8 8. Restraining Desire

The business lunch was the worst excruciating two hours of my life. I was so fucking stiff, as she keep on giving me her little touches.

"I need to show you off to my clients Gary, so act natural and blend in with my touches, move your face a bit to the left baby." She hoarsely said in my ear, then licked and bit my ear as I move to her instruction.

I didn't know that I could get anymore harder. But it felt like I was going to get off right there and then. I covered my mouth with my knuckle, to keep myself from letting out a moan. She was satisfied with my reaction, as she continue on talking to her clients, but keeping her hand on my upper thigh.


There were just little business talk on that lunch, the rest were small talks about places, current events, and glimpse to our past as her clients and I turned out to be from the same boarding school for the rich. He was reminiscing the old days, while I was holding on to the last thread of my sexual frustration.

Megan was looking at me, content at the stage that I was in right now. Her hand keep on rubbing my upper thigh. I put my hand above hers but she gave me her look, making me put my hand back on the table.

Damn! I don't think I can actually stand up when this thing is over.

We finally said our goodbyes to her clients. I was covering my front, as I stood behind her trying to pose as a possessive boyfriend. While in actual, I was hiding my boner behind her.

We stayed behind, as she ordered us more coffee. I was surprised at her, but she looked at me with a smirk. The coffee came, and she poured some sugar to mine and told me.

"Now, Gary. I understand that you're twenty four. But I need you to train in restraining your sexual desire, you're not a horny teenager that fuck his fist at every chance he gets. So, we will not be leaving this restaurant for another half an hour. Then you're going to go to my place where I will exhaust you until you climax over and over again."

She told me as she drink her coffee slowly. She started rubbing my upper thigh again. "Drink your coffee baby, you will need your strength."

"....so, you went to the same posh boarding school as him." She was making small talk now. Trying to stall for time.

"Yeah, it was grandmother's doing right after my hippy parents passed away. She didn't want to deal with us, so she put us away until we finish our education." I shrugged and finally relaxed, as the talked of my grandmother actually turn off my sexual tension.

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Hey who knew!!

I smiled at her as she smiled back knowingly. "Say thank you mistress." She whispered in my ear, making me groaned, as I instantly get hard again.

What the fuck! How could she controlled me like this!! 

I'm like a fucking toy...damn! She knows my on and off button!

She waived the waiter and gave her black card and settled the bill. I was still not used to a woman paying for me. She looked at me as she see the change in me. "Get use to it Gary, you're in the lifestyle. I'm good with this arrangement. You will have to feel comfortable with it, if you wanted this." She told me sternly.

Oh my fucking god!

"You are very good baby, I like seeing your expressions. I'm really going to enjoy being with you." Then the waiter came back with her card.

"Come, you'll follow my car." She walked out of the Bistro to her car. She roared her engine, and drive off with me tailing her behind.

We reached her place ten minutes later. She pulled into her driveway, as I put my bike parked next to her car. I was actually surprised seeing her place, it actually looked homey. I thought she would be one of those lavish and posh business people.

"What? You don't like my place?" She asked me looking at my surprised face.

"No, on the contrary. I actually think it's homey, I just misjudged a lot of things about you apparently. You really are full of surprises." I smiled as I took her face in my hand, and kiss her lips.

"Sorry I've been wanting to kiss you for hours." I told her honestly. Then she grabbed my hand, and pulled me to her house. She opened her door, and then push me flat to the other side of the door.

Her other hand lock the key, then put it on the side table next to the door. Then she took my helmet and put it on the same table. She grabbed my jacket and roughly pulled me down to her and kissed me deep and hard. I was moaning in her kisses. Then she roughly ended our kiss, as both of us breathe heavily.

"Damn Gary, you're making me loose control baby. Come let's get you to my bed." She walked in front of me, as I follow her from behind.

"Now sit down baby. Kamaria told me that you might have bruises since you're a boxer. Though I would like to marked you one day, but you should tell me...oh baby, you're too good for me." She kissed my lips hearing that I groaned hard, as she said that she would marked me one day.

What the fuck is wrong with me?!

"You should tell me when you needed to rest. I like to take care of my little pet. Oh...Gary baby, don't worry. I don't do the nastiest, just the name calling and the pretty basic play thing really turn me on. I'm not a sadist baby." She told me her preference, as she slowly stripped naked in front of my eyes just inches from my face, making me terrifyingly hard in the groin.

Oh my fucking hell.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

"Get up Gary. Nope no touching, not yet baby." She took off my jacket and my shirt. Then she unbuckle my belt and took off my pants, my boots were long gone. I was standing with a hard on as she touch my briefs. I moaned loudly, as I had been wanting her to touch me hours ago.

Damn! This actually felt so fucking good.

Then she licked and nibble on my nipple, while her hand slid inside my underwear and touched me.

"Oh my fucking goddd! It feels so fucking good." I groaned, I was trying to squeeze her ass, when she abruptly pulled back.

"Your back on the bed, arms above your head. Keep it that way, or I'll have to tie you up my pet."

I groaned hard at her words, making her smile wider at me.

"Oh baby, we're going to have so much fun..." She told me as she crawled naked, and stopped between my legs.

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