29 29. Family Affair

"Fred brother, I need a word before we meet up at grandmother's let's swing by to Barney's first, I'll be there in fifteen minutes...no, it's serious, okay...right...see you." I hang up, and continue getting dressed.

"Mm...you're like my very own catnip baby. You make me want to pounce, and smack that sexy ass..." She whispered while she trail her sensual kisses to my chest, making me sigh in delight.

"Mm...you even moan sexily. Come, we better get going or we'll end up naked again." She slipped on her sexy heels, then put on her lipgloss and winked at me trough the mirror.

Damn! She's sexy and she knows it!

I groaned and put on my sneakers, and followed her to the front door. I took my helmet, and put on my backpack.

"Baby, just leave your clothes for your next sleepover, let the maid wash it." She took off my backpack and I let her, then I pulled her and hold her waist. I slid my hand upwards to the side of her tits, and kissed her neck, then trailed down to her flimsy top.

"You smell so so good baby, I can't get enough of these two." She purred to my kisses as I pulled down her top easily, and revealed her nipples and teased them, making her moaned my name.

"Four hours tops baby, that's all I'm giving you. Then I want you back here. Where's my yes?" She grabbed my hair and pulled me back, as she look at me with lust in her eyes. I licked my lip and gave her my answer.

"Yes mistress, four hours."

We parted after she demanded her last kiss from me, which I gave her too enthusiastically.

God! I can't wait to see her again...

Twenty minutes later I arrived at Barney, Fred was already there and had our coffee ordered. 

"So, what's so important? That we had to meet up before grandmother's?" He asked after sipping his coffee. He was putting his phone down, and giving all of his attention to me.

I sat forward and started talking to him, in a more serious manner. He was mimicking me, and inched forward from his earlier relaxed seating position.

"You know how I always feel like she's hiding something from us? Well...apparently I'm a bastard child, we're actually half-brother." I stopped my sentence right there. Fred was stunned, his mouth was opened but words failed to come out.

"What the...fuck...shit! How could she kept something like this for so long. And you still want to face her, and have our usual family breakfast?" He finally blurted out. He still seemed bewildered with my bloodline.

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"Wait... so I'm assuming mom is your mom, then who's your dad? Shit! This would've been easier if our parents were still alive." He palmed his face in frustration.

"Hey...I'm still processing the knowledge also bro. Yes, your mom is also mine, but your dad met mom when she was already pregnant with me. She was raped by my dad months before their marriage, and get this... since he's a royalty there's no such thing as a baby out of wedlock, so mom married your dad as she was also clearly in love with him." I let the ball dropped in his face. He cursed some more, then start ordering us a glass of bourbon each.

"I knew that there was something on your mind before the match, I just didn't want to take your head out of the game. So, are you going to find out more about your father?" He took his bourbon and start drinking it while savoring the fine taste, then call the waiter and asked for another round for both of us.

Well then...seemed that he was more than stunned...

"She told me, that she had been protecting me from him. I just didn't know who to trust anymore. I mean... if he was a freaking royalty, he should be able to find me already. It's just fucking dumb you know?" I took my drink and gulped it down, then winced as it burned my throat. I called the waiter and asked for our bill.

"I'm just going to live it as is, I have a beautiful sexy girlfriend and nothing else matters. Not even my rapist dad, or our ignorant grandmother." I told my little half-brother, as I look at him in the eye then I started to get up.

"Let's go... I'm hungry, at least we get a free breakfast at grandmother's." I said to Fred, while I paid for our drinks. Fred follow me outside, we both decided to take a taxi together to  grandmother's, and came back later for our vehicles.

We reached grandmother's fifteen minutes later. Smith the butler greeted us, as we were about to knock the front door.

He's one creepy fellow...it's like he had been standing and waiting for us, all morning.

We were ushered to the breakfast room, but there were already one other person with her. She looked at me, then nodded to the other person. Then the man stood up, he was built, older than me and looking straight at me.


I quickly looked at Fred, as he was thinking the same thing.

My rapist dad.

"My grandsons come sit down, and I'll introduced you to one of our oldest family friend." She looked at me nervously, as I calmly take my usual seat, then Fred was on my other side as usual. They both sat down in front of us. Both of us were quiet, I was intrigued with what she was going to say.

Did she invite him? Why? Did she think that it'll lift her fault and make us all better again?

My brain was thinking all over the place.

"Son." He opened his mouth to the one word I was dreading to hear.

"Vlad..." Grandmother warned him.

"Oh shut it Lucile, I gave you years and you still couldn't get him on his good side. Nice win last night by the way, and yes I've been keeping tabs on you. You got nice statistics." He said to me, like he was actually a proud father.


I was boiling on the inside, my knuckles were white, as I tried to contain my anger. He sounded so arrogant, making despise him even further.

"And you are?"

"Vladislav Andriy Novak, I'm your biological father, I govern a small country in Europe." He let out the words arrogantly and calmly, as if he was sure, that I would take him as a father.

"And you are here because?" I asked him casually, while I start choosing my food, and moving it to my plate.

"I need an heir, my son is living his life in Monaco with his boyfriend, and my daughter is a drug addict. So...I need you to come back with me, and start your training and be my heir." He looked at me, waiting for my excitement. Fred was silent beside me, he didn't even drink his juice.

"And why would I want to do that? You're my rapist dad, I'm a bastard because of you. I'm sure you have other bastard children that could take my place...." I kept on talking while eating my food. The bacon were crispy and thick, the omelet were creamy, and the fries were always tender but not greasy. Grandmother knows that these were my favorites, she was apologizing in her own way.

"...points for the delicious breakfast grandmother. Now, I really have to go..."

"You are my son, I've got my papers, you are legally bound to your country. It's your grandfather's doing, you can thank him...and oh I already found your bride, you're to be married to her next couple of months." He got up from his seat, and kissed my grandmother on her cheek as he said goodbye.

"I'll see you next week when I'm back in the country, in the mean time study the papers. Put you things in order before you went back with me next week...my son." He patted my shoulder and let out a chuckle.

What the fuck?!

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