9 9. The Sexy Mistress

"Gary baby, you need to stay still my pet." She was licking me slowly, after she strip my briefs off of me. She was taking too fucking slow for my liking, as I tried to move my hips towards her.

"Megan, fuck faster, please... I need you deeper baby." I moaned and pleaded to her.

"It's mistress for now, my handsome pet. Your body is so beautiful baby. I want to savor it, taste you nice and slow." Her raspy sexy voice, made me twitched.

Then she kiss my lips deeply, I groaned as her body got on top of my stomach. My bruise still hurts, she noticed it and pulled her body back.

"Sshh... sorry baby. I got you." She looked at me, as her hand travel back down. She started fisting me, while she kiss me deeper, making me moaned.

Damn! She's too fucking good at this.

"Mistress, please...I'm so fucking close. Please, I've been edging for...oh my god! Fuck yeah...fuck fuck fuck!"

"Come for me, now baby." She kissed me deep, as she rested her weight on her forearm, and hovered above my body.

"Now my pet." She put a little squeeze on my shaft making me burst instantly. I moaned loud, as I finally got my release.

"Stay still my pet, arms above your head. You're coming again for me." She winked sexily at me, as she moved back down, and took mine and started licking me again.

"Mistress please, I'm done. I...fucckkk..." I was groaning so hard. I couldn't believe, that I was hard again. I was still feeling the tingling sensation, I hadn't even came down completely from my climax and she was building me up again for another one.

I accidentally grab her hair, as I felt so fucking aroused by her mouth. She stopped, making me shuddered and whined.

Shit! She's making me so fucking horny.

"Get up Gary, what did I say to you before? Mmh?" I sat up as she straddle me, and grind my shaft, but not letting me inside her.

"Mistress please, you're too arousing, I can't get enough of you, I'm sorry, please..." I told her pleading, as she kept on grinding me harder. I fucking need to be inside her already.

"You...ah...you...told...me...hmm...not to move...fuck yes...my hands..." I was letting out a moan on each of my sentences. She kept on edging me so hard.

"Right, now that you move. I will have to bind you." She let out her sexy raspy laugh and get off of me, leaving my dick drenched with her arousal.

Fucking hell!!!!

She came back with a leather cuffs, strutting her way to me confidently naked, making my dick visibly twitched. She smirked, and tell me to sit by the edge of the bed.

"Hands behind your back baby, open your legs wider for me." She told me, as she put on the cuffs while she stood between my legs. She was teasing me, as she let her supple and soft body caressed mine. I groaned as my pre cum leaked from the tip of my dick.

"Now, where were we? Ah yes..." She kneel between my legs and spread me wider in one rough move, then took my dick in her hand and lick my pre cum while looking at me sexily. Then continue on wrapping her sexy lips to my throbbing shaft, I was moaning her name in no time. I come at her command again, I was sated and breathing heavily as she got up and took off my cuffs.

"I take it you like our little play?" She laid back on her bed.

"Come here and kiss me, my pet." She seductively said to me. I followed her voice, and crawled to her bed, and started kissing her sexy lips. Then she gave me her raspy laugh.

"You silly little pet. Kiss me between my legs baby, I want my legs on your shoulder. You can grab my hips, mmh...yes baby. You're good at this. Fuck yes...harder... faster, Gary make me come, make me, come my pet. Rough, baby...." She kept on telling me go harder, and faster. She was gripping my hair tightly, pulling my head closer to hers, until she finally shattered and crossed her legs to my back and pull me closer as I licked her dry.

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Then she told me to lay down beside her. "That was amazing Gary. So...you still want this arrangement?" She asked, as her finger trace my chest lazily, and laid her cheek on my chest.

"Lower please mistress." I told her, I couldn't believe myself that I still wanted her more. She chuckled, and pulled out a condom from her drawer.

"Put it on baby, and fuck me hard and fast." I quickly put on the condom, and got up on top of her.

I groaned as I finally entered her. She was tight, and she clenched even me tighter, making me grunts, while I pushed deeper inside her. She was moaning my name again and again, we were moving our bodies, pounding ourselves against each other, while making more loud noises.

"Fuck Gary, so close, so fucking close baby..." Then we both climax seconds apart. I slumped next to her, tired and sated. Then I saw the time.

"Shit! I'm going to be late for my training." I got up, and start collecting my stuff.

"I need to use your bathroom." I told her as she got up, and put on her sexy lace robe. I couldn't take my eyes off of her and had stop myself from moving in front of bathroom door.

She smiled at me and come closer, then pushed my body to shower wall. "Do you want me to help you, with your shower Gary?" She asked but already strip herself naked and took all my stuff, and put it on the bench outside her shower.

"Yes, please...you're so fucking sexy, I can't get enough of you..." I told her honestly.

"Sshh...baby, just enjoy this." But then the water washed away my Arnica foundation, making her see my ugly bruises.

"Gary, this is not from a boxing injury. Who did this to you?" Her fingers trailed my bruised face and my stomach.

"I'm good mistress." I suddenly felt down and embarrassed that she would find out about the true cause of my bruises.

"I'm really going to be late, maybe we should continue this another time. If you would still want me that is." I forced my smile.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

I awkwardly ended the shower, and start getting dressed. She just watch me, and dry herself, and put her sexy robe back on.

She let me leave, as we parted in a slightly unpleasant way.

I went straight to the boxing club, and trained for three hours with Fred, then went back to my place. My mind was still thinking about Megan, about her finding the true nature of my bruises.

I was about to sleep when a text came in. It was from Megan, my smile finally plastered my face.

Lunch time tomorrow. My place. You will tell me the truth about the bruises. If not, don't bother meeting me. (Megan)


I was instantly hard just by reading her text. She even sounded like a sexy mistress in her text.

I will. Until tomorrow. (Gary)

I didn't know what I was diving myself into. But deep down I knew that she was definitely different from Virginia.

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