26 26. Going Home

The next day I woke up to loud noises from the living area, I was having an immense headache. I put on my pants, while trying to get to the bathroom and wash my face.

Oh mother fucking hell... that bartender can surely pick the finest whiskey.


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I was sure that I heard grandmother's voice outside. I quickly put on my t-shirt and went out to the living room. And there she was with my half dressed Megan, shouting at her, while she was quietly stirring two cups of coffee. She was barefoot and only wearing her oversize sweater.

God I so fucking love her badass attitude.

"Gary baby, I'm so sorry. Did she wake you? Here, I made you coffee. How's your head? Maybe you should rest, don't worry I got this." She give my cup, and kissed me good morning, totally ignoring the one other person in the room.

Damn she didn't even make one for grandmother. She intentionally make just for both of us.

"I fucking love you baby. Thank you for last night." I whispered lowly in her ear, and trailed my kisses from her ear and ended up on her sexy lips.

"Gary... please, listen to me. What are you doing here with her? She's way too old for you. Maybe you should come back home with me..." She finally interrupted our kissing session.

"Grandmother, do not insult me by insulting her. I love her. She had been there for me, more than you could imagine. I'm not coming home with you, it was never truly home for me there. I will see you at our usual so called family breakfast. Just be thankful that I still give you that." I took her arm, and ushered her out the door.

I could see that she was fuming and she was also sad about our argument, but I was standing my ground. She had ruin my life, she deserved to be treated this way. Maybe I would forgive her in a couple more years, but definitely not in the near future

"Gary?..." She was demanding my attention.

"I need my space grandmother, I need to think and adjust to the news. I'll see you on our next breakfast." I kissed her cheek and closed the door behind her.

"Sorry about that..." I was on her side seconds later, and started kissing her.

"You know she was right when she said that I'm too old for you..."

"Yeah? Fuck it. I want you and I love you, and I'm liking your manner towards grandmother. I don't think she had ever been treated by anyone, like you just did. I bet she's boiling on the inside, but none of this half nakedness for any male guests okay? These are all mine baby." I took off her sweater and grab her ass and pulled her to my morning boner.

She was laughing and circling her arms around my shoulder. "Ah...my greedy pet. Come, we have to be quick our chartered is scheduled in the next two hours, then we will join the mile high club later."

"We should talk more about all this luxury things, you're killing my chauvinism here. I need to feel my manhood..." I was pushing her down to the bed, and started licking her favorite spots as I grind her harder.

"Baby, your manhood is the only thing that I feel right now....just shut up and kiss me..." I chuckled and started stripping off my clothes.

We were finally out the door an hour later. We're cutting it very close to our scheduled flight, I hadn't even climax yet and she was milking this knowledge. She kept on brushing her body to mine, giving me her small kisses in the waiting lounge.

"You're really enjoying this aren't you? ...Fuck Megan, you really need to stop, I'm hard as a rock. Maybe we should check out their....damn!"

They were calling us, I groaned and followed her and board our jet. We were seated right away. The stewardess was offering us some refreshments and was a bit hands on with me. I could see Megan was giving her the stink eye. I was laughing on the inside, I was loving her jealous side.

"I'm good miss, If you could assist my beautiful girlfriend Ms. Brooks with some champagne that would be great, thank you." I gave her my deadly smile, making her blush and quickly gave Megan a glass of champagne.

Ah...works every time.

"So, now that she's gone I want my kisses baby. I need to keep my mind of off my dick."

"So...girlfriend huh?" She asked the inevitable.

"Uh yeah..why? Look, I was going to talk to you, I'm quitting my contract for the sugar thing. I'm good with money, we're done with Dimitri. I don't need that much. But I still want you, Shit...baby please just think about it. I don't feel comfortable with all that money. I just came to you, cause I really missed you. And I thought we're doing the love thing?"

"The seat belt sign is off, come with me." She was totally ignoring my explanation, and I let her be. I guess she needed time to process it.

She grab my hand as we headed to the back of the jet. She smiled wickedly at me, while she open the door and revealed a double bed with plush pillows.

Well...this is a very expensive mile high club that we're about to join.

"I picked this one just for us, let see if we could make you climax now..." She locked the door behind us and pushed me to the bed.

"Condoms, shit! last night...did we? Damn I was so fucking drunk..." She kept on kissing me and unbuttoning my shirt and trailed her kisses to my tattoos.

"I'm on the pills baby, you're clean and I'm clean, but I did bring some, wait..." Seconds later she get it out from her cabin bag.

"Wait so you're saying we were bare and I was too fucking drunk to noticed?" I asked her, while she unzipped her dress and revealed her nakedness. She didn't even wear any panties on. I tugged her and pinned her down under me.

"You and your nakedness, damn...and you're already fucking wet for me. So, can we? Now...I mean just this once?..." I was naked already, and now I was waiting for her.

She smirked at me and took my dick and aligned it with her wetness. I moaned too loud, as she shushed me, making me groaned. "Baby you're fucking loaded, this is the kind of time to spend your money on, just give them bigger tips. Cause I'm definitely going to be loud."

She let out her sexy raspy laugh making me even harder.

"Fuck Megan, you feel so good baby..." She was clenching mine harder, she was moaning my name harder now. I was absolutely sure that even the pilot could hear us fucking by now. But she was smiling and giggling at the same time, she looked different...She looked more relax.

We were climbing down from our climax an hour later. The night sky was clear and beautiful. I had never been this content in my life before, this was making me sighed, as pulled her in closer to me. She was snuggling herself to me and kissed my chest, while I kissed her hair.

This feels so right...

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