Albedos eyes.

"High hopes My Lord? From the reports, she seems to have no notable traits other than being good at her assistant work. May I ask what sort of hopes you have for her?"

Demiurge inquired with blatant confusion as he thought about possible reasons.

'Maybe Lord Zelphyr intends to take her as a toy? According to the rumours circulating in Nazarick, Lord Zelphyr has a ungodly high libido to the point that Albedo was done before him? Then again, the maids are not a credible source of information for something that Albedo has not spoken openly about yet'

Unaware of Demiurges thoughts, Zelphyr spoke his thoughts.

"I sense she has the potential for growth. A growth that is rare even in Nazarick."

The two Floor Guardians frowned as they heard their lords words, after all, how could an insignificant human possess something that Nazarick currently lacks. To them, Nazarick was the land of the Gods.

"That being, Commanding abilities. Despite the individual strength of Nazarick, and the strength in commanding summons, there is a severe lack of members who can command a general army. Unlike summons, Armies comprised of wilful beings are much harder to control nevertheless, it allows for more diversity when faced with unexpected situations as those wilful beings will act using their initiative to conquer the foes before them."

Demiurge sat in mindful contemplation as he thought about the implications Zelphyr was suggesting.

On the other hand, Albedo remained with her staple smile, however the dark shadow within her eyes made it apparent how she felt about the whole situation.

"Lord Zelphyr, I cannot comprehend what you may mean, do you feel the Floor Guardians are lacking in their ability to control the rabble?"

Albedo questioned with a soft voice, however there was a silent pressure radiating from within her, as though to suggest that she desperately wanted to know the answer.

In response, Zelphyr stood up and made his way to Albedo. In one swift motion, he wrapped her arms around her neck and draped his body onto hers. Their pose was very suggestive as Albedos cheeks instantly reddened and her breathing hastened.

"Now, now Albedo. You know I trust every guardian with my own life as well as each others. You're all precious to me, every single one of you"

His words were but a whisper which blew past her ears however, his words seemed to resound within her very being.

The situation was no different for Demiurge, Envy and the Hanzo. Zelphyrs words albeit quiet, seemed to nestled in their ears and resonate with their very being.

"I want to see you grow, become more powerful, show me everything you have to offer. For that, I want to make my goals a reality."

With those last words, Zelphyr blew lightly on Albedos ear before standing up and sitting back in his chair.

Meanwhile, Albedo was left panting with a red face and lust filled eyes as she gazed at Zelphyr, waiting to pounce on him.

'Time to visit Carne I suppose'

Zelphyr smirked slightly as he watched Albedo fidget slightly.

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