252 Four-Day Deluxe Couple’s Tour

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Originally, Han Sen wanted to wait and see how it went. However, he now had every drive to beat the Alliance Central Military Academy.

Thinking of the four-day deluxe couple's tour, and his sexy, beautiful girlfriend, Han Sen felt his blood was boiling.

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The reason Ji Yanran wanted Han Sen to beat Jing Jiwu was that last year when she led the team of Hand of God, they lost to Jing Jiwu and stopped before entering the top 16.

Woman were vengeful creatures, and Han Sen's team happened to be running into Jing Jiwu. Obviously, Ji Yanran did not want her boyfriend to lose to the same person.

Eyes on the bonus, Han Sen researched many videos of Jing Jiwu's previous matches..

Han Sen had to admit that Jing Jiwu was very strong. He could barely find any flaw. It was almost impossible to beat the guy through his weaknesses.

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