33 33. Finding an Out

Two hours later, we were sitting in her lawyer's office.

"Simmons, this is Gary Evans. So, what do you have for us?" She asked as we were being ushered to our seats. I was feeling out of place, but she was helping me so I was keeping my feelings on a lock down.

"Mr. Evans..."

"It's Gary please." I told him cutting all formalities aside quickly.

"Well then Gary, I'm Albert. Megan had forwarded me your documents." He took a seat on his chair.

"Megan the documents are legit, it's not a fake, it could be use in their royal court but not over here. So, unless he dragged you there and put you on a stand, you are safe if you stayed here. But that's their leeway." He showed us the clauses, and some other legal documents.

"This could never go away, it'll always hang above your head and ticked like a time bomb." He said. I sighed and slumped back to my seat. Megan stroked my hand with hers, showing her support.

"So, what's your suggestion Albert?" Megan asked him.

"I suggest that you reach out to his son, your half brother quietly, and tell him to take over and reign the country. I have take a look at his credentials, he's actually pretty fit to run the country. His father... your father had already prepared him to rule. He just had a fall out with him regarding his sexuality recently, and that your father had demanded that he married the woman of his choosing."

I tensed to the knowledge, while Megan seemed to take the news of my upcoming forced marriage lightly.

"I truly think if you can persuade him to take over your father's, then he can even change the country's view on gay marriage. According to my studies, your half brother is actually pretty popular among his people. They actually like him better then your father. And as I said before, your father had already prepared him to rule, they just had a fall out because of his sexual point of view."

"So, if you could get your half brother to commit to his country, you're off the hook for good. No body knows about you yet, but once you're known...and I said that this is a big possibility when your father became desperate enough. You could be dragged over there by the media itself." He showed me, my half brother's portfolio.

"Right then... I need you to set us an appointment with him and his lawyer, from your last phone call you said that he's at a neighboring country with his boyfriend? We're going there just to be safe, and you're coming with us Albert. I don't want be confused with all the legal wording out there, make sure Gary could not be forced to leave the country when we're there. We're going to settle this quietly." She was instructing her lawyer, while I was still overwhelmed with the situation.

We finished two hours later, I was still not feeling it. While she was dead set and very confident with our arrangements.

She was noticing my change of moods, I was trying to hide it from her but somehow she see right through me.

"Gary, I'm not taking off work today to see you pout all day. Look baby, we got this...trust me?" She looked at me and touched my thigh.

I was driving her car, concentrating on the road while mind was everywhere. We just had our very late lunch, and were on our way back to her place.

"Gary would you pull over please?" I sighed and face the inevitable. This was her thing, when she know that something bothered me, she just had to make it all good for me.

Fuck! I'm such a kid. I can't even fix my own problem.

I pulled over to a vacant parking lot and parked the car.

"Look I'm good Megan, you don't have to make it all better, I'm not a kid. You already help me so much, you had your business to take care of...."

I let out my feelings, I felt like such a loser. Because I know without her I would be killing more people for Dimitri, without her I would be a political puppet for my rapist dad, without her I would be married against my will. I slumped to the seat of her luxurious car and the felt so useless.

I finally realized that I achieved  nothing in my twenty four years of living in this world. I still couldn't stand up on my fucking two feet and held my own, and solved my problems.

God! I need to fucking smoke!

"Gary! Look at me...I'm not fucking in love with you because you're weak." She took off her seat belt then move and faced my direction.

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"You had it in you baby, you just need a little help. I'm not one of those people that surround themselves with losers to make them feel superior. I'm sorry if I came on too strong. But this is my style, I couldn't change it if I wanted to. Time made me this way, all the things that happen in my life formed me into who I am today." She caressed my hand and looked into my eyes.

"You are a strong young man, you have principles and I love you for it. I love that you didn't take the easy way and asked your grandmother for the Russian's money, I love how you work hard for you boxing career, you were fucking beat up but you kept on with your training schedule  then went on to win the regional championship. So don't fucking tell me that you are weak." She was getting upset with me.

"I guess, but all this with you...the trip, the lawyer, I can't let you pay for all of that. Megan I..."

"You what Gary?! Tell me? Don't be such a chauvinist prick with me! Don't fucking blame me just because I can afford to pay for all of this. I worked my fucking ass off for all of this money. And I'm going to use it, the way I wanted to. If you're telling me that I couldn't fucking use my own money to save the ONE person that I love then FUCK YOU! I'm done Gary! MAYBE you want to go there?! Maybe you want to fucking marry your young bride! Just GET OUT! Get the FUCK out of my car!"

She was beating my chest, her eyes were teary. She was trying to push me out of the car. That was when I realized that she had her own insecurities. And she was actually accusing, that I want to marry someone else, someone younger than her.

"Megan no baby...no one else." I wiped her cheek and kissed her. She was still pushing me away, she was really upset with me. This was our very first fight, I had never seen her this upset.

"Megan love, I'm sorry.. Sshh, baby forgive me." I hugged her tight, her hands finally wrapped around my body to my back.

"I fucking love you Gary. Too damn much." She sighed on my chest, I could still feel my shirt was getting wet from her tears.

"Me too Megan. I love you too, and I'm so sorry baby. We will do everything as planned." I kissed her and wiped her cheek from her tears.

She kissed me back, slowly like she was pouring all her love in that kiss. That was when I felt that she was the one for me. That she was going to be my last.

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