258 The Only Chance

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Situ Xiang did not know what to say. She wanted to win more than anybody. However, the gap between the two teams was too big.

Situ Xiang had no clue herself as to how to beat the strongest military school. But as a coach, she could not tell her team that they had no hope.

After watching the first match of the Alliance Central Military Academy, Situ Xiang had to say that this was probably the best team the archery tournament had ever seen.

With the monster Jing Jiwu and other players like Qin Cheng, the team was so strong that it was beyond her imagination.

"If you really want to win, there is only one way." Situ Xiang pondered for a while and said to Han Sen.

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In fact, Situ Xiang had thought about this match a million times. But no matter what decision she made, she thought they would still lose.

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