325 The Fishing Stage.

'Damn it, if only they had brains.' Felix cursed in his mind while creating another copy of himself. This time, he ordered it to keep watch on the shell.

Meanwhile, he went to copy the rest of the materials and went to the ocean on his own. He had only one hour to fill the feeding bucket as much as possible before the next stage arrives.

Although ten copies fishing at the same time was already breaking the balance of the game, Felix still wanted to fish personally since those copies could be destroyed anytime by a marine beast or a giant fish that was too much for them.

Naturally, those beasts and fish were nothing before Felix and the rest of the players but in the case of the copies, they would be destroyed quicker than an eyeblink.

This was another weakness as those copies were more like servants to help and not combat ability.

"Switch the camera focus to Landlord!"..."Switch the camera focus to Landlord!"...

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