1 Prologue

In 2756 AD, humans finally achieved sublight speed flight, thus beginning the era of truely interstellar colony.

After more than 100 years of scientific and technological progress, in 2874 AD, humans mastered the theory of interstellar space jump.

17 years later, the three most technologically advanced nations jointly developed the diachronic advanced spaceship Exploration, which was the first spacecraft capable of space jump.

The launch of Exploration indicated the beginning of the golden age of the interplanetary exploration by human beings.

In 3205 AD, humans discovered a kind of advanced alien beings for the first time.

Due to the human colonization, wars were triggered between humans and the alien beings. After interstellar warfare lasted for more than one century, humans had painfully discovered that, on the level of war, they were not opponents of the alien beings.

For the fragility and shortness of human life, and the great development of material civilization after colonization, human beings were too lazy to give birth, and were indulged in material enjoyment. Additionally, the war had killed a large number of young adults.

A large number of colonial planets were also under the control of the alien beings for the failure of the war. Humans were facing unavoidable crisis of extinction.

Human beings were divided into several factions in the face of crisis, including the hawk, the dove, the escaper and the pessimist. The hawk finally won the support of most people.

The hawk reintegrated Earth and formally established Interstellar Alliance and Cosmic Coalition Forces Command(CCFC). All humans on the colonial planets must obey the command of CCFC.

Centered on Earth, the CCFC set up overlapping layers of defense, and greatly expanded their armaments. To delay the offensive of the alien beings, The CCFC stationed the most powerfull interstellar fleet at the forefront.

In order to solve the problem of the fragility of human life, they also established the Human Science & Technology Evolution Research Institute and Human Space Science & Technology Research Institute on Earth, which bringing all the top scientists then together to conduct research on human evolution and try to find ways help human get rid of fragility and aging.

In 3669 AD, an exploration spacecraft found a strange liquid on an unknown planet far away.

The spacecraft encountered meteor shower when returning home, all the explorers were lost. After the ambulance arrived, the liquid was sent back to Earth.

By the analysis and research in Human Science & Technology Evolution Research Institute, this liquid was proved to be a substance that had never been seen before.

In an accidental experiment, scientists discovered that this liquid could not only be absorbed by the human body, but also make the human body evolve automatically.

This discovery shocked the entire scientific community. For this reason, the Interstellar Alliance sent a large number of expedition spaceships in search of the unknown planet, but eventually all returned without success, and the unknown planet disappeared into the universe.

The alliance brought together numerous top scientists and after endured ten years of unremitting efforts, this liquid was successfully synthesized. This new substance was named Hope No. 1 and its name was Evolution No. 1 among the scientists.

Humans thus began their own evolutionary history of life.

In 3700 AD, the Interstellar Alliance officially decided that all citizens must inject K14 at the age of 18. Some people called it Hope No. 14 and some people called it Evolution Agent No. 14.

In less than a year, all people between 18 and 68 years old in the alliance had been injected with this evolutionary agent.

Two years later, most people found that a new self had appeared, and the body had become extremely strong. The speed of running, the agility of the body, the ability to learn, etc. all had been greatly improved. And more importantly, super evolvers even appeared. .

Although the number of super evolvers was only a few, they had shown a greater prospect for evolution, and the entire human race had shown a state that was full of vigour and vitality which never had been seen before.

In the year 3743, the Cosmic Coalition Forces Command launched a counterattack against the alien beings. This time, the coalition forces achieved their first victory and chased away the alien beings to the edge of the Milky Way.

The battle was stalemated there. The coalition forces were stationing heavy troops to defend, and both sides were accumulating strength and waiting for the next war. Interstellar Alliance was also eager to find a more effective evolutionary way as soon as possible.

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