25 25. Knowing My Toy

Megan's POV

Olga was looking at me, while he was ushering his grandmother outside. "What's his story woman? Spill, I know you already ran a background check on him...." She was hounding me with questions, she had always been there for me as I also had for her. But her questions for Gary was actually the one thing, that I was trying to avoid.

"Let's go to the lounge and have some drinks, it'll be easier for your ears if you numbed you senses first." I told Olga, she was giddy already when she heard drinks. It was like offering candy to a kid. She quickly took my hand, and pulled me out of my chair. We were giggling like school girls and strutted our way to the lounge.

"So, you know I had several guys after I broke up with Nikolai? And I only dated a few before him?" We took a seat at the corner of the lounge for some privacy, and started talking after our waiter came back with our champagne.

"Well you know about all the money hungry guys before Nikolai, that they were using me for easy money. Then there was Nikolai, that cheated on me with his strippers. And then you know about the guys that I dated recently? Well..."

"God! Megan...I know you're very adventurous, while I'm the saint one among us. Just spill already..." She was leaning her body forward, as she waited for the juicy part.

"Damn Olga! Don't paint yourself as holy, as the meaning of your name should be. We both know about your naughty excursions, before you get married and be the good wife. Those wild nights that you dragged me, practically almost everyday after working hours." We started giggling as we drink our bubbly.

"Well...since Nikolai, I really don't want to fall back into the money hungry guys. So, then I met Adriana she owned an escort agency..." I laughed as my dearest Olga, chocked on her drink.

"What the hell?!! At least give me some warning here Megan! Damn....Shit, wait...so...fuck! But he's...damn that's just so freaking hottt! Where was this Adriana when I was single. We didn't have to exhaust ourselves with all the clubbing." We giggled again, but not for long. As her face turned serious.

"I don't get it, he looked wealthy and his grandmother is loaded. Why would he wanted to sell himself, Shit! Is this a new kind of fetish breed that I just know about?" She was taking more drink to her lips.

"He was in bad situation, owed lot of money with some Russian underground thugs, Max already know about this I called him before when Garry was beat up. Max said that he was on it, so I assume it was all good. And you saw earlier his distant relationship with his grandmother. He's not one of those guys." I shrugged at her. But she became more curious as she put down her glass, and pulled her chair closer to mine.

"Seriously... have you heard about personal space Olga? You're invading mine as we speak..."

This girl...damn...she's going to get it out of me...

"Sussh...so, tell me more about Gary cause my spidey senses is picking something else. You look different when you're around him. More happy, I would even vouched that you looked more relax and younger when you're with him. Shit! How old is he? He look younger than us."

Damn she's good...

"He's twenty four." I sighed and poured myself another glass.

"Wow...you sure know how to pick one. So, you like him? Like seriously like him? Or maybe you love him already. I mean you bring him here, obviously you can't wait until you get back. Shit! It's all over your face! Oh my! Come here you! I'm so happy for you!" She hugged me, tightly.

"...breathe, I need to breathe Olga." I let myself took a deep breath and relaxed back to my chair.

"Finally! Oh...wait, what about him?" I rolled my eyes to her.

"How the fuck should I know? It's not like I'm going to ask him ...hey do you love me or not kind of question right?" I looked at my watch and decide that it was time for me, to get back to my room.

"Olga darling, look I got to get back and pack. We're coming back home tomorrow, and I need to be there when he get back."

"Yeah okay...look what ever happen you know I love you right? I'll support you in anyway I can. You have a young stud in you grips, why are you still here?! Go!" We finally laughed and hugged as we part ways to our own hotel rooms.

I was walking down the hallway thinking about her question, about me being in love with him.

Shit! I'm eleven years older than him.

What am I doing with this feelings for him? This is never going to work. Damn!

I reached our room, only to find that the room was empty. It felt so silent without him, he always greeted me whenever I was back from my meetings.

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Walking towards the bathroom I saw his travelling bag, it was still rested on the closet rack. I relaxed instantly, and decided to change to my robe. It felt like the dress was suffocating me, I needed to breathe.

Damn! I was never suppose to have this feelings.


I was pacing back and forth waited for him, until I decided to call the reception asking if they could help me find my boyfriend.

Boyfriend? Girl... you're thinking way ahead of yourself here.

But deep down I really do care for him, I was afraid that he decided to take a walk in the city streets, at this time of the night. I was hoping that he was just drunk somewhere within the several bars and lounges in this resort complex. I had a feeling that the meeting with his grandmother had really made him upset, to the point that he need to get wasted.

Then the reception called me back minutes later, saying that he was at one of the hotel bar. He was found because the bartender asked his room number, for his billing details. She said that he was being escorted back to our room, as we speak. I thanked her and then  hang up the phone.

It was not long until I heard a knock at the door. Gary was seriously drunk, as the hotel guy helped him back to our room. I gave him a tip and he gave me big smile, then Gary glared at him, and close the door and leave him outside.


"Megan, my love...you shouldn't open your door with that thing. It's so fucking flimsy and see trough. I could see your tits and the outline of your ass." He pushed me flat to the wall and kissed me hard and rough, I was moaning his name seconds later.

"Love, I think I'm too fucking drunk for this. But I need you so much, so fucking much..."

Me too baby, me too...

I'm not suppose too...

But I just can't help myself...

I didn't say anything, as I untie my robe and let it fall down and reveal my naked body. I help him with his tux and stripped him naked, then I was on my knees and taking him in my mouth. He groaned hard and start to plant his hands to the wall, while I was deep throating him and swallow every last drop.

"Fuckkk! Megan...that was..." He pulled me up and started kissing me, I could feel as he tugged my hair back making me moan harder, then he took it further as he licked and sucked my neck.

Fucking hell!

I can't... I want him...

I fucking want to love him...

Then he carried me to the bedroom, and fuck me over and over again. Until we were both sated, then I pulled the comforter, and snuggled in closer to him.

That night I heard him telling me that he love me, as he was drifting off to sleep.

"I know ...me too, ssh...sleep now. I'll take care of you..."

Shit! I'm in deep shit....

This love thing is too deep for my taste...

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