140 Meeting Ji Yanran Again

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"You are a student?" Luo Xiangyang asked.

"Hello, I am Han Sen. I have just entered the Heavy Warframe Society. Are you also in our society? I have never met you. Your skills are amazing. Could you teach me when you have time?" Han Sen said with a smile.

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"You just entered the Heavy Warframe Society? You are a freshman?" Luo Xiangyang could not believe that he was just sparring with a freshman.

"Yes, I joined our society seven or eight days ago," replied Han Sen..

"Have you ever driven a heavy warframe before?"

"No. Before I was using the training warframes at school to practice and only had the opportunity to use a heavy warframe after I joined the society. It is much harder than using a training warframe and I have not made much progress. You on the other hand are so much better. I had to shapeshift using a beast soul to hang in there," explained Han Sen.

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