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Xia Zhong Cang Jian

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Synopsis from amazon - Chen Fan, an ordinary college student majored in marine biology obtained the ability of cloning an electric eel from an accident. He used his professional knowledge and cultivated the electric eel into a sea creature adapting to the sea. He put the electric eel into the sea to fight with the shark and search for sunken treasure; he defeated the boss Wei who dominated the market and registered the Ocean Storm Company dealing with seabed salvage service and marine life capture. ----------- Gotta say, after reading 'I can turn into a fish', my interest in these kinds of novel has piqued to a certain degree. Let's wait and see how it turns out.


Author Lvl: Great Notable work: Monster Factory No of Works: 2 Website: Qidian CN Status: Complete Views: 5.28 million+ Recommendation: 0.31 million+ Rating: 8.7/10 from 480 readers Discussion/Comments: 94 Word count: 0.76 million+ Chapters: 256 Stats may not be reliable for this novel because it's old and also this novel is the first novel on this site for the author of 'Monster Factory'.


When you're Somali and see this..., anyway from the synopsis it's probably gonna be the same as I'm Really A Superstar and Fishing the Myriad Heavens.


I started this story with some expectation, but honestly I'm very disappointed. The translation quality and stability are fine for now, but the development of the story, character design and world background are basically rubbish. The way he earns his power is interesting and by reading you feel as if there really is some sense, rather than just being random; but after that the story stops being good. There are many flaws in the character's day-to-day logic. He is in a marine biology university, and although he has claimed to not be a good student before, he has the mind of someone at age 8. He is always having random lascivious thoughts with women he knows, and he does not expect them to get angry. He has the habit of speaking aloud his ridiculous thoughts without even checking if anyone is listening. He was frightened in an extremely ridiculous way when he shouted nonsense on the beach and a woman heard and was angry, further stating that it is normal to imagine that she was a ghost (consideration: this woman was 'coincidentally' a police beauty, extremely nosy in the life of others). The view of foreigners from the author's point of view is also at least questionable. It looks like it will become a Chinese ultra-nationalist novel too. Anyway, strongly recommend not to read.


This is one of "THE MOST RACIST" chinese novel that i ever read. Have you read god and devil world? This trash is at another level. Myanmar, Vietnam, Japan, Muslim, even black poeple get "trashy" content in this novel. Its so disgusting. Really, this is Qidian International, not ur fcking chinese Qidian, so stop publishing this kind of racist trash in this site. If you wanna read this trash, beware.


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The translator is good but the mc is terrible and the story is not good itself, is full of nonsense and anyone with a bit of knowledge about biology will hate this. And i will not talk about the mc misoginity and nationalistic tendencies


You know what, i am not even going to bother reading this. The writing format is nothing but a huge wall of text. This is just unreadable, and thus sadly one star. Please get your **** togheter or get an editor


What an eye opening for me. This novel made me speechles. I mean everyone except chinese in this novel is a bastard, retard, idiot, criminal, or maybe more extreme (animal perhaps). Iam not joking, everyone beside the chinese poeple is just like that. Savage. Well i understand IF this novel only avaible for chinese poeple, but come on. This is International server for Qidian, yet the translator and editor publishing this kind of Hard Racist story? Really? Are you lost your mind translator? also for you poeple who is "ok" with the racism in this novel : Well, i hope one day you will feel it how to be treated like that. And you gonna cry like a baby, and i will smile here. :)


A fantastic reboot of I Can Turn Into a Fish, this one reimagines the series with an electric eel protagonist - a sleeker and much more marketable mascot. Think of pikachu, but slimier and oh-so-cuddly.


Not gonna bother wasting my time just gonna warn those people who have high expectation to this story Read At Your Risk the mc doesn't know how to think this is a rip-off version of I Can Turn Into A Fish except it's like understanding a person that has down syndrome


fcking racist propaganda novel...........................................................................................................................................................................


I'm an Indian btw but I'll be open minded for now and won't berate the novel without reading it. Lol the appearance of the synopsis has created a battle between people who think the novel is racist and the ones that don't. Other than that I do not know about the story so for now I'll give an average review.


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.... Ya not wasting my time with a book with so many fake reviews. Just shows that its overall bad. And reading the comment that give it low stars show you that the story just dumb really.. Oh well another story only put on here for money. Yaya......


The MC is incredibly unsympathetic. His actions, thinking, and behavior make him unlikable. The author's struggle to give proper scientific explanations to fantasy-like developments make the whole story awkward. I do not recommend it.


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How dare this author to be racist?! Let's kill him for the glory of 'nationname'. I wonder why so much people hate racism in chinese novels (I mean, most people fine with racism in JP/EN novels) and in same time they enjoy movies such as Rambo. Btw this is not racism but a nationalism.


My 1st review got deleted anyways I decided to write another one. 1st of all the author is really racist. I admit there are other stories in which authors occasionally put down people of other countries, but this one novel you can not just ignore it as the author is super racist. Every other chapter it's a new country and its people, and the author like dehumanizing these foreign people. Like their lives are worthless, they are all scumbags because he (MC) saw handful of them doing criminal activity. If you are a reader who are from the following countries Myanmar, Vietnam, Japan, Somalia or if you are Muslim. Then I suggest skipping this story.


From the sypnosis the MC can controll eels or something and people can hire him. Can I hire to look for bikini botom? I want that craby patty formula sir!