27 27. Match Day

"Gary, do you really have to get in the ring tonight?" She was kissing my naked backside. I was making my usual morning shake of the week and drinking it, then I turned my back and kissed her cheek.

"I do baby, I've been training very hard the last couple of days, and also weeks before that. It's my reward for all the hard work I put in the club. I'm actually excited and looking forward to this. This is what I do, it's what I love to do, well..besides you obviously." I looked at her grinning.

"But enough about me, did I tell you that you look beautiful this morning?" I caressed her cheek with my thumb, and trailed my hand down to her lace top. She was wearing her business attire, she looked too fucking sexy in it.

She was closing our distance as I slid my hand inside her lace top and stared kissing her neck. "You're going to be late baby, you got that breakfast meeting you're telling me about yesterday." She whined, and pulled me lower to her and give me her sensual kiss then abruptly ending it.

"Damn Gary, you're like a sex on a stick. I can't get enough of you." She winked at me and get her car keys.

"Seriously Megan! You're the fucking sexy one, I'll see you tonight, I'm coming straight home, no groupies sex anymore. I'm having you from now on." I grabbed her waist and squeezed her ass making her laughed.

"Why don't we stay at mine tonight? You're done with your training after the match. We can relax in the Jacuzzi and do some sexy stuff there..." She said, while she planted her small kisses to my chest, and she took it further as she slid in her hand to the backside of my shorts and squeezed my naked ass.

"Fuck Megan, maybe you should arrive late...it could be good for your image, make it look like you're too busy for them..." I groaned at her touches and kisses.

"I'll see you tonight at mine baby. I'll get the Jacuzzi started, just call me half an hour before." She pulled out her hands from my shorts, and smacked my ass playfully.

"Damn baby, okay...yours tonight. I'll call you later." I kissed her one last time, before she went out the door.

I sighed and adjusted the bulge in my shorts. It was almost eight, I quickly took a shower and got on my bike and go to work.

The contract had been terminated, tough Kamaria said that it was actually put in her special drawer. She told me that there would always be an opening for me. But she was hinting that she already know, that something had happened between me and Megan, because she didn't request a replacement for me.

The day went by like the usual office weekdays. My mind was busy thinking about the match, I spent my lunch hour studying my opponent's statistics again. I was remembering his weakness and also his strength. Fred and I had trained for tonight's match intensively. So it was a huge relief, when it was clocked out time.

Kamaria was already gone for her afternoon meeting, so I was able to clocked out on time, and went straight to the match venue, which was in the largest boxing arena almost on the outer part of the city. I was smiling when I got there, it was two hours before match time, I quickly find Fred and he showed me to my changing room.

"You're good with time, we still get two more hours. Here... start changing and put on your sweats, we need to get you warmed up." He was busy pulling out all of my equipment from my hand wraps, mouth piece, down to my groin protector, he was checking everything.

I quickly stripped and put my gear on, and let Fred kept my mouth piece for later. He help me put on my pro method wrap, for extra padding and tape. Then he started putting layers of Vaseline on my forehead, cheeks, eyebrow and chins. I was amped, excited and ready to go. I was pacing back and forth, letting my body sweat out, and getting warmed up for the fight.

"Shadow box me Fred, again..." I was moving, and warming up with Fred an hour before the match. I need to keep my body sweating, and maintained my body heath for the match. He gave me water and kept me hydrated enough, but just sips of it, not too much as it would give me nausea when I get punch on the stomach.

An hour later there was a knock at the door, telling us that it was time.

"Come it's your stage let me see you dance big brother..." Fred took my bag and water, and slid in my mouth piece.

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I actually froze at his last words, but then I got back in the zone seconds later. He looked at me for a moment, like he realized that some thing was wrong. But he knew me, he knew that nothing should be discuss, when I was about to get into the ring. Not even a pep talk.

The lights were bright, the announcer was calling out my name and my opponent's. Minutes later I was holding on center ring and keep circling him, as he also did. He was coming out with some feeler jabs, I was watching for his right hand and blocked his punches. I was going to let him let out his energy, while I was saving mine for the next round.

The first round ended, it looked even. I kept myself calm and get back to my corner as Fred eagerly smiled at me, I arched an eyebrow at him.

"I think your woman is here, so I assume no groupie sex afterwards?" He gave my water, I was trying to find her, but the lights were to bright. I thought I heard her shouting earlier, but I never knew that this was her scene. I didn't expect that she would like to come here.

"Over there in the white suit, she's damn hot bro! And the woman beside her is also sizzling..."

"Damn, she's really fucking here. That's Olga, she's married, and she's with the Russian mob, different one from Dimitri." I smiled at them, and Olga waved frantically at me, while Megan mouthed sorry and pointed at her over excited best friend.

"Wow dude, you sure know how to pick your woman and her friends." Fred laughed at Olga, but he kept himself busy by preparing me for the next round. I also did the same seconds later, as I get myself back to the match.

By the second round I had established my dominance, he was falling back a couple of times. Now I was definitely sure, that I heard Megan and Olga shouting my name. They were seated close to the ring in the VIP seats, of course she would be seated there, she would only purchase the best seats in the house.

Then I get my reward as he punched me in the face, because I let my mind wondered to her just for a couple of seconds.

Shit! He can surely pack a punch.

My eyes were quickly swollen, as I fall to the canvas platform. I regained my footing, and get my head back in the game, then I tuned out all the outside noises and focus on my opponent.

He was finally down on the eighth round. The referee took my hand and announce my win. I could see both girls were standing up, cheering for me, clapping their hands, and put their fingers in their mouth and let out a whistle so loud, like they had been doing it professionally.


I got off the ring and get back to my changing room. There were several people there already, including my usual groupies. I let Fred handle them, while I just smile and passed through them to go get change.

I can't wait to see her...

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