31 31. Malibu Mafia

"Damn it Max! I thought you said that he was safe..." I could hear her voice but I couldn't open my eyes. My body ache all over, I was probably in a hospital, I could hear the steady beeping of the machine.

"We got them, they're dead. You don't need to worry anymore. Nobody messes with Markov. Look, I'm the best surgeon here, he's going to be fine. He's young and he had maintained his healthy lifestyle, his brother will take longer to heal though."

Damn I've got other issues to take care of.

I groaned and tried to open my eyes again.

"Gary, it's Max...you're okay, you're sedated you may hear us but you might have trouble communicating. You need to rest, it's all over. You got Megan here waiting for you. Your brother is also under sedation, his wounds are less worrying than yours, but his body is not used to the beatings. So he might recover longer than you. So just rest my friend, it's done."

It felt like I had just woken up from a short nap, but I could finally open my eyes.

"Megan..." Her name rolled out easily from my mouth. I felt very thirsty, my voice sounded so weak.

"Gary...god finally, you've been asleep for one whole day. Max really hooked you up with the best drug. How are you feeling? Wait let me get you some water..." She help me sit up and gave my water.

"I'm having you transferred to my place tomorrow, Max said I can do that as long as there's a nurse on standby for your IVs. And he'll come by to check on you..."

"Megan baby, you don't have to...it's okay..." I told her as I took her hand and kissed it.

"Fuck no! I'm doing this. You don't know how many hours I spent nervously waiting for you to come out of surgery. How you kept on bleeding internally, how your concussion made your brain swell, how you're that close to dying. No! You don't get to tell me what to do! I almost fucking lost you! And I hate myself for loving you too much...." She finally cried on my chest as I caressed her hair lovingly.

"Hey, Max said that I would survive this. I heard him say it. I love you too baby I'm sorry to put you under the stress. What ever you want love, just do want you think is best for me, I trust you with my life Megan, always. Please, stop crying baby...I'm good, I will be better for you."

She finally sat up and wiped her tears.

"Let me get the nurse, Max said to call the nurse once you're up."

"Hey Megan baby, come here." I pulled her to my embrace, while I took in her scent and kissed the top of her head. She was about to sit up again.

"Sshh...baby, just a little while longer. I missed your smell and your warmth." She kissed my neck and stay a while longer, then she got up and call the nurse.

That afternoon she was busy making all the arrangements, and by the next day I was transferred to her place. Max was riding with me in the ambulance keeping me stable, while Megan was riding in her car with Olga.

"Your Megan is one scary chick I tell you, and she really fucking love you. You're fucking doomed man." He chuckled and joked about Megan, like he had known her all his life.

"Yes, I'm very lucky to have her love me. I just don't know if I could keep her. I've got too much issues, my life used to be so boring. Now, it's like a fucking roller coaster."

"Hey man, it's all good Dimitri and his people are gone for good, I decorated his body with my own bullets. I just hope that my wife didn't find my bloody pants. I still can't figure out how she got all horny looking at my guns, but upset when I came back with blood stained clothing." He was looking at my stats, and checking all my IVs and equipment.

"This one is more complicated then Dimitri. Thanks for taking care of him tough, I owe you man." I winced when my body was rocked, as the ambulance made a slight turn."

"Hey, this is between me and Megan, you could thank her. But I get your point, it's all good man. So what's more complicated than Dimitri? Sorry, it's cool if it's personal. Sometimes I demand to much answer."

"Yeah... it's family stuff, long lost dad demand me to moved back and reign his small country, because none of his legit children were able to fill the position. So the bastard child was called to fill in, and apparently it comes fully package with a future wife."

"Wow, that's really fucked up man. But I was in a similar position, where my dearest father dropped by with my so called fiance turned maniac killer. But it really rattled my relationship with my Barbie, I hit my lowest point that year. But now it's unicorns and rainbows as my daughter would say." He chuckled and patted my arm.

"Just let her in, my only mistake was I tried to shelter Barbie from my issues, making all hell break loose. Trust me, don't even try to handle it yourself."

We were talking some more, until we finally arrived at Megan's.

I was taken down from the ambulance. Max was holding onto my IVs, when I heard a voice.

"Ken! Do you really think that I won't see your soiled clothing? I thought we had agreed on the no shooting part." She had her baby strapped to the front of her body, then she was protecting the baby's ears as she said shooting.

"Olga! Where's Nikolai? Seriously! This is one fucking messed up mob family." She once again put her hands on her baby's ears as she let out a cursed to Max.

Wait. Who's Ken?

"Emilie love, thank you for picking me up with my little man. Why don't you join the girls while I take care of Gary for a while."

"Gary, this is my beautiful wife Emilie,and my youngest baby boy."

"Barbie, this is Gary Megan's serious lover. So, you can stop matchmaking her with your friends okay?"

She nodded and greeted me. "I hope you realize what you're getting yourself into." She looked at me seriously, then gave me her sweetest smile telling me that she was joking.

Damn...it's like moving from one crazy family to another...

"Emilie, stop scaring him away. Max, quickly get him inside you can stop eye fucking her, it's been years already, you two should stop making babies. Damn! your house look like a preschool already." Olga ushered Emilie inside. While Max was telling his guys to pushed me inside.

So Max is Ken, Emilie is Barbie? Damn! What is this Malibu Mafia?

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