7 7. A New Client

Monday came rolling to soon. I spent the whole Sunday with Fred as we relax and heal our wounds. It was actually a good bonding time with him, it had been awhile since we done this.

"Come on you might as well get me to the bank, you got to get your cash anyway. It's safer when we travel in packs they say." I smirked at him.

He lazily got up and put on his shoes. I already called Kamaria saying I got beat up pretty bad on my sparing match last night and will arrive at the office around eleven. She told me to take a day off, but I refuse as I was actually getting bored staying at home.

The money business was done quickly, we went to the bank and retrieved the money. Then met with Igor back at my place. Fred did ask where I find the money from, but I just shrugged at him and told him to focus on getting the next payment for next week.

Fred went back to his place as I was getting ready for work. I told him that I would meet him at the boxing club tonight. I still need to train, my match was coming up, and my body need to get its muscle mass back. I had been lacking because of the bruises.

Fuck. I really need a fucking cigar right now.

But I put that thought behind as I put on my helmet and get on my bike.

I arrived at the office exactly at eleven, Jacqueline greeted me by the elevator. "Hey Gary! Damn those looks nasty. If you wanted, I got some foundation with Arnica on it, it's expensive but really worth it. You should buy one for your shade."

"Hey Jacq...you have? Damn, yeah I want it, it won't look girly on me would it? I mean, the foundation." I looked at her worried.

She laughed, and told me that it was more like a concealer than a foundation. It wouldn't cake. What ever that means, but I did give hers a try, and it covered my bruise easily.

"Damn Jacq, this is really good. You can't even see the bruise anymore..." I looked at my face in bathroom the mirror, it was as good as new. Jacqueline accompanied me inside, and put it on my bruises.

"...and it felt nice and cool. Shit I'm getting girly girl with you talking about foundation in the girls bathroom. But you definitely got to tell me where to buy this."

"Us babies got to stick together." She laughed at patted my back. Then Kamaria went inside, and was surprised seeing me there with Jacqueline.

"I see Jacqueline is giving you the Arnica foundation trick. That's a good one Gary, let see...." She took my face in her hand and looked at it.

"...yeah, you're flawless. Come see me in my office in five more minutes. Go Gary, this the ladies... I need to do some lady stuff here." She winked at me and went inside one of the stalls. I smirked as I thanked Jacqueline, and left the ladies room.

I was talking to Kamaria five minutes later in her office.

"So...I've substitute Benjamin in your absence with Virginia last night. She insisted on having night companion. And since you already mention that you won't be available for night dates we're switching Benji's with yours." She went to seat on her chair, as I sit down on the chair in front of her.

"Now, are you good for a lunch date? Megan here had joined us since four years ago. She looked at your profile and agreed to switch from Benji to you. She was ditching Benji, because he got to needy with her. I already warned Benji before, these sugar daddy and momma like their arrangements. So, I'm giving Benji another try with Virginia, that leave you for Megan. Here's the meeting point and the rest of her details." She gave me the print out, that she just made from her computer. And told me to leave now, if I wanted to get change and prepare myself.

Again, she reminded me to built a rapport with Megan. "But I think you're good there Gary. And remember, while Virginia was a millionaire, Megan here is a billionaire in the making. So, more tips for you, if you play your card right." She winked at me and dismissed me to my next date.

Right okay then... the faster I get the money, the faster I'm done with this thing. I really need to focus back to my training. My match is coming up in the next couple of weeks.

It was a casual business lunch with couple of her clients. She just needed to bring a date to even out the number.

I went for some of the foundation, then some condoms just in case I needed them. Then I went straight home, and changed for my business casual look.

I was surprised to see her looked more laid back. I arrived earlier and parked my bike on the Bistro parking lot, but I certainly didn't expect her to arrive earlier than me. She was smoking hot, for a thirty five years old workaholic. I could definitely build a rapport with her.

She was surprised seeing me, as I got off from my bike. I smirked and patted my self on the back, for thinking of taking the bike. Her ass were built for my bike, I could already imagine her, as she laid back on my bike while I licked her dry.

Shit! That was fast...

One more week, this will be over by then. One more payment to the Russian, then it's back to administration stuff and my boxing career.

I reminded myself, as I walk to her and greeted her. She was even more beautiful in close proximity. Then I was suddenly very jealous of Benji, that had her this whole time.

"Ms. Megan Mitchell? I'm Gary Evans. I'm replacing Benjamin for your next meeting." I took her hand and kissed it, then move closer to kiss her cheek.

"You look absolutely beautiful by the way." I whispered seductively. She smiled at me and told me to call her Megan, and she would call me Gary.

"Okay, Megan. So give me the back story, before the other party arrive so we can match our stories." I put my hand on her exposed back and escorted her inside Barney's.

She quickly gave me the story, and paused as she order for both of us.

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Damn she's sexy, I like a woman that knows what she wants.

"Sorry, I hope you don't mind me ordering for you. I didn't know if Kamaria mentioned this to you. But I like my man..." She paused again as the waiter put our drink down. She signed me to drink, and I did just that then back to listening to her. I even like her sexy raspy voice, she had those deep smoker sexy lady voice, it just move me down there.

"As I was trying to say, I like to toy with my man. I like them a bit submissive, while I'm not a full on Dom. But it's just a little kink that I have." She looked at me and put her hand above mine. I chocked as I just take another sip from my drink. She let out her very raspy sexy laugh, that made me instantly hard.

What the fuck??!

This never happen to me ever.

"So, can you fill the role? Or should I get back to Kamaria after this meeting?" She asked me as she trailed her finger on my hand.

"Uh umm...actually you already made me so hard right now. So I think we should do this." I looked back at her, as she bite her lip and moved closer to me and put her hand on my groin and felt my hardness.

"Oh Fuck. Megan, I don't really think we could to this here?" The seating area was a secluded sofa in one of those private dinning area. But I felt really exposed right now, being groped by her so suddenly.

Then she moved back to her seat, and smiled at me. "You are very blessed down there Gary, and yes you are honest when you said that you are hard, you're actually very hard down there. If these clients weren't so important I would cancel this lunch and have my way with you right now."

God fucking damn it. I just hit the fucking jackpot!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

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