200 The Driver's Identity!

4 minutes later, in an open desolate grass field, which had obstacles, training dummies, running courses, and such all erected in it, the team was lining up properly while facing Charles and surprisingly the driver, who still had his hat and glasses on.

Felix walked with hurried steps towards them and lined up next to Noah. He glanced around him and saw that no one was in the field beside them and some patrolling soldiers.

After seeing that everyone was here, Charles held his hands behind his back as he said with a stern voice, "Typically, we would have ringed the bell for the juniors to wake up by now. However, after the ambush on the road, we decided to delay it for now until we speak about it."

Charles immediately said after seeing Walton raise his hand, "If you have any questions about the identity of your assailants, keep them to yourself."

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