16 Chapter 15: Fenris

It's finally Monday, and Fenris can't wait to see Annabelle after going two whole days without her. Being separated so quickly after finding out they were mates nearly killed Fenris. She hadn't, and still didn't, agree with what Lily said but she trusted Lily to know what's best.

Walking up to the school Fenris could feel all eyes on her, and it was of course because of the giant grey-black wings on her back. She adjusted her t-shirt, the stares making her very aware of herself. 

She was wearing loose torn up jeans and a baggy t-shirt with the back ripped open for her wings. Her black hair was in straightened down her back. All her school supplies were loosely held in her arms because she couldn't use her backpack anymore. Well she could but it would be on her front but that looks weird. 

She could see many of the new students were shocked by her wings that to them just appeared on her, she didn't care about their stares. It was the older students stares who knew she had wings that irritated her. The wings were not only a symbol of her being a hybrid but also a symbol of her power. Most of the guys would look at her challengingly which sort of amused her because she knew they couldn't win against her. The girls however, would look at her with lust. These girls thought that if they could fuck her she would be theirs. Fenris had never reciprocated any feelings for these girls but that didn't stop them, they just kept asking her for sex and even threw themselves at her.

With Fenris having found Annabelle she was worried of two things. One, that all the girls trying to get with Fenris would drive Annabelle away, or Annabelle would think Fenris slept with them. Or two, the girls, mainly Ashley, Kirsty, and Kendall, would bully Annabelle and drive her away.

Fenris had to find a way to make sure none of that would happen and Annabelle would always be by her side.

Shaking her head to clear the negative thoughts Fenris put her stuff in her locker before she went to the cafeteria. Walking in she didn't see Annabelle or Ray, who would have driven her to school because of Mary. Fenris pulled out her phone and texted Ray, seeing as she didn't have Annabelle's number.

F: Ray where are u? Your driving Mary and Annabelle to school right?

R: Aww looks like someone's eager to see someone special!:)

F: >:(

R: Don't be like that Fenny

F: Ray are you or not

R: I don't think I should tell you :P

F: Ray!

R: Say sorry.

F: What?!

R: Say sorry or I won't tell u

Fenris growled at her phone getting frustrated, [All I want is a straight answer. Why is that so hard?] 

F: Sorry

R: Haha I know you don't mean it but it's funny how quickly your whipped by this girl

R: I am driving them. Just waiting on Annabelle to finish getting dressed.

F: Thanks

R: :)

Fenris groaned and put her phone away. Going over to a table she pulled out a chair and sat down, waiting for Annabelle to get here.


Fifteen minutes. It's been fifteen minutes and Annabelle wasn't here yet. At this point Fenris could feel her patience had almost disappeared.

Standing up Fenris walked out of the cafeteria deciding to go to the p.e. center of the school.

Clearwater had an entire building renovated to be a sort of indoor obstacle course. It was even larger than the main school building, technically it was big enough to hold about four football stadiums, it cost millions to make the center but it was necessary. The center had to be this size because it's considered the safest place to shift, not only for the few hundred students but also for the larger supernaturals like the dragons or the students with the most noticeable shift like the faeries. 

The center had a stream, it's own little forest, and even a meadow with wildflowers. The main point was to get supernatural teens ready for combat in their truest form, but it was also a nice place to wander and relax which meant it was open before and after school.

Needing to relax Fenris quickly got to the center's doors and went in, texting Ray where she'll be and to head there when he gets to school.

Walking around Fenris could hear the gentle lap of the water in the stream start to relax her. She stretched her wings to their full extent which was about twenty feet long, each wing being roughly ten feet, and felt the tips of her feathers brush against the trees. 

Not being able to scent anyone else in the building Fenris decided to truly spread her wings. Noticing a clearing in the trees she took off running and jumped, quickly flapping her powerful wings she broke through the canopy and soared. It wasn't the most ideal for truly wanting to fly, but it was a good place for when you wanted to zone out.

Fenris had been flying around for a few minutes when she smelled it, Almond and apple, Annabelle. She quickly circled around and headed in the direction of the scent. Eventually she saw Mary, Ray and Annabelle all walking around and most likely looking for her. Smiling she descended and dropped down a few feet in front of them.

Both Mary and Annabelle jumped when she dropped down in front of them, Mary even let out a shriek making Ray laugh. Fenris spared them a single glance before she was walking up to Annabelle.

Annabelle was wearing a light Grey hoodie with jeans, her wavy brown hair was braided on the side. [She looks even more beautiful today. How is that possible.]

Fenris quickly wrapped Annabelle in a hug, snuggling her head into her neck breathing in her sweet scent. She could feel Annabelle relax into her hold which made her smile.

"Good morning beautiful." Fenris whispered.

"Hi." Annabelle whispered back, her breath hitting Fenris' collarbone and sending shivers down her back.

"How was your weekend?"

Annabelle almost immediately went completely rigid in her arms at the question. Pulling back Fenris looked down at her, but Annabelle refused to meet her eyes.

"Annabelle? What's wrong? Did something happen?" Fenris questioned, starting to freak out a little at the thought something had happened to Annabelle.

Annabelle ignored her questions and instead turned to her sister and Ray who were a few feet away. "Could you two leave? I need to talk to Fenris."

Mary looked at the two of them with a questioningly look but then grabbed Ray's hand and started walking to the doors. "We'll be in the cafeteria when you're done." she said over her shoulder.

Finally alone Annabelle turned back to Fenris. Sighing, she removed herself from Fenris' hold, stopping her with a hand to the chest when Fenris went to hold her again. "Fenris we need to talk."

We need to talk. No conversation ever goes good when those words come up. "What do we need to talk about?" Fenris asked nervously.

Annabelle wrapped her arms around herself and looked down at the grass. "Fenris, I feel-I know I feel a strong bond with you."

Fenris cut her off, "Our mate bond." she said with a smile.

Annabelle cringed at that. Taking a deep breath she continued, "I don't think it's a mate bond. Maybe we just, I don't know, are destined to be in each other's lives, as friends."

At that Fenris could practically feel her heart starting to crack. "No." she shook her head violently. "We are mates. Your touch causes sparks, your scent calms my beasts, you consume my mind and all I want to do is love you." Fenris grabbed Annabelle and crashed the short girl into her, holding her with all her might. "We are mates."

"We don't have mate marks." Annabelle said, trying to pull herself out of her hold.

"I've been looking into that. I don't have anything solid yet, but I do have a few possibilities on why that is." Fenris said desperately, not letting go of her mate, her happiness.

"I have no mark which means I haven't found my mate. You, Fenris, are not my mate." Annabelle said with finality, using all her strength to escape Fenris' arms.

"Annabelle, please, don't do this." Tears were starting to form at the corner of Fenris' eyes.

Wrapping her arms back around herself Annabelle turned her back on Fenris. "I'm sorry Fenris. I'm really sorry."

"Please. I want to love you for the rest of my life. I want to get married and be a mother to our kids. I want to see you on your brightest days and on your darkest. I want to be the reason you smile. All I want is to love you. Please let me." Her final plea had the tears Fenris tried to hold back fall from her crimson-gold eyes.

Still turned away Annabelle's shoulders had started shaking, but she never turned back around. "Goodbye Fenris." With those two words she ran for the door and out of Fenris' sight.

Fenris fell on her knees, her heart breaking and tears running down her face blurring her vision.

[No, please. Goddess please. I just got her, I can't lose her this quickly. Please Goddess help me, I need her. I need to get her back.]

In the middle of her tears and anguish Fenris prayed to the Goddess for advice on how to get her mate back, because even through the haze of heartbreak she could still feel that Annabelle did truly feel that they were mates.

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