Summoner of Fairytail (On-hold and Re-writing) Book

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Summoner of Fairytail (On-hold and Re-writing)


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There is such a magic Based on card magic, referring to the call of Protoss magic, imitating the imaginary creation of the arc of manifestation Supplemented by various magical effects, various monsters with magical powers are created. This magic is called “Summoning Card” by Calvin The man who created such magic is Pierce Eledrial! Pierce then passed the magic to his grandson Calvin This is a story called Calvin Eledrial the summoner of the Fairytail -×- (Translate by me) -info- Author: Mournful prime minister Sauce: Mtl(search name "summoner of the fairy tail) -×- Ps: I owned nothing except the translation. Don't forget to read my other work.


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