6 6. Fred's Revelation

"Ah, my grandsons. Thank you Smith, that would be all for now." She nodded, as she dismiss him from the room.

"Come boys, let's have some breakfast then we will talk some more." She told us, as we take a seat on her very beige breakfast room.

Two hours went by as expected, by the end of the breakfast, she open up the topic again for the funds that she had set up in our accounts. Fred kept looking at me from time to time, but I kept on shaking my head no to him.

My grandmother and I were actually pretty much a like, we were stubborn to the bone. She wanted us to take the money, while I kept on saying no for the both of us. At least not until she give me the real reason why.

So we said goodbye to her until the next breakfast, where we would discuss the same issues over and over again.

Fred were quiet in the car, until he finally asked. "So, when are we going to give up brother? It's free money, she's family. She will left us the money anyway when she passed away. So, why not now? I really could use some peace from those Russians." He shrugged, and took a left on the corner.

"That's the thing Fred, I always wondered why won't she ever tell us the truth. I got this nagging feeling that she's hiding something. And money will have to come later. That's the only leverage that we have now. Just be patient Fred, I'm finding it. You're good." I told him, as he relax his hold on the steering wheel.

"But you seriously need to grow up and man up, and stop your gambling. Just find another addiction, go chase some chicks, or go do your DJ thing and take seriously. You're actually very good you know. I've heard some your stuff on your podcast, you've got lots followers already."

"Yeah, is it really that good? I got some loyal fans, but I still haven't got the guts to go offline and get up on the real stage you know. I got stage frights and anxiety. I get nervous on stage. I'm always behind the curtain kind of man, I was never the man on the stage." He nervously told me. 

I laughed hard at his explanation, which made him slapped my head. "Hey! We're sharing, we're having brotherly moments of talking here. You should motivate me, not laughed at my weaknesses." He was seriously pissed at me.

I was still laughing and now holding my stomach, from the result that he actually was hurt by my laughter.

"Damn brother, you're just too fucking funny. I never knew you had stage fright. I kept on imagining a DJ with a stage frights. Fuck! It's too fucking hilarious. Okay...okay...sorry. But seriously, just present yourself and have a good time. I'm sure you'll forget about it, once you played your music up on stage." I could finally controlled my laughter, and talk to him normally.

"Look, just try it out in small local club and see how it goes from there. If you're good with the stage fright, then start advertising your gigs on your podcast to your followers. Then, when they actually show up, that alone can be your selling point to the club. More attendance means more revenue for the club owner. It's that easy dude, simple math. You just need to start." I said to him in all seriousness.

"Damn, you really should do something with your business degree thing. It scares me sometimes with your ways of thinking. You make it all sound so easy, but yet it's so fucking true. God damn it... you know what, I'm going to try and fucking do that. You might have to find another trainer, you really got me all excited here."

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We decided to go out to Players that evening. It was a trending local club that was real hit with the in crowd. We were checking out the scene for his gig. We hang at the bar, and listen to the music. We passed down some chicks that flirted with us. It was actually refreshing, seeing Fred with his newfound spirit in starting off his career professionally.

We were ending the night nicely, until we bumped into Fred's Russian thugs on our way back to get a taxi.

"Well...well...the Evans brothers, didn't think that I would see you both up an about having a good time around town. I thought you would be busy gathering our money. So, I take it that you got it already." He asked as his thugs push me and Fred to the nearest alley.

I had learned to just give in to them, I could fight back, but they would definitely cause some serious injuries to Fred if I resisted them.

I told them we only got half of what we owed, Fred was actually shocked when I told him this.

"Okay then, our boy here will collect your money on Monday, yeah we know where you live Gary. You can give the rest by next week. Now, for your reward...on the face boys, not too much since Gary here still need to go to the bank and withdraw the money." He smirked at us, and waited as his guys beat us up

Then the first hit came, a fist to my cheek, I could taste the blood in my mouth. Then came another one, that hit my upper cheek on the other side, just below the corner of my eye.

Damn! This was them taking it easy. What the fuck!

Then the third punch was to my gut, making me slumped to ground joining Fred that had been laying there in a fetal position since the first blow.

"Monday at ten Gary, Igor here will fetch it for us. Have a good night boys." Then they walked away from us, leaving us stranded in a dingy alleyway.

"That damn Igor hits like a log. You okay there Fred. Shit...Fred, come on boy, you're staying at mine tonight don't bother driving back in morning too. Fuck you should really joined me training, if you wanted to hang with those guys. You really need to learn to take punches." Fred didn't say anything, he just moaned in pain.

We took a taxi back to my place, I gave Fred some more alcohol to numb the pain, since we already had alcohol, and shouldn't ingest pain meds at the same time. He was being such a baby, so I just leave him on the spare bedroom with a bottle of whiskey.

Then I went to my bathroom, and check my wounds.

Shit! I can't work like this.

I quickly took my routine of cold and hot shower to help lower the bruises down. Then I applied a generous amount of Arnica cream on my cheeks and my stomach. Squinting, and groaning in pain couple of times. But it had to be done, my body need to heal nicely, I really need to get more money by next week.

Shit! Shit! Shit!

I was applying another layer of cream, before I finally went to bed.

Hoping it would all be gone by tomorrow.

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