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Summoners System What the Fuck


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Keiren Kendrall is living a normal life. Like everyone else, he has a job, friends, and a wonderful fiance but the Day of his wedding is not really what he had hoped for, first he gets stuck in the traffic OK bad Luck, then he accidentally summons a giant eagle. A talking giant eagle to be more precise. Then the giant talking eagle taxi left for the wedding, but the worst is right after the wedding an angry-looking Woman blasted herself into his life and he and his friends get sucked into a black hole on a wave of curses... And this is where my story will begin I hope you will enjoy it, it will be the first book that will be published by me so please cut me some slack and give me some useful feedback so that this story can grow better. Important to say is that I do not try to put an end to this story so as long as there is an inspiration I will gladly write this story. I hope you enjoy it and have fun reading it. // the picture isn't mine. if it is yours and you do not want it to be used in this way please contact me. //


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