323 Teleporting on The Rainbow Turtle.

Alas, Felix's fandom couldn't maintain this dominance for too long as every other club leader felt challenged by them. Thus, all of them started chanting their unique cheers created specifically for the idol.

But neither Leader Emma nor the fans cared about it as they had made the entry they wanted for Felix!

"Now now, save your throats until the game begins!" Lisa requested cutely, "We only have 30 minutes of interviews after all."

The spectators started to lower their voices one by one until the stadium was back to its original state. Rowdy and bustling but not outright annoying.

Upon seeing so, Lisa jumped on her commentary platform and snapped her finger with an eager expression.

Immediately after, a wooden broom manifested on her hand. Lisa placed the broom between her legs and jumped in the air under the cheers of the viewers!


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