41 Bonus Chapter - Unlovable

Megan, age twenty seven.

"That was...wow...seriously? that's what you have to say for yourself? We're done Kyle, just go... " I was upset with him. Kyle was my steady boy friend number...I was not even counting anymore. They would all end the same way, as they said that they were sorry for loosing my money on their so called investments, or that they needed it for their car, their apartment, their parents, I've heard them all. They would all say that they would get the money back, but they would eventually asked for more, and that was when I cut them lose.

They would get close to me cause of my money, though I was surely not lacking in that division, but I was feeling more and more insecure with myself. Olga would always comfort me as she sneakily told me that I need to get wasted and find myself a rebound guy.

And every time I would succumbed to her talk, and that night we were high on our drinks, dancing the night away, while her guards were on standby. I do feel safe with her, she was like my security blanket. While other women choose to stay at home and pity themselves after each breakup, and cry, and put on weights by eating ice cream, I opted to grab my Olga and hours later we were heavily intoxicated and dancing our ass off.

That night we went to babes, her cousin Max's stripper joint, saying that she was bored with our usual clubbing scenes. But I knew that she was eyeing Luka that worked there, so I just smirked and go with her. 

"Come Megs, I'm not feeling like watching women's crotch. Lets just go sit on one of the VIP lounge..." she was dragging me to the lounge but her eyes were all over the place, I'm guessing that she was looking for Luka. 

But then her brother came to our seats, I rolled my eyes immediately knowing that he would flirt with me. He had been trying to get in my pants for months. But I don't like to mix business with pleasure, and since I was doing their legal part of the business, that means that he was off limits for me, not to mention that he was my best friend's brother, no matter how tall and handsome he was.

Olga saw him coming then decided to leave me alone with Nikolai, while she went to the back office saying something about needing to talk to Luka.

What the fuck?

"You know that she's crushing on Luka right?" I told him as he sit his sexy ass beside me. He just shrugged and smirked at me.

"Luka knows what he will be dealing with, if he hurt our precious Olga." He started talking while calling out to one of the waiter and ordered his drink. She was shamelessly flirting with him in front of me. 

Wow...horny much woman?

But he was flirting back to her making me sipped my drink thirstily. Men! 

"You might want to slow down on your drink there Megan..." he told me smugly. I shrugged and keep on drinking, I was never the kind of woman that would do as they were told. Nikolai bravely took my glass and set it aside, but then I look at him raising my eyebrow and then took his glass that had just arrived and drink down his malt. I was squinting my eyes as I felt the burn in my throat.

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He was looking at me worried until I started laughing then cursing on his drink, and then he was laughing together with me. 

"Now there...let me kiss the burn away for you." He told me as he cup my cheek and lowered his lips to mine.

I was caught of guard as he swiftly brush his lips to mine. He tasted like the malt that I just drink down. I moaned his name seconds later, then his grip was tighter around my body. He was groaning when Olga slapped his head from behind him.

"Brother! Stop it! She's my best friend and she had just broken up, this is our night. She needs me not you..." Olga was babbling, then scooting in between in us. I was flushed and embarrassed at myself and drink down the rest of my drink. And I was suddenly queasy.

Wrong move woman!

"Crap...Olga I need to..." I was feeling the liquid coming up to my throat as I got up too quickly, then Nikolai was suddenly by my side and pick me up and took me to a private bathroom. He was holding my hair as I throw up.

"You should really eat before you girls start drinking, that's it Olga, I'm taking her back. You can ask Luka to take you home, and tell him I'll have his balls if he tries anything stupid with you." Olga was smiling then pouting second later as Nikolai told her to warn Luka. I was about to smile when I feel another wave of queasiness hit my head then I throw up some more.

Nikolai stayed with me the whole night that day, and he was taking care of me and finally sleep by my side until morning came along. 

"Nikolai? what...did we? shit?" I cursed when I felt the nasty headache were pounding on my head. He slowly pulled me to his naked chest and give me an aspirin with a glass of water.

"No we didn't you were fast a sleep, not that I wouldn't want to with that sexy body of yours, but I'm willing to wait Megan. Rest now, I'll see what I can do about coffee and breakfast." He was up flashing me his sexy manly back, with his pants hung low in his hips.

From that morning, we were a couple. I was convincing myself that he was my rebound, though he ended up to be one of my longest relationship, I felt secured, cared, and he had no money issues as he was perfectly loaded with his mafia money.

Things were finally falling together, until one dreadful day I found him fucking his stripper, he kept coming back saying that he was drunk, but I knew that he was bored already with me. Olga cursed his brother to hell and back, and she took care of me and nurse my pride.

From that day, I convinced myself that I was unlovable, that there was something seriously wrong me. That maybe I wasn't built for love.

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