36 36. F*ck for Life

Megan had her assistant get her stuff and delivered them to mine, then we both finally left for the airport from my place.

We landed in Monaco just after lunch time, Albert and his assistant had already arrive at the hotel. He was meeting us for coffee in one of the restaurant in the hotel.

Our vibe were different today, I could feel that she was still having her doubts about being forgiven by me. I could see that she felt really bad about last night. She had been cheated on before, so she knew the hurt that she caused me.

"Megan, we're good. We're going to be just fine." I whispered in her ear and kissed her hair, while I draped my arm around her shoulder.

"If you say so. But I..." She was about to say something when I told her that I just saw Albert.

"Sshh....we'll talk about it later, come lets meet Albert." I told her, making her sighed and walk with me to where Albert was sitting with his assistant.

"Gary, Megan how was your flight?" He opened the conversation, while he let us take a seat at his table.

"It's good Albert, thank you for asking." I helped Megan with her seat, as she let me then smile sweetly at me.

Damn. She is definitely still feeling the guilt.

"Paige, this is Megan Brooks and Gary Evans. Megan, Gary this is my assistant Paige Morton. She's the best we got in international law." Albert explained, then he went on with discussing our plans for tonight's dinner with my half brother and his lawyer.

Paige was beautiful, I could feel that she was eyeing me couple of times. She would smile unnecessarily when I talk. Albert was oblivious that his junior lawyer was flirting with me. But Megan noticed it as she took her hands off of me.

What the...

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I looked at her, raising my eyebrow but Megan just smile at me, and nudged me to look at Paige.

Why would?...

I drink my coffee and decided to keep on listening to Albert, while I take megan's hand in mine then caressed her knuckles with my thumb. I could feel herself relaxed in my touches.

"So Albert, Ms. Morton... that seem doable. I thank you for all of your assistance, we will meet here again at seven. But I would like to get us settled in before our dinner tonight."

"...it's Paige, sorry...you can all call me Paige." She blurted out her words, I could feel Megan was tensing in my hand.

"Right Paige, I really don't like to upset my fiance Megan here, so Ms. Morton will be just fine by me." I told her, both Albert and Megan looked surprised at me.

Albert quickly congratulate us for the engagement news, so did Paige. Then they leave us to get settled in.

"Later. Now we go to our room." I gripped her arm as she was trying to talk to me.

The room was very large spacious, it was lavish suite. But all I could see was the stunning beautiful woman, that irritate the hell out of me.

"Gary! What's with the fake fiance thing?" She blurted out her question.

"What's with you giving me permission to flirt with Morton?" I asked her back.

"Why not? She's pretty and she's young, and she flirted with you, I just...I don't know, maybe you like her too..." She finally stopped her words.

"I thought you love me?" I asked her, while I caressed her beautiful face with my palm.

"I do...it's just, last night. God...Gary I'm so sorry." Her tears started to fall.

"I told you we're done with last night. And you are my fiance, there's nothing fake about it. I just haven't asked you yet." I smiled and wiped her tears away.

"So, will you? Fuck me for life?" I whispered lowly in her ear.

"Gary...that's not how you're suppose to propose to someone." She let out her raspy laugh.

"Yeah? Ok, how about this." I get down on one knee and took out the velvet box and took out the ring that I had been holding onto, since I bought it secretly last week.

"Your hand please baby."

She was teary again, but gave me her hand.

"So, I'm asking you now... Megan, my love, my sexy beautiful woman, will you marry me? so I can wake up with you in my arm every morning, and we can have our eternal sexy encounter?" I looked at her, waiting for her answer.

"Megan? I really hope you will say yes. This ring is non refundable, and I seriously doubt it'll look good on me." I was rambling now, I was actually getting nervous that she might say no.

Then her face says it all, as her smile grew wider and she finally pick me to stand up from the floor. "Yes Gary. I will, I will!" She wrapped her arms around my shoulder and kiss me, then I kissed her back and ravished her sexy lips.


We were finally out the door minutes before seven. We were giggling like a teenager. "Seriously Megan, we're going to be late because of that last one." I was taking her waist and pulling her closer to me as we got into elevator.

"I seriously think your big ass ring is making me do things." She splat her palm on my chest, and kissed my cheek.

"Mmm...magic ring, I'm liking the sound of that. You looked beautiful with it tough, just with the ring and nothing else. It brings out your eyes." I whispered in her ear, teasing her, making her laughed.

We reached the restaurant, she was still blushing, freshly fucked. She looked stunningly beautiful. I kissed her hair then we continued on making our way to Albert as we saw him already sitting down with three other men.

"So, this is my half brother." He stood up, and shake my hand, while he introduced himself.

"Aldin Berislav Novak, and this is my Partner Dragan Leitner, and our Lawyer Hervé Lehner."

"Prince...Aldin Berislav Novak." His lawyer corrected with respect to his employer.

Well then...

"Hervé please, we're among family. There will be no need." He tapped his lawyer's shoulder lightly.

"Right... I'm Gary Evans, and this is my fiance Megan Brooks. You had all met my lawyers. Please..." I gestured him to sit back down.

We all finally sat, and start discussing about his father's intention towards me, and my attempt to persuade him to take back the reign of his country.

"Well Gary, I never view it that way. But you make good point there. Dragan love, what do say? Would you consider relocating back to my beloved home town?" He took his partner hand and kissed his knuckles.

I could feel Megan relaxed her hold on my hand when we saw Dragan nodded his head as his approval, and speak to his partner lowly in a foreign language. Then he blushed when Aldin responded back whispering in his ear smirking at him.

"It's settled then. So brother, what do you say we let the lawyers rest and we move this to the lounge and have some real drinks?" He asked, while he signed the bill and start to get up.

I shrugged and ask Megan. "So you up for it?"

She smiled at me and kissed my cheek, and told me to bond with my new found half brother.

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