197 Fuchsia Eagle Wings Substance!

Before the driver could even comprehend his words, Felix jumped from the bus into the dark armored jeep, landing on its roof!

Just as one of the assailants wanted to shot at the ceiling of the jeep, hoping to land a lucky shot on Felix, his gun was pulled down by his ally. "It's too risky. We need him alive to complete the mission."

"Hold tight!" The driver's yell was muffed by his gas mask, which he was wearing.

Not bothering if his allies heard him, he pushed the acceleration pedal to the limit while turning the wheel left and right, zigzagging in the road, aiming to throw Felix away.

They only need him alive not fully intact. This was the reason the driver aimed at Felix's none vitals before.

Unfortunately for the driver, his method bore no fruit as Felix's fingers were too strong, they dug holes in the alloy, making his grip tighter than he had during his battle against Absolute Vision.


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