128 A Skulk of Foxes

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Han Sen and Gambler exchanged a look and ran after her, in case of any accident.

Wang Mengmeng's fighting skills were impressive. She could even match the mutant creature using several hyper geno arts.

The rest were going in left and right, trying to outflank the creature.

The mutant creature seemed to have quite some wisdom and simply fled when seeing through the team's intention. It was also exceptionally fast and was 50 feet away in an instant.

"Stop!" Wang Mengmeng quickly summoned her sacred-blood mount, a bear with silver white fur and raced off on its back.

Then everyone was on the mount, trying to keep up with Wang Mengmeng.

But the mutant creature was running quite fast and after a while, they started to fall farther behind.


Wang Mengmeng felt anxious and urged her bear to run faster.

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"Wang Mengmeng, do not chase it on your own. It is too dangerous," cried Gambler.

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