1 Tired

Like many others Daniel White had lived a life filled with debt. To even get a job one must go to college. Though he was smart enough to get some scholarships it was nowhere near the amount needed to obtain a degree. College had cost him 80,000. Eighty flipping thousand dollars!!!! The college wasn't even a prestige one either. And just like many others Daniel had to take a loan out at the age of 18. Soon after graduation he had a job offer though it wasn't a high paying, it still was enough to pay off the monthly bills.

This type of story happens all over the country and many times people fall into a never ending hole, and soon enough many of the people snapped. First started with protest, then riots, then came the rebellion.

It was bloody to say the least. War is war, there is no beautifying the death of another person. Sadly when the civil war broke out and like many others I, I mean Daniel had to learn how to fight. Paid for fighting lessons, mostly boxing and tai chi. Tai chi was more for meditating and trying not to go insane in the already crazy world.

The reality is... no matter how I fought with my fist... a gun will always win. I who had just wanted to go home and rest after work. I who had to face the same problems as them, was killed by accident. I was so powerless, there was no saving a girl from getting shot, no pushing a child out of the way of a truck, I was just shot while walking home from work. I never wanted die nor did I want to live. Laying on the ground bleeding out, slowly dying. Fuck I feel so powerless. Damn it, I'm so tired I just want to rest my eyes.....


What language is that? I have never heard of any language even similar to that. As I try to open my eyes I see a women who looks around 20, she isn't a beauty but definitely above average.


Before I could even think about trying to process anything I got hit on the back.

"Waaaaa waaaaaa" 'F************k' Why'd you hit me like that?' Wait.... why are my hands so small. Before I can think of anything I start to doze off...

———4 weeks later————

Being a baby is challenging, though I had learned a lot about this world including how more advance it is. Surprisingly technology isn't the only thing that had advanced... magic. There is magic in this world, but it is a very different from the magic I know from my previous life. Magic hear is dependent on your monster or to be exact your partner. Though that's all I know judging from what parents had said. I'm not exactly sure on how magic is produced. For an example if fire needs a source does the source need to be an actual item or is it the power given from your soul, or whatever else you draw it from. Or does your mana or soul control the oxygen to feed the fire? There are so many rules that I don't know and I can't find out since I can't read.

":)|^{^}># Daniel^}>]+"

Ahhh my mom has called me. Her voice is kind of soft and kind. Compared to my father who has a bit of hoarse and deep voice. Speaking of which my family seems to be on the wealthier side, well at least to my standards. My father has a job to deal with monsters??? I really have no clue. I just see him from time to time taking care of a horse that kinda looks like a beast from a movie about blue cat people. They seem to have an water ability, considering that they had shot a couple of water jets at my dad when they were startled.

———3 months later———

I think I'm learning faster then other children. Which is something I want but not something I want to show. When I was trying to walk, I had done as much muscle training as I can sell as much as a baby can. Which is mostly just raising my arms, and kicking my legs around. Being a baby isn't bad, I get to eat and walk around our huge house. Maybe it's only big cause I'm so small.... But the most embarrassing thing was sucking on my mom's tits, which I got used to, but still really awkward. Even though I don't have the urges it seems my mind has reverted back to a baby state. Also my moms a botanist or something similar. She usually works with plants and puts into machines that seem to record their behavior or structure?? I really don't know, I can't read what the words say, but luckily it seems as if the alphabets are the same as English so it shouldn't take to long to understand. Hopefully.....

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