28 28. The After Match

Then I heard them, Olga's laughter and the harsh sound of Megan's voice telling all the girls to go home.

Damn... this is not the place for a chick fight.

I put on my pants and my tshirt and hurriedly walked out the door. Olga was enjoying Megan's outburst with my groupie while Fred was trying to handle the situation. Some boxing journalists were taking pictures of them, I whispered to Fred to settle the cost with him. I didn't want her face splattered in any cheap tabloids.

"Come on baby, let's get inside while Fred take care of everything. Olga, be a dear friend and help him out? Fred this is Olga, she's going to help you." I was taking control of the situation, while Olga just nodded and started ushering the girls to other side of the waiting room.

I took Megan inside the changing room, I hadn't even close the damn door, when she started her rants. I decided to locked the door, and have a serious conversation with her.

"....damn Gary, why didn't you asked me to come tonight? Were you going to bang those girls then bang me afterwards? I thought you're done with them and how many do you usually fuck with anyway, there were like ten of them outside, seriously Gary?...."

I didn't say anything back, but I took off my shirt, unbuckle my pants and took my belt and gave it to her. She stop her rants, and looked at the belt then at me.

"The fuck Gary, I'm talking here!" She was still mad at me. Then I pushed her to wall hard, until she gasped and looked at me, then I shoved my belt to her hand.

"Bound me and fuck me mistress, please..." I whispered in her ear, while breathing hard, and showed her my bulge.

Then she snapped and kissed me hard. "Turn around and hands to your back my naughty pet. This will be fast, we will continue this when when we get home." She tied my wrists with my belt, I was feeling the adrenaline rush already.

She took off her suit jacket and pants, leaving her in the sexy lace top and thongs. My briefs were slid down already, I was up and ready for her. She didn't glove me, I didn't fucking care anymore. I just wanted her to fuck me already.

"Mistress please..." I pleaded her to hurry up, I fucking need her so much.

She pushed me to the corner one seater sofa and straddle me and pushed herself in me in one go. I moaned hard, I didn't care if they heard me outside. She was fucking me hard and fast. She was kissing my lips and caressing tenderly at my battered cheek and jaw.

"Gary baby, I need you to wait for me, so fucking good my pet..." She was riding me hard and fast, until I felt her clenched me hard, and I was groaning loudly. I couldn't help myself, she fucking felt so good.

"Now baby come, come with me now my naughty pet..." She hold my neck firmly and kissed me hard until we finally both came seconds apart. I burst inside her, as she milked mine with hers. I was still pulsating as she move her hips couple of more times, making our orgasm last, and then gradually came down form our high together.

It felt like seconds later, when there was a knock at the door. We both groaned, she got up and clean both of us, then unbuckle my wrists.

"YOU GUYS! I know you're done already, Megan...I need to get back, my husband is on his way back he will freak out when he finds out, that I'm in a boxing arena without his guards." We both laughed to her words, and quickly get dress.

She opened the door for Olga. "Damn! Smells like sex in here. Let's go Megan! Hey Gary! Congrats on your win."

"Thanks Olga, sorry about earlier. But I think you were having fun watching Megan right? So, why don't you leave her with me and I'll take her back with my bike." I was grinning at her, Olga looked like she was about to burst out laughing.

"Oh my god! No fucking way! You're the best one for her yet Gary! Megan, listen to me, my dearest old friend. If you value your life, you keep this guy around. Cause I approve him, and you Gary... goodluck! BYE!"

Megan sighed, as she gave Olga her car keys.

"You know she's going to dent my car right? I didn't bring a driver..."

"Babe, you can afford to buy a new one...wait, can she drive? Maybe I should get Fred to drive her."

"She's a maniac driver, she doesn't drive, she speeds! Nah...I'm gonna let her have fun and let her husband find out, about her little excursion in my car, at least that will make me happy when I saw the dent." She grinned at me and started kissing me again.

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"And for you my sexy pet, the night had just begin...let's go, more orgasms to come!" She pulled me out of the room, as I quickly took my stuff and shouted to Fred.

"Bro! I'm going, take the rest of my stuff yeah? I got a busy night ahead apparently."

He waved at me, while still planting his lips on a woman that pinned him against the wall.

Megan was true to her words, as we climax several times that night. She kept on asking me about my wounds, until I pinned her under me and fucked her hard, until she came twice in that position alone. I was back from the bathroom to clean myself, and put another layer or Arnica cream on my swollen cheek, and some bruises on my body. Then I join her back in bed.

"I will definitely be walking funny this morning." She said snuggling on my chest.

"I'm not liking you sleeping in shirts." She whined but inhaled me like a pervert anyway, making me smirked.

"I got cream on my body and it's not lubricant, so best to protect you with shirt my love. You know I love you right? What's with jealousy baby, you know that I'm yours right?" I kissed her hair, and inhale her scent like a pervert also.

"I don't know, I've never had a faithful one I guess? So, I kind of generalized you the same way. But yeah I did get jealous, and you my pet...you know where's my off button and made me snapped and see the real you, my faithful, obedient, yet naughty pet."

"Megan baby stop looking at me like that, we need to sleep. We've been fucking like rabbits the whole night."

"You know, I know your on button right? I think I'm becoming a nympho with you, even when you're sleeping fully clothed. So, are you nervous for tomorrow's breakfast with your grandmother, or should I say later this morning? At least when you fall asleep at the breakfast table, she knows it's because I oversexed her handsome grandson." We both laughed at her last words.

I told her about my rapist dad, and my feud with grandmother because of it, and she had my back all the way. She said that she still love me, for the man that I am now.

"I'm hoping it'll pass by like a landslide. But Fred needs to know, and with the intensive training for last night's match I haven't find the time to let him know."

"Fred will listened to you... you had been a good brother to him." She said, while she let out a small yawn.

"I'm hoping he will, sleep now my love." I pulled the comforter and kissed her goodnight.

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