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Super Soldier System


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My name is Jun, 23, Male and Single. My sole dream is being a super soldier, going out in dangerous missions in 'FULL TACTICAL' gear. My hobbies are competitive shooting, baking and martial arts. And now my dream is coming true by coming to this world. But... Jun:"Why do i have to learn Urban Planning?!" System:"Because then you'd know where the enemy could be, learn of all possible infiltration, extraction and evacuation points" Next Lesson... Jun:"Why Architecture?!?!" System:"So you'll know where to put the bombs to demolish a building" ... Jun:"Interior Design!?!?!?" System:"So you'll be-" ... Butler:"Your Majesty... what are you doing...?" Jun:"I'm making fricking muffins and no one's gonna stop me!" And that is how a Super Soldier is made


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