32 32. Loosing Control

It had been five boring days of bed rest. My ass was feeling numbed already, if it wasn't for Megan that sleep by my side every night, I might just let myself die out of boredom.

That morning I finally got up and decided to make some coffee for us. She was still sleeping soundly. The in house nurse had been dismissed since my IVs had been taken out days ago. Max still advise me no training until the next two weeks.

I was checking my phone while waiting for the coffee to brew, I was replying to all of my inbox and my text messages. And saw one from Kamaria telling me to take all the time that I needed.

Then Andrew texted that grandmother was looking for me, she was shocked that no body told her that we were hospitalized until she heard about me on the news. Apparently some local TV was covering my accident, as I had just won the regional boxing championship last week. They reported that my brother and I had an encounter with some muggers and we were severely injured.

She also texted me, and my so called dad also called and texted, l had not answered them both. I needed my time. I sighed as I felt her behind me, she was kissing my naked back and wrapped her arms around my body possessively.

"Morning baby." I turned around and give her coffee and kissed her hair. I inhale her scent, and pulled her closer to me.

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"Mm...a very good morning to you too." She leaned on the kitchen counter and drink her coffee.

"So, we're meeting my lawyer this afternoon he said that he might have something for us to look at regarding your issues with your dad. Look, I'm not loosing you to some small country dictator. You are mine." She put her coffee on the counter and let her robe cascade down her sexy body.

"I'm guessing you're done with your period? And you're coming back with a vengeance?" I asked, while I pushed her back to the kitchen wall. Her hands traveled to my back, slid inside my briefs and caressed my naked ass making me groaned.

I know it's just about time until she took control, so I slipped my hands between us and touched her, she was moaning as I felt her dampness, then I slid my fingers inside her while I suck on her neck, hard. She was moving her hips as she told me to go deeper.

"Mm...baby that felt so fucking good. Max still said no strenuous activities, so I'm taking charge here my pet." She told me as she licked and bite my nipple playfully making me instantly hard.

"I'm liking you in charge my mistress, just fuck me...do what you want with me, but just fuck me." I whispered in her ear and licking her favorite spot.

"Sshh...patience my pet, it's been awhile since I play with you." Her sexy voice was making me twitched. She was fisting me after she took off my briefs, then she took it further as she kneel and sucked me off. My hands were gripping the kitchen counter. I was moaning her name over and over again. She kept me hard as she told me to hold it, she was playing her edging game making me groan louder.

Then she got up and kissed me hard. She was moaning, while I was still gripping the kitchen counter. Her hands were all over my body. Then she told me to sit on the couch, she was standing between my legs, her hand guided my head to hers.

"Taste me baby, ravish me...fuck Gary, like that... harder love." She was holding on to the back of the couch for support. She let me hold on to her sexy ass and told me to smacked them hard. I was getting very turned on by her play, and was getting painfully hard as I try to hold it in.

I instinctively touched my dick to calm my self down, but then she saw it.

Uh oh....

"What do you think you're doing my pet?" She moved backwards, but still breathing heavily.

"I'm trying to calm myself down, to hold it, just like you wanted me to. Please...fuck me..."

"Gary, baby...I will, I will make you come so hard but you got to trust me and let me do it my way." She was straddling me, grinding me, while she took my hand to gripped the couch and not her body, she was punishing me.

Then she started whispering in my ear, I couldn't believe that I was whimpering under her. "When I told you to hold yourself from coming, did it make you hard?" She licked my ear, making me shiver.

"Yes mistress." I breathed out my words.

"When you tasted me, did it arouse you?" She sucked my neck.

"Yes mistress." I groaned.

"When you heard my moans as you ravish me, did it make you want to come so fucking badly?" She kissed me and bit my lip.

"Yes mistress." I felt myself twitched.

"When you touched yourself, did you think you deserve to come?" She licked and sucked my nipple harder.

"Please mistress..." I moan louder.

"Answer me love, did you think you deserve to come?" She cupped my jaw and looked into my eyes.

I groaned louder and gripped the couch tighter. Her raspy voice, her warm seductive words traveled throughout my body. I was so fucking close to make myself burst.

"No mistress." My breath was heavy, as she kept on teasing me, edging me hard, taking me closer and closer to climax.

"But you know that I love you don't you Gary? You know that I spoiled you rotten?" She was moaning, as she was grinding me harder.

"Mistress yes, please...baby...let...me...fucking...come...inside...you..." I couldn't take it anymore my hands left the couch and gripped her waist and guide her inside me.

She smiled wickedly, and moaned louder seconds later as my dick stretched hers. Then she ride me hard, as I suck her nipple and caresses the other one. We were moaning each other's name. I was holding on for her, desperately waiting for her to get there. Until I decided to smacked her ass and felt her clenched mine tighter making both of us moan harder.

"Gary baby, I'm so close. Again love...I need you to come with me...fuck baby now!" We climax seconds apart, I was pumping myself inside hers, she was still pulsating above me.

"Megan baby, that was..."

"The best baby...they're always are when it's with you my love." She rest her cheek on the crook of my neck.

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