13 Chapter 13: The Start

Zelphyr found himself outside the Great Tombs entrance. Although it was not a necessity for him to personally go outside as he could use a variety of means to observe from the safety of Nazarick, Zelphyr wanted to truly see if Nazarick had been teleported to the same area as he hoped.

Walking along the path, he looked over the neatly kept hedges and grass within the graveyard. Despite the aura of death being radiated, Zelphyr couldn't help but appreciate how beautiful the sight truly was.

'Seriously... ever since I transmigrated here, I have felt more like a tourist than a leader'

"Perfect Unknowable"

Activating stealth magic, Zelphyr then braced himself.

'Let's try this out then, hopefully there's no guardians watching'


A sense of weightlessness overwhelmed him as his body gently lifted off of the ground. It was a strange experience for someone who had always spent their feet on the ground. Unlike jumping, Flying brought a strange feeling as though the shackles of physics had been lifted.

After slowly hovering back and forward for a while, Zelphyr finally felt confident enough to ascend. His body floated upwards, gradually picking up more speed as he got more familiar with the way to control it.

"It feels like walking, as though it's just a natural part of your bodys movement"

He discovered that Flying using magic was in fact controlled using his mind, thus it became very easy for him to control it since he had spent the past few years playing nothing but a DMMO-RPG.

Flying directly upwards, Zelphyr was about to see the vast expanse of lands green lands surrounding Nazarick. Over in the distance, there was a large forest that created a daunting figure during the night.

'It really is the New World'

Zelphyr was ecstatic by this confirmation. Although he was not 100% certain until he visits a nearby village, all of the facts were currently pointing towards it being the same world Momonga had transported to. This meant he at least was not completely in the dark as he was making his moves as he had some knowledge pertaining to the state of the world.

Observing closely, Zelphyr noticed there was waves of dirt rushing towards the walls of Nazarick. As this was a scene he had seen before, Zelphyr nodded at the efficiency of Mare as he performed his duty.

'For the most part, I should probably do as Momonga did and use Carne village as my foothold in this New World. However, being an adventurer is much too slow of a process of gathering information, so I will give that a miss'

Zelphyr started to plan his future steps. His future interactions in this world will decide how smoothly his movements will go, due to this, Zelphyr intended to keep a low profile so that he could safely expand without the constant worry of being found out.

'This world won't know what hit it'

Zelphyr smiled sadistically as he continued watching Mare work.

"I should go and say my appreciation then check on Albedo and Demiurge to see if they are fine. While I trust their abilities, they are too strong for their own good"

Zelphyr then cancelled his flight and landed on the wall next to Mare. As he was still under the effects of 'Perfect Unknowable', Mare had no idea that his lord was stood only a meter away from him.

Focusing on the magic concealing him, Zelphyr dispelled the magic, allowing his presence to be felt by everyone once again.

Immediately, a violent shiver ran down Mares spine as he turned to the direction of the presence. His eyes widened as he noticed Zelphyr standing there.

"L-lord Z-Zelphyr! I am sorry I did not greet you sooner!"

Mare bowed his head violently, clear panic in his voice.

'Shit... it seems I really scared this poor boy back in the throne room. Either that or my aura is way too violent, I should work on that'

Zelphyr berated himself, after all, if one of his most trusted subordinates was terrified of him to such a degree, there was no way a true connection could be born.

"You can raise your head Mare, I only just got here. I have been watching you work for a while, and I must say you're as impressive as always"

Mare lifted his head revealing a bright red face that was filled with shock.

"I-I-I'm not i-impressive Lord Zelphyr! This is nothing compared to a Supreme Being"

Mare went to bow once more, but Zelphyr stopped him by gently resting his hand on the small boys shoulder.

"No Mare, I am here to tell you that I am very appreciative of your work for The Great Tomb of Nazarick. Your work is crucial in securing the safety of Nazarick and its denizens in the future, that alone deserves a reward. For that, I will reward you later once your work is complete. But for now, please know that I feel very fortunate to have you all"

Mare stared dumbfounded at Zelphyr, astonished by the unexpected side he had been shown.

"Lord Zelphyr!"

Contrary to his usual timid nature, Mare raised his voice as he addressed Zelphyr.

"We are all so fortunate to have a Supreme Being stay behind even when the others left! Especially one who is so kind and welcoming as you are!"

Mares face was bright red as he finally managed to say what he wished. Immediately after, his timid nature took control as his body seemed to shrink after realising he had just shouted.

Zelphyr smiled warmly and patted Mares head.

"Thank you Mare, from both Nazarick and I."

Saying this, Zelphyr teleported away. The commotion seemed to have attracted some of the denizens from the first floor.

'Hopefully he won't be so nervous around me anymore. Now then, it's time to check on Albedo and Demiurge'

First of all, Zelphyr made his way to the 7th floor, Demiurges domain. This was the area they were most likely to use as Albedo did not have a place of residence herself yet.

After arriving there, he was met by a small contingent of monsters. He paid them no mind as he continued to walk through, these were Demiurges summons. As the security level of Nazarick had been raised, one of the measures was to have all those capable of summoning to do so.

Eventually, Zelphyr arrived at a corner of the domain that seemed to be a residence. It was much more demonic than the rest of the floor, giving it a customised and lived in feel. Entering the room without knocking, he immediately saw 4 figures leave their chairs about to kneel.

"No need to kneel, I am just here to see how everything is progressing"

Zelphyr held out his hand to prevent them from kneeling any further.

"Now then, Albedo, May I hear an update?"

Albedos face lit up when she heard Zelphyr address her. Without delay, she made her way across the room and stood directly next to a seat around the small table, her smile glowed brighter the closer she got to him. Taking the hint, Zelphyr sat down in the seat next to Albedos and turned to face her.

Seeing their lord sit, the members gathered stood still, except for the fidgeting Albedo.

"Take a seat, there is no need to be so distant."

Zelphyr urged them all to sit. As he did, he looked around at the gathered members. There were only 4 members, two of which were Demiurge and Albedo. While, the other two members were demons from Demiurges summons, Greed and Envy.

The 4 sat down, with Albedo deciding to explain.

"Lord Zelphyr, we have set up a web approximately 2 miles outwards from our current position. So far, we have not found anything within our net except for low levelled monsters in the forest."

Zelphyr nodded his head slightly.

"There are no paths or roads?"

Albedo shook her head causing her twin mountains to follow. Zelphyr used his willpower to remain as calm as possible.

He had to admit, as he had not experienced the touch of a woman ever since he met the strange Entity, he found it very hard to stay calm when such an alluring woman pursued him.

'Well she is a succubus after all'

"There are no signs of civilised life yet my Lord, would you like us to expand the net?"

This time Zelphyr shook his head.

"There is no need for that, the net is just a precaution against any approaching threats. We can expand it when we are more knowledgeable of the way this world works."

Although he had some knowledge regarding the dynamics of this world, nothing good would come out of rushing. His experience as a combatant and general exist only in Yggdrasil and theory, thus Zelphyr wanted to have some time to consolidate himself before making any major moves.

"As you command Lord Zelphyr"

Albedo bowed her head slightly with a soft smile upon her lips.

"Albedo, after this, I will be going to do some experimenting. I intend to take either Sebas or a member of the Pleiades with me. If anyone needs me, I would like them to come to you. My experimenting should not take anymore than a day at most, however if a new development happens, alarm me straight away"

Albedo nodded before further questioning Zelphyr.

"Of course Lord Zelphyr, although I would like to speak to you about something when you have any free time"

Zelphyr nodded before standing up, he then turned to Demiurge who had remained silent the entire time.

"Thank you both for your work, Demiurge, Albedo."

Demiurge answered, his expression seemed serene.

"It is an honour to work for our Supreme Being, Lord Zelphyr. I am sure our creators would have wished for that too"

Zelphyr just nodded to his words before teleporting out in search of the Pleiades. An urge inside of him screamed for him to immediately start making plans to dominate this New World, however, he restrained himself.

From what he had researched, the most common way for dictators to die during their rule is by the hands of someone close to them. In this scenario, it would be someone from The Great Tomb of Nazarick for Zelphyr as he has no acquaintances yet in this New World. Therefore, in order to prevent this from happening, he planned to truly gain their approval and devotion through his own actions rather than be over-reliant on their enforced admiration due to their pasts as an NPC. This was the main reason as to why Zelphyr revealed the fact that the other Supreme Beings had left, it was a risky move however it got the Floor Guardians to make their own decision and declaration of subordination without the complete influence of their creators wills.

'Lets go see the sisters'

As per his previous order, the Pleiades were currently guarding the First Floor. As the overseer of the domain, Shalltear was currently patrolling alongside Yuri Alpha. Yuri had decided to honour Shalltears higher position and let her organise where her sisters would be stationed. Ultimately, it ended up fine as everyone was partnered up and ready to act should their Supreme Ruler command.

"Tell me Yuri, have you spoken to Lord Zelphyr yet?"

Shalltear asked curiously. The two ladies had never had a proper conversation, thus she wanted to see her opinion on their lord.

Yuri straightened her glasses and answered.

"Not really spoken to. Lord Zelphyr gave us our emergency orders and left moments after."

Shalltear covered her mouth as a sly grin encroached on her flawless face.

"So you haven't seen Lord Zelphyrs majestic self for more than a few moments, what a shame~"

Yuris expression hardened as she heard the taunting from her supposed superior.

"Lady Shalltear, what could you be implying?"

The severe look from Yuri easily belayed how much she disliked Shalltears attitude, alas the teasing vampire was unfazed.

"I am not implying anything, it is just truly unfortunate you have not been granted the honour of seeing our Lord for more than a couple of minutes, whereas I have had an audience with him. His aura and gaze was enough to make me need to head back to my private chambers for some private time."

Despite her vulgar phrasing, Yuri noticed that Shalltear was gloating at the fact that she had been graced the opportunity of being in Lord Zelphyrs presence whilst Yuri was immediately sent to the First floor. Although she knew that it was not a private meeting with any personal topics, Yuri couldn't help but feel a slight jealousy.

"Lets just continue"

Yuri decided it was best not to offend Shalltear, yet she did not wish to continue hearing her teasing thus she carried on their patrol. Shalltear just chuckled elegantly before walking alongside Yuri.

As they turned the corner, they felt a dense aura from behind them.

Immediately, Shalltears expression lit up as she turned around and started pacing towards the aura. Her arms were wrapped around her chest as she walked, evidently putting pressure on the specific area. Yuri too followed after Shalltear, inwardly preparing herself for the next interaction.

After a minute of walking the maze that is the first floor, Shalltear and Yuri Alpha finally saw the figure of the man they had been looking for. Even with his relatively humanoid appearance, the powerful aura exuding from him could not be fully hidden with just him suppressing it. In truth, both Shalltear and Yuri wondered why he even bothered trying to suppress it, nevertheless neither of them voiced it as there was no way their intelligence could even compare to that of the Supreme Rulers.

"Lord Zelphyr!"

Zelphyr had just started his hunt for the Pleiades when he heard an excited voice call out to him from behind. Without the need to turn around, Zelphyr already knew the identity of the one who called out to him.

"Shalltear, and Yuri, what a pleasant sight to see"

Shalltear grabbed the hem of her dress and bowed in a very lady-like fashion.

"What do you mean Lord Zelphyr?"

Shalltear questioned curiously.

"It is always a pleasant sight to see two beautiful ladies together, especially just after teleporting"

The two ladies were taken aback by Zelphyrs comment, they stared at him in astonishment. Eventually, they recovered, both showing different reactions. A red hue tinted Yuri Alphas now neutral expression, while Shalltears expression blossomed into a bright smile.

"It is good that you're both here actually, would either of you happen to know where Naberal Gamma is?"

Yuris expression returned to her neutral look once more and answered.

"She should be with Lupusregina patrolling the west side of Floor 1, Lord Zelphyr"

Zelphyr smiled at Yuri.

"Thank you Yuri, you have saved me a lot of time. Would you two like to head over there with me?"

Yuri nodded her head diligently. Meanwhile, Shalltear had already situated herself as close as possible to Zelphyr without physically touching each other.

"Let us go then"

Zelphyr started walking towards the west area of the First Floor. Since he had spent basically all of his time in Yggdrasil, Zelphyr knew every pathway as though it was his own bedroom.

Shalltear followed after Zelphyr with a spring in her step, meanwhile, Yuri made sure to walk slightly behind Zelphyr in a show of respect.

Although he did not like the fact that Yuri was acting so serious and distant, he knew it was because of her personality. As a result, Zelphyr slowed down slightly until he was level with the two ladies on each side.

As they walked, Zelphyr made sure to strike conversations with the two, finding out what they had been doing for the past few hours as well as answering any questions they had. By the time the three caught sight of Lupusregina and Naberal, Yuri and Shalltear were a lot more comfortable with both seeming to be slightly disappointed they would be separating from Zelphyr.

When Lupusregina and Naberal felt the suppressed aura, they immediately turned around to see their lord with two glowing beauties by his side.

Lupusregina muttered in a slightly mischievous tone.

"I wonder what made those two glow so brightly"

Catching her sisters comment, Naberal flattened her hand and quickly smacked Lupusregina over the head. It wasn't violent, but from Naberal, it was violently effective.

"Owww, What was that for?"

Lupus turned her head towards Naberal, an accusing expression smearing her pretty face.

"Don't be rude to a Supreme Being"

Lupusregina pouted as she rubbed the affected area.

"I wasn't~ It's just the usually cold Yuri is actually smiling around someone other than her sisters for a change"

Whilst the two were squabbling, Zelphyr had arrived in front of them.

The first thing he did was chuckle. Everyone stared at him in wonder, unaware of the reason for his random chuckling.

"What a lovely relationship you sisters have"

Realising what he was referring to, Lupusregina smiled brightly while Naberals nodded slightly with a neutral expression.

'It still amazes me that they're sisters, they all have such contrasting personalities, but then again, that is part of their allure'

Zelphyr thought to himself as he watched the girls straighten out their clothes.

"Naberal, I would like you to come with me. I have a task for you"

His voice was friendly, yet a commanding undertone was felt by all of those within the area. It was a complete contrast to the welcoming conversation Yuri and Shalltear participated in earlier.

"Of course, Lord Zelphyr"

Naberals expression remained neutral as she answered, but her tone was sincere.

From the side, Shalltears frowned as she heard Zelphyr speak to Naberal exclusively.

"Tch... lucky"

Shalltear murmured under her breath. Her voice was virtually silent, nonetheless both Naberal and Zelphyr heard it.

Zelphyr raised his eyebrows slightly but chose to ignore it. Seeing that her Lord ignored Shalltears comment, Naberal chose to remain silent too.

"Then let us go. We are going to the 6th floor Amphitheatre for some testing"

Saying this, Zelphyr turned and held out his hand.


An ominous purple and black swirling hole opened up from thin air.

Naberal started to follow Zelphyr, passing by Lupusregina who had stood to the side to let her pass.

As she passed, Naberal heard a faint whisper from Lupusregina.

"I want all of the details when I am back~"

Naberal rolled her eyes in exasperation as she followed Zelphyr through the gate.

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