37 37. Always Yours

"You know father will be very pissed, when he knew that you went behind his back, and meet up with me to discuss his future plan." Aldin told me, as we were seated in the hotel VIP lounge. He got his body guards several feet away from us, I didn't notice it before.

"Won't your guards inform your father anyway? I assume that they're his?"

"Nope, they are very loyal to me. But, he's your father too you know. Megan dear, your future husband here is fully loaded for generations to come. You are set for life darling." He told her in a snobbish yet amusingly sarcastic way, making all of us laughed.

"Aldin, she had actually made herself set to way down the family tree...way...way down." I proudly told him, while I wrapped my arm around her slender shoulder, and kissed her temple.

"Well good for you there Megan, now let's cheers for our new found relationship." We cheers and started our drinking session. He was actually very friendly and easy going fellow, no wonder his people actually like him.

We were three bottles down, when I decided it was time for us to get back to our room. We exchange phone numbers and promised to keep in touch.

"Megan baby, I think I'm a bit tipsy. Which way was our room again?" I asked her, while she was giggling beside me. Then she abruptly stopped, and we got off from the elevator. She sexily took off her heels making me hard.

"Damn baby, so fucking random. You made me hard, just by taking off your shoes. Come! Show me the way, we need to fuck quickly." She let out her raspy laugh, while I picked her up and told her to point the way.

We finally managed to open the door, and start stripping each other's clothes off. She was pushing me to the bed giggling, we were definitely drunk. Her hands were all over my body, I groan when her lips latched on to my hardness.

"Fuck yes! More deeper baby...my fucking goddd!" She was deep throating me, I was fisting the sheets trying to keep it hard for her. I was twitching, and so ready to burst.

"Baby, you...need...to...fucking...slow...down..." I was groaning harder but she was getting her dominating way with me, just like I craved her to do. Then she take it further by fisting me faster, making me very very hard.

Then she told me to lay on my side, and started stroking me from behind, while she was licking and sucking my back and my neck. I was squirming and feeling overly excited by her kisses, and her touches, I started begging her for more.

"Baby please, more...I'm so...so...close."

"Do you want to come now pet? Or do you want more excitement? I could take you even higher, than you are right now...mmmh?" She whispered in my ear, then bite, and tugged my ear sexily.

"More...mistress please..." I replied spontaneously, making me cursed when she smacked my ass hard. I couldn't believe that I got so fucking hard from her slapping my ass.

"My sexy pet..." She licked my neck and bit my shoulder, as her other hand reached to bedside drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube.


She looked at me wickedly, and started stroking me with the lube. I was cursing as she kept on edging me, further and further. I was so hard and so close to the edge, I  wanted to let myself go, but I wanted to please her at the same time.

"Very good my pet, you can't believe how wet I am right now watching you edging so hard. I want you to fuck me now my pet, hard and rough. I want us to come together." She told me as she lay back on the sheets and I quickly get on top of her and licked her wetness. She wrapped her legs on my shoulder and pulled me roughly to her.

I made her came twice, before I finally fucked her and we came together seconds apart.

"Damn Gary, we're really good at this. We should seriously do this everyday. It's so relaxing every time baby." She snuggled closer to my body.

"We will baby, let's get married tomorrow when we get back. We could go straight to the city hall or even Vegas. I really don't care I just wanted you to be mine forever." I caressed her beautiful face, and kissed her sexy lips.

"Olga will have my ass for this. But fuck it! let's do this Vegas thing. I'll deal with her when we get back." She was giggling and screaming, when I poured her the lube, we were making a mess on the bed. But she was moaning my name seconds later, when I grind myself to her lubed body.

"Gary! Damn baby... we're so slippery." We were laughing and giggling, then moaning, then panting, then almost slipped, then groaning and laughing again, and at the end we finally climax after laughing so hard, at a couple of failed attempts in some of the weird sex positions that we wanted to try.

"My god! I'm so exhausted, you drained me love." I told her as we were relaxing, in the oversize bathtub. She turned herself to me, and rest her cheek on my chest and smiled.


We fly to Vegas early that morning and slept through the whole flight on our way there, since we spent the whole night fucking and cuddling at the hotel.

She called Olga, telling her about our plans. I also told Fred, he was surprised but congratulate me. He told me that he couldn't come, because he was attending an urgent matter.

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Damn! What did he get himself into now? I have to check up on him when I get back.

"Olga! You made it! Damn! You bring the whole gang." She shrieked, when she leap to her best friend's arms.

"You! This is not how you do weddings. Gary! You should've known better!" She scolded me, but gave me her warmest hug.

"Are you sure about this Gary? You're not just marrying her here. You are committing yourself to us also...." But I didn't hear the rest of her speech, as I saw my father.

Fuck! How did he find out about this.

He was coming closer, two of his guards were close by. I took Megan and pulled her behind me. Max was suddenly by my side, even Nikolai moved his ass and get the girls out of the reception area of the small Vegas chapel, but Megan wouldn't let go of my hand.

"It's okay baby. I got Max with me, just go with the others I'll be fine." I told her, then one of his guy was stepping forward. I shielded her again with my back.

"DON'T you fucking dare!" I shouted at him, then he instinctively back down. Then Nikolai took her away, and I thanked him. Max was on his phone speaking in Russian barking orders to the other line.

"My son, please there's no need for your Russian friend. We should settle this just between us. Come let me just take you home..."

That was when his men pulled out his gun, then Max pulled out a gun and give it to me, then he took out two more and gripped them casually, while he was smiling like a maniac.

Damn! How many guns did he bring to my wedding? He's one crazy Malibu Mafia.

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