30 30. Drink it all away

I took the paper documents and left the table without a word. I was waiting for the taxi, when Fred joined me and we ride back together to Barney's. He didn't ask any questions, he was waiting for me. But my mind was on overdrive, I couldn't even start a conversation with him. We parted at Barney's parking lot, and said that I'll call him for our next training schedule.

"Sure bro, just take your time and call me anytime. I'm here for you. I might had the DJ thing tonight, but I'm yours any hours of the day, just say the words." He hugged me and we parted ways.

Then I went back to my place, and texted Megan right away.

Family stuff, I'm back at mine. Just met dad. I'm sorry I need my time. Love U- Gary.

I looked at the time, she would be finish with her Saturday business luncheon in a couple of hours and we're suppose to meet up at hers. I know she would had my back, but I really didn't want to bother her with my issues. She's a busy woman, she has her business to run.

My humidor was calling my abused senses, I really need to relax my mind and take a step back and just numbed myself. Maybe then I could think better and find myself a more possible solution. Walking out to the patio, I grabbed myself a bottle of my well kept whiskey, and with a cigar in my other hand I was set for my quiet time.

The whiskey was poured almost to the rim, the cigar was lit, then I took my first drag and puff out the smoke. I sighed and felt my body gave in to the burn yet satisfying sensation, as I drink and the alcohol flow through my body and the smoke engulfed around me, setting up my relaxing mood.

Ahh...this is heaven...

Hours later the papers were spread out on the coffee table, I kept on trying to read it but my vision was all blurry. I had too much too drink.

Oh well, might as well pour another one. I'm useless at this point anyway.

Then there was knock at my door.

Shit! Who the fuck?! I really want to sleep it off or fuck...damn...to much alcohol indeed...

I finished my drink and put the glass in the sink, but I missed it as it shattered onto the kitchen floor. I tried to clean the pieces, before I stepped on them and hurt myself. But then the knocking came back.

"Fucking hell!" My hand decided to touch the biggest piece and sliced it real deep.

Paper cup when you want to get really drunk. It's much safer.

I took a mental note in my mind, as I  grab a napkin and wrapped it momentarily and go to open the door.

"Gary! I've been knocking on your door for the longest time, damn! What happen to...." She didn't get to finished her question, as I pulled her inside and ravish her sexy lips.

"Baby you're drunk...come let me take a look at your hand." She told me to sit on the couch as she took the first aid kit, and clean my wound then put on the band aid.

Then she looked at the scattered paper, on the coffee table. "Gary, what's all these documents? Wait...these look legit..." She was taking some papers, and skim it through page after page. She was looking at it seriously, then she looked at me.

"Sshh...baby I'm drunk, I can't think straight. Take a nap with me? I think I need to sleep it off." I took her to my embrace, and she take off her jacket, then rest her cheek on my naked chest. I could feel the bulge in my pants but I was too wasted to carry on. She put her arm across my chest, and told me that she love me.

"I love you more baby, I don't want to marry anyone else. I want to be here with you. Just you..." I slurred out my words and dozed off to sleep.


I woke up hours later, it was dark already. Megan was gone, then the headache struck and my head was pounding.

Then I went to the kitchen and get a bottled water, and drink it all down in seconds. I was very parched. I looked around and saw that it was clean. I wasn't dreaming, she was here. I took my phone and called her.

"Baby, where are you? Don't tell me that I did something stupid and you left me?" I asked and took a seat back down to the couch.

"Gary baby, you're up. I'm taking your documents and had my lawyers read it. I couldn't wait until you wake up. Do you trust me?"

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"Yes I do, but this is my problem baby. You don't have to..."

"Look, just trust me ok? I'll get back to you soonest we got something. In the meantime just rest okay? I love you baby, just let me do this for you okay?"

I sighed and rest my head, to the back of the couch. I told her to go on with the checking, then we hang up minutes later.

I was about to sleep some more, when my phone ring again.

"Gary my boy...it's been a while." Suddenly I was wide awake, it was Dimitri the Russian thug.


"I got your brother here, he was trying to try his luck in performing in one of my club. Why don't you come and get him. Come on...there's no bad vibe between us right?"

"Where is he?" I couldn't think about anything else, but to come and get him.

Ten minutes later I was out the door. I took a taxi there cause my head was still pounding, I already took some aspirin but I really need to get Fred out of there fast.

I saw Fred, he had already been beaten. His face was battered, his shirt was all a bloody mess.

"Sorry brother, but you shouldn't have come here...." But he got punched in the gut for saying so.

"Gary...so I didn't know that you were in bed with Markov. You had cost my business you know that?" Then he punched my face hard until I tasted blood. Two of his buddies were holding me down, while I was kneeling on the floor taking his punches. My body felt like punching bag, my headache came back in an instant.

"Dropped them just outside of town, I don't want cops sniffing it back to us. Punched them some more, then we're out of here." He told his thugs as they kept on beating and kicking us.

I was numbed already, when I finally felt the cold breeze hitting my face when they throw us out of the van. The ground break our fall as my arms scrapped the asphalt. I could hear Fred groaning in pain beside me.

Well at least he's still alive...

I couldn't feel myself, as I finally took in the darkness.

Maybe I'll just rest for awhile...

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