572 Kuroba Kaito Wearing a Green Hat?

On the other hand....

Kuroba Kaito quickly watches detective Conan, perhaps after tracing the previous plot, and understands the truth that Kudo Shinichi became a child. He saw Edogawa Conan name in the guild.

"Black Organization! After swallowing a small pill, he can become a child? This is completely unreasonable."

"Kudo Shinichi! I didn't expect this to happen to him."

Kuroba Kaito didn't know what to say.

But at this time, Kuroba Kaito also understood why the people in the Super Dimensional Guild said that he might be related to Kudo Shinichi.

Only because the appearance of the two was indeed very similar, in terms of wearing the same clothes. Even Kuroba Kaito himself couldn't see any difference.

"I wouldn't really have a blood relationship with this guy named Kudo Shinichi? Not! This kind of thing can't happen no matter how I think about it?!"

Kuroba Kaito shook his head quickly.

However, even though he was calm on the surface, he was still very shocked in his heart, and finally made a decision, "After returning, look for information in this area."

Although Kuroba Kaito felt that the two of them looked similar was just a coincidence, but just in case. Who knows what happened before he was born?

Could there have been a big mistake that year, but it was hidden by his family?

When he thought of this, Kuroba Kaito face turned green.


As for Conan, when he entered the memory copy column and saw the detective Conan memory copy, his expression was stunned for the first time. He finished watching the scene where he was arranged by the man in black to swallow the medicine.

In the end, Conan watches the memory copy and sees a lot of things that haven't happened yet.

"Memory science that predicts the future?"

Conan stepped back and looked at the memory of the other copies in the guild. He just clicked a few and saw the incredible power displayed in this memory copy.

"A memory copy is the past and future of a world! And this copy of the memory, there are many worlds with high-level supernatural powers! That's what happened, it turned out that the previous situation was like this."

Conan finally enlightened.

No wonder he works hard to find information about supernatural powers in the real world. All the supernatural powers in Haibara Ai come from another world? If he could find it, then he had seen a ghost.

"If everything is as I calculated, then being able to join this guild might be the greatest fortune of my life!"


Su Han chatted in the guild for a while, and found that the number of chats had decreased.

"Most likely they saw a copy of the memory, and some people have to play the YGGDRASIL game."

Su Han also immediately left the guild chat room. He had noticed that Ram and Rem had returned and were currently cooking in the kitchen.

Su Han walked out of the room and sat on a chair at the dining table. This happened by the time Ram came out with the dish.

"Master, it just so happened that you came out this time!" Ram puts the food on the table. Usually Ram went to Su Han, but rarely did Su Han go out alone.

"It just so happens that my business is done!" Su Han then turned his gaze to Akame and Kurome who were sitting next to each other, like they were thinking about something.

"What is this aura?" Su Han noticed that there was a very familiar aura about the two of them. He immediately used Kenbunshoku Haki to wrap the two of them, and he looked at the bodies of the two.

"Your combat effectiveness has been raised to the Grandmaster realm, right?" Su Han said with certainty.

Akame raised her head in a daze and looked around. When she noticed that Su Han eyes were on her and Kurome body, she responded. "What? I have reached the Grandmaster realm now, isn't this impossible?"

Su Han: "..."

At what level of your strength, do you have no consciousness in your heart?

"We are still vulnerable under Rem hands!" Kurome slowly said.

Su Han looked at Rem and felt that Rem also had Dragon Ball World Ki. "In terms of combat effectiveness, Rem can be considered the strongest Grandmaster strong. It is normal for you to lose under his hands!"

Akame: "..."

Kurome: "..."

In order to increase their strength and return to their own world, they did their best. As a result, they were reminded in the end that they had touched this state unknowingly? !

The two of them looked at Rem sadly. But they found that Rem was also dumbfounded.

"What? Am I already comparable to Peak Grandmaster? Increasing so fast? Impossible!"

"If my perception is not wrong, you are indeed comparable to a peak Grandmaster now!" Su Han said very tactfully. But there is also a fluctuation in his heart, and they have developed the Ki of the Dragon Ball World, has their combat effectiveness reached this point?

Yes, it's not that the realm has reached the peak of Grandmaster, but that Rem current comprehensive combat strength is comparable to that of Peak Grandmaster.

Even Su Han had to sigh that the Dragon Ball World martial arts were too special to upset the balance.

"Besides people getting sick and dying, and not prolonging their lifespan, the Ki in the Dragon Ball World is absolutely perfect!" Su Han sighed with emotion.

He could finally understand why Frieza was so obsessed with immortality. The immortal body is matched with Ki in the Dragon Ball World to make up for its final shortcoming.

[Translator note: I don't really like the MC of this novel, he is already very strong and can even destroy planets, but why did he force Ram, Rem, Akame and Kurome to become stronger? Isn't he the one who fights in the end? The MCs even forbade Akame and Kurome to return to their world! Fuck you MC! Besides that, the MC here is really stingy, every time he finishes a mission he never sends a red envelope containing points but snatches a red packet sent by other members and even in his heart he looks down on them! The MC also never asked Ram and Rem for a date in the spiritual energy world, they were treated like slaves! If the MC is lustful, he will make love like a dog horny, then ignore Ram and Rem, the MC never takes them to the cinema, amusement park and others]

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