34 34. When in Doubt

Megan's POV

He finally gave in to my plans, he was reluctant, I obviously knew that he might react this way. But I was so upset with his view on self worth, he was such a chauvinist jack ass that I yell at him.

I need to take a step back, I need my crazy sidekick.

"Gary, I need to talk to Olga before we head out of the country tomorrow. You also need to get your passport and pack your stuff, why don't we meet up tonight, you can stay over... so tomorrow it'll be easier for us to to leave out together?"

"Yeah? Okay...why don't I dropped you off at hers? Then I'll go back to my place to pack then go straight to yours. My bike is still there anyway. I'm good, I still can't do my training, I'll just wait for you at yours?" He told me as he took my hand and kissed it. I know he was still feeling guilty after our last fight. He was trying to get on my good side, I reward him with a smile.

Then I called Olga asking her whereabouts. She told me to go to Max's club.

"Bitch! I'm at Babes, waiting for my dearest hubby. Need you here, I don't think I'm suppose to look at girls' crotch alone. Need you here, I'm not wasted enough for this." I instantly let out my laugh.

Damn... I really need her...

She was already there, waiting for her husband doing some business with Max. She was excited already thinking that we're going to have our afternoon drinks. I laughed and told her that I'd see her in ten minutes.

I told Gary to drop me off at Babes. 

"But that's a strip club..."

"Right, so? You want to join us?" Again, I was starting to get annoyed.

"Megan, look I'm sorry about earlier. No more question. I love you baby." He took my hand and caressed my knuckles, while his other hand was on the steering the wheel.

We arrived at Babes ten minutes later. Olga was already at the door waiting on me.

Wow... she really was that bored.

She perked up when she saw my car, but frown as she saw that Gary was behind the wheel.

"Megs I thought we're crotch watching, just the two of us?" She asked nodding to Gary. I laughed at her, feeling myself relaxed already.

I really need a dose of her loony thoughts.

"We are, Gary just dropping me off." I got off the car and kissed him goodbye.

"Oh cool...bye Gary! Don't worry she's perfectly safe with me! I'll dropped her off later." She quickly dragged me inside the club.

The club was still quite vacant. She got us to sit on one of the sofa lounge, away from half naked dancing women.

"I'm smelling boy trouble, here... start drinking." She started pouring me the champagne.

"Damn Olga, you're like some psycho psychic...you scare me sometimes." I laughed at her, and start my drinking session with her.

"Spill bitch while I'm still sober enough to give you influential advise." She grabbed a glass, and drink it down in one gulp.

Damn she's one thirsty Russian.

"Having few zeros on my name didn't turn out to be all clouds and rainbows like I imagined." I shrugged at her.

"It's the fucking society telling people, that women should all deemed weaker than all male species. Gary included. We just had our first fight earlier." I was suddenly parched and finish my drink in one go, while Olga look at me funny.

"Oooo...woman you are whipped! Look, you seem happy when you're together. The problem is both of you were faced with too many issues in a short amount of time. It's stringing both of you. But the good news is, if you both survive this, you can conquer it all. Look...relationship took effort from you both...." She said while sipping her drink slower this time.

She kept on giving me advice in her own strange, yet make sense kind of way.

Damn! I think she might be a shrink in her other life time.

We were laughing and tipping the girls while they were dancing by their poles. We had just move from the sofa to the other table, just below the pole dancer. Olga said that she had enough of my issues, and wanted to get some action. Damn, she's getting drunk. I was laughing my heart out, as I felt the bubbly in my veins.

"My darling wife...you are definitely drunk baby. Why don't we go home right now, so I can fuck your brains out?" Luka was behind her, and kissing her shoulder.

"Eww...Luka please! I can hear you clearly. Just go... take her away, she had done enough damage to me today. I'll take a taxi back." I laughed and hugged my dearest drunk drinking buddy.

"Hey, I'm right here Megan...or can you not see me anymore? Am I that invisible now that you got your new boy toy?" Nikolai asked beside Max, seem like they just ended their meeting.

"Oh boys! Sorry your dancer here took all my attention away. But I see you..." Olga cut me off as she kissed me smacked on the lips saying her goodbyes.

"Bitch! You better not just kiss your husband with that mouth." But I  laughed it off, as the guys on the other table were wooing at us liking our little show.

She just laughed and waive goodbye at me, while she grab Luka and walked out of the club leaving us behind.

"So, who get to be my chauffeur for tonight?" I looked at Max and Nikolai, as I took another drink of champagne.

Then Nikolai stepped to my side. "I got her Max, Emilie is waiting for you at home. She'll have your ass if you came home late again tonight." He smirked at Max and wrap his arm around my waist.

I looked at him with a raise eyebrow, but he just gave me his sweetest smile.

Meh...I'm drunk. I'll forget about this soon enough.

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He got me to his car, and open the top and let the night air sobered me up a little. He took off his waist gun, and put in on his console like he always did. That simple act made me look at him, and rest my head on my seat. It reminded me of the simple times that we had. He was the only one that never questioned my worth, he was one of the longest relationship that I had.

We finally get to my house, he help me out of the car and escorted me to my door.

"Megan my dear...you really should stop looking at me like that." He took my strand hair and put it behind my ear. I closed my eyes and sigh, as I felt his gentle touch. That was when he lowered down his face to mine, and that was when Gary open the front door and found us about to kiss.

He didn't say anything, he just leave the door open and went back inside. I was really drunk and didn't actually register with what was happening.

Nikolai just smirked at me, and kiss my temple. "Call me when you're done with him my dear." Then he left.

I went back inside the house, only to find Gary was putting on his jacket, and grabbing his helmet.

Then he gently cupped my jaw, and kissed my temple, then my cheek, then my lips lightly.

"I love you baby, always. But you had just destroyed me love..."

Then I watched him walk out of my house and hear the sound of his bike, as it roared into the night.

Fuck! Not good...

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