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What is SULTAN

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In the Northern Nigeria, where we situate our scene, two royal households of different tribes; both are emphatically aristocrats. Although, one is more superior than the other in power. The enmity which was established by their forefathers runs deep like the stream of life that runs through their veins. The venom of hatred spreads through their minds like a plague, resulting into a tribal massacre. On the verge of war, an antidote was provided to bury the generational strife which is an arranged marriage between the offsprings of both households. However, the prince of Sokoto sultanate loves another girl with all his heart and soul. A girl from a different geo-political zone, different religion and belief. A girl who imbibes a different culture; a girl who doesn’t belong to an aristocrat family. Would their love triumph over the difference between them in the midst of a tribal massacre? Or would the difference dwarf the height of their love?

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historical based reading? i love those, though the dialogs are long, the writing is nice and quite easy to digest . keep up the good work!!!


You have a good story line great concept and confident scenes.; the fights accurate descriptions attention to minuscule details. Absolute perfect timing introduction of the characters readers easily grasp what their behavior should be or would develop as the story progresses. Captivating and I love it!


The storyline really caught my attention! The usage of words are seriously good. After reading the first few chapters, I instantly added it to my reading list haha! Can't wait for the next chapter! Good work author!! :)


This work definitely strikes a different cord than the others. Exceptional skills and consistent writing. I specially recommend this if you are trying to read something new. Keep up with good work👍👍


I’ve read so many books, and this has to be one of the most elaborated world building ever. You can tell that the author did their intensive research to craft such a detailed universe, and the prologue has helped me to be more immersive into the plot, and to understand the war raging on like as if I’m reading a history textbook. Continue with your chapters and loving your writing style 👍🏼


The story is pretty amazing, the way the author shows it in the synopsis already made you excited... it made you wonder how the story will go on... A historical love story with a lot of this... the first page is introducing the meanings which I can see the author thought much for the readers to connect to the Story... The second one is the real start... if you guys looking for a spicy romance with historical background... you should try this one... Kudos to the author!!!


this was a good story of history. i was fond of reading history story coz it bring me to that time. and of course was putting myself inside the story it was interesting


The synopsis is extremely interesting. Captivating story from the beginning, cant wait for more uploads. Characters are relatable and I grew fond of them as the story developed. Well written and easy to read. Excellent novel, well done. [img=recommend]


The book is superb and I love it,nice setting,nice everything I really love it and I will recommend such a book for all readers,you will really enjoy reading it and I can't wait for more. Keep it up author💯🤛🤜👍👊


I like the writing style and idea behind the novel, I would definitely suggest reading it especially if you’re looking for a new and exciting story


Wow, an impressive read and immense detail to character development and world building. A well written historical story full of culture and a love story to defy all odds. I highly recommend this book!!


The book is really nice and it caught my attention immediately I sighted it,the plot,the storyline,the arrangement,the background,everything about it is very good. It has everything a good book should contain.


So far the plot is good. The author obviously did tons of research and is very knowledgeable. This is overall impressive and enjoyable. I can't wait to read more and more. keep it up author.


wow this is the first time I come across my language reading good luck author and I hope you get tons of views likes and review good job and always update more


It's a refreshing plot line for me because I never read historical romance and looking forward for more chapters..... seriously awesome plot line and authors writing skills are amazing...good luck author👏💜😊


Nice work! I do recommend this story for its beautiful construction and narration. I also love the characterization and the plot of the story which give me chills. Interesting!


love the story , it is too intense and too unique ! I would say you made a very very great job on making this story , can't wait to know more about it💋


overall i just love the story and the summary is so interesting .. i think the reason why i enjoy this novel so much its because it is historical and nice work author!


First of all, the English was excellent. Just reading the description you can tell that it's a good story. The first part is well-defined. The author did an amazing job. I can say it's not just good, it's a masterpiece. Keep it up!👍


I have no words to describe this book. Just a few chapters in and it's so captivating. I recommended this. Good job author.👊👊👍👍👍👏👏👏👏


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