22 22. Flown In

"Yes, Kamaria....no, yes I'm at the airport. Yes, Megan called me...yes, I guess so...no, is all good..." I told Kamaria that I was heading out to see Megan. She chuckled, and congratulate me for being flown out to see her. Turned out that the company charged a very expensive fee, for every out of the country bookings.

I was putting my boy toy feeling aside, and puffed out my chest and head on to check ins.

Fuck...I'm really fucking doing this. I'm whoring myself out internationally.

Hours and hours later I arrived at my Destination. I had never been to Russia before, but she was good with her words when she told me that she would have some one picking me up. An hour later I was at her hotel suite. She had told the reception to gave me a card key.

I'm here at your hotel room - Gary

I decided to text her, it felt like I was invading her privacy by letting myself in her room.

Very good baby, why don't you relax and be naked when I arrived an hour from now - Megan

My god...

I almost chocked on my drink when I saw her text.

She was finally back from her meetings, I was naked on her bed chatting in a boxing forum community on my phone.

"Mmm...Gary baby, I could surely get used to this." She was reaching to the side zipper of her dress, and unzip it while still looking straight at me, she was letting the dress fall smoothly to the floor. I quickly put the phone away, as my dick was slowly saluting her half nakedness. She was smirking, and then unhooking her bra and let it drop and join her dress.

I sit myself up on the side of the bed, waiting for her to come my way. My legs were parted as to welcome her. She was walking towards me then stop as she stood between my legs. She took my hands, and put them on her black lace panties.

"You said something about tasting me the last time we talk on the phone? So...I'm waiting my pet." She whispered with her sexy voice, making me groaned.

I quickly grab her waist and pulled her and roughly pinned her to the bed. Her breathing were rough and heavy as she moaned my name.

"Fuck baby, you like me roughing you don't you. Shit! You're too fucking sexy for me. I couldn't get enough of you. You're not leaving this bed tonight. I miss you baby, I miss having you, I miss tasting you, I miss being inside you...."

I started licking and whispering my words in her ear, and start saying all the dirty sexy things that I was going to do to her, while I ripped her panties in one pull making her groan louder. I was finding her wet, so fucking wet when I touched her between her legs. She was gripping my neck possessively, and started kissing me like we hadn't met each other in years.

"Damn Gary, enough! will you fuck me already? I'm so fucking ready for you. Hard my pet, I want it rough and hard." She groaned as she spread her legs and arched her tits for my lips. I quickly grab and put on the condom and slid inside her in one thrust.

"Fuckkk! Megan...so...fuck...! Damn..." I thrust in her hard and fast and she keep on moaning over and over again. Then I flipped her and entered her again. I grab her sexy ass and squeezed them, while I kept on pushing myself in her hard and fast, until she was about to climax. I could feel her as she was clenching me harder.

My fingers were taking her to the verge of climax, while my other hand was grabbing her tits and pulling her back towards my chest with me still inside her. I bit her shoulder and sucked them playfully, making her moan and told me to go rougher on her. I couldn't believe that I was getting harder, but I could feel myself like I was ready to burst.

She came that instant, but I kept on pounding her hard. She was whimpering under me, but she was still wanting more as I was feeling her clenching me again.

"Fucking hell Megan, can I smack your ass baby?" She groaned at me, I did just that as she moan her yes. She was making me came instantly, after a couple of times that I smacked her sexy ass, then she rewarded me with her raspy moans. She followed me seconds later with her climax, then slumped on the bed.

I laid myself next to her, after quickly getting up and discarding the condom. She put her cheek on my chest and smiled. "Thankyou Gary, I needed that..."

"Oh baby, I'm not finish you. Let me recuperate, and I will make you come again and again, we should order in, so I can have you for an after dinner dessert." She looked at me and gave me a huge grin, making me laugh.

"Oh Megan, you are so fucking insatiable."

"I'm so going to walk funny tomorrow. And I don't fucking care." She laughed, then snuggle in closer to my chest. I sighed and pulled her closer.

That night we had another fuck fest. We eventually quit as we were out of condoms. She fell asleep in my embrace, somehow deep down inside it felt so fucking right, like she belong in my embrace .

Fuck! What the fuck is this feeling. I don't think I'm suppose to have it with her.

It was couple of hours later, that I was woken up by the uneasy feeling that I had earlier. She was still sleeping with all of her nakedness for my view, I kissed her hair and carefully leave her side.

I put on my pants and decide to smoke one of my cigar that I bought earlier. I poured the left over wine from dinner, and bring it outside while enjoying the Russian summer breeze. It was colder than what I was accustom to, but I really needed my cigar break.

An hour later I was about to come inside, when she find me and asked me. "Gary? Are you okay?" She was wearing her satin robe as she took her seat next to me.

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She's just too fucking beautiful.

"I am now." I smiled at her, trying to look casual. But obviously she knew, that I was not at my usual chipper side.

"Gary... is there something I should know?" She snuggled in closer and circled her arm to my naked chest possessively, while looking at me.

"Honestly Megan, I don't fucking know. I just want to be with you. That's all I know. Sshh... just leave it at that okay. I don't want to over think, this is good, I'm good, we're good." I said to her as I kissed her temple and wrapped my arms around her shoulder. I could feel her sighing in my embrace.

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