19 Chapter 19: Prepping for Travels P.1

Zelphyr ended the meeting and sent his vassals on their way to start on their new tasks. Standing up, Zelphyr used his ring to teleport out of the throne hall, heading towards the residence of an essential member of Nazarick. Usually, as a Lord, he would leave before his vassals as a show of his power, however right now, he wanted them to start with their tasks as soon as possible. This was so that they would be done by the time he had started the early phases of his plan.

"He should be around here if I remember correctly"

Zelphyr walked down the hall with confidence, the walls were made of stone bricks and gave off the same feeling as a castle would.

"Ah here it is"

He finally arrived at his destination, a large metal door that seemed to be strong enough to resist even the toughest of spells. This was not entirely wrong as those doors are made of materials that are heatproof, soundproof and durable. Had it not been, they would not have lasted very long.

Knocking on the door, Zelphyr took a step back and prepared for the resident of the room to open the door. From the other side of the door, Zelphyr could hear muffled mumbles from the resident of the room as they made their way to the door. Due to the nature of the persons role, it was common courtesy in the Great Tomb of Nazarick for people to knock on the door before entering, even Zelphyr himself abide by this unspoken rule.

After a small waiting time, the heavy metallic door was opened up as though it was a simple wooden door, revealing a crab-like monster that had a blackened body. This was Master Blacksmith, the creation of Amanomahitotsu and so called disciple. As Amanomahitotsu did not see any need to put much thought into his name, he ended up leaving his name as one of his Class Titles. Although Zelphyr at the time protested, it was not really within his rights to object to Amanomahitotsu decision. Especially since to him, it was just a game.

"Good Evening Master Blacksmith"

Master Blacksmith immediately knelt.

"Lord Zelphyr! I am terribly sorry for my abrasive attitude, I could not sense your presence"

Zelphyr nodded with a magnanimous expression.

"Do not apologise Master Blacksmith, you were working your hardest for Nazarick, that alone pleases me. However, I am here today with some instructions"

Master Blacksmiths shoulders visibly relaxed as he heard Zelphyrs light tone.

"Thank you My Lord, further instructions sir?"

He finally raised his head to meet the gaze of Zelphyr.

"Indeed, shall we go inside?"

Master Blacksmith immediately stood up and welcomed Zelphyr in.

'Such a serious guy, I guess that was what Amanomahitotsu wanted in a disciple'

After a minute of walking, the arrived in a room thats temperature was much lower than the rooms before. As Master Blacksmith worked with fire the whole day, he claimed that sleeping in a cooler environment loosened his muscles easier since he was very resistant to the heat.

"Now then, shall we begin?"

Zelphyr sat across from Master Blacksmith, passing him some parchment with a list on it.

Master Blacksmith received the parchment and looked at his Lord for confirmation to read. His request was met with a nod, allowing him to start reading it as soon as possible.

Zelphyr patiently waited as he saw his subordinate reading with a serious expression. At the same time, he found it odd that he could easily understand the expression of Master Blacksmith considering his face was more crustacean than humanoid. In the end, he put it down to his own nature as a Heteromorph.

"As clarification Lord Zelphyr, you wish for a carriage with these modifications?"

Zelphyr nodded at the question, waiting for the follow up.

"If I may be so bold My Lord, can't you just teleport and use 'Gate?"

"Of course I can, however that is too suspicious and will arouse the guards of our soon-to-be allies. After all, if there was an enemy much stronger than you who could kill you without having to confront you, would you not be scared?"

Master Blacksmith immediately thought of the idea of confronting a Supreme Being, especially one who is good at combat. A chill ran down his spine as images of his own death flashed through his mind.

"I see, then may I ask if I can improve upon this design? While it is true that everything here is near perfection, I feel there are some modifications that will help you during your travels My Lord"

A smile crept upon Zelphyr face as he heard Master Blacksmiths concern. This type of pure devotion and care was what Zelphyr wanted to build with his subordinates.

"That is perfect, this was just a draft I made after a couple of minutes of thought. It has the minimum, I am lucky to have a Master Craftsman supporting me"

Master Blacksmith bowed his head in gratitude, his heart felt full when he heard the praise of his Lord.

"It shall be done My Lord, may I ask when you plan to leave?"

Zelphyr put his hand to his chin and started to deliberate on the question. In truth, he wanted to leave immediately, however there was a few things he would have to wait for outside of the carriage. Another one of those was a job for Master Blacksmith.

"Probably within two weeks, there is another job too"

Master Blacksmith looked up curiously, after all, he expected his Lord to want to leave immediately. Luckily, he was granted two weeks to get such a simple task completed.

"Might I ask what the other job is?"

Zelphyr nodded and presented him a thin gold coin, its shape could be barely classed as circular.

"This is the common currency of this world. While each country has its own currencies, apparently there is exchange booths in the Guilds set up so you can convert your money. Therefore, I would like you to replicate a couple of hundred thousand of these."

As Zelphyr and the members of Ainz Ooal Gown had been playing for years constantly, they had amassed a sum that would have allowed them to dominate the economy of at least 3 of the nine worlds in Yggdrasil. The only reason they didn't was so that the larger guilds did not band together for one big raid. After all, the idea of a guild composed of all World Champions and several top guilds was a threat that even made the members of Ainz Ooal Gown break out into a cold sweat.

"Hmm, a few hundred thousand would not make a dent at all in Nazaricks materials"

Zelphyr nodded as he had already calculated this.

"It is fine, I plan to find some resource spots in this world too. I have a few things that I wish to experiment with, so I will inform you if we find any precious resource deposits"

Master Blacksmith nodded in appreciation, after all as a Craftsman, working with potentially new resources was always a tempting offer.

"Then please see it done, I shall be leaving now"

Zelphyr stood up and vanished almost immediately. He wanted to get onto his next business as soon as possible, especially since he noticed the eagerness in Master Blacksmiths gaze as it flickered onto the parchment he had been handed.

"Now then, time to go and visit them"

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